Ahava, London 9/11 2010

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Ahava protest 9/11/2010

There are not many times that you can say that anti-Israel activists are outsung and outnumbered, but yesterday they were.

The usual mob of nothing-better-to-dos turned up outside Ahava in London’s Covent Garden to vent their hatred for the Jewish state.

Only one person brought along an Israeli flag. She said she came as she was worried that as it was Jewish New Year there would be no one around to stick up for Israel. Apart from her and a few others the pro-Israel pen was looking pretty sparse.

A lone protester

Then as the small pro-Israeli contingent were deciding where to break for lunch twelve Israeli tourists who had seen the protests outside Ahava came into the shop and then marched out again, filled the pen and sang Am Israel ChaiDavid Melech YisraelHatikva and Hava Nagila (see first two clips below).

The anti-Israel mob became less interested in handing out their leaflets and more interesting in demonising the Israeli tourists, with some directing shouts of “racist scum” towards them (see beginning of third clip below).

The next lets-all-demonise-Israel (and anyone who supports it) event will be at midday outside Ahava on 25th September from midday.

Subdued activists before Israeli tourists arrived:

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  1. Well done to the Israeli tourists – positive and unafraid response. The anti-Israel crowd had nothing positive to contribute.

    I heard one idiot ask “Can you sing it in Ofrikons”)

  2. So now singing in Hebrew becomes racist, oh where oh where do these people come from? Good for the Israeli tourists they love lfe and they sang and they did not back down in the face of propaganda, lies and intimidation.

  3. What a great example of the contrast between Israelis positively united by culture, song and dance vs a group united only by negativity and hatred.

  4. AKUS- After seeing this video I was thinking that sometimes we can reduce the core values and essence of people to one or two words or concepts. What immediately came to mind when I watched the Israeli tourists sing was L’chaim- to life.

  5. What a great response to these miserable haters!
    Can we get the pen enlarged to allow room for Israeli folk dancing too?
    Maybe hand out Israeli snacks to passers by?
    And Schug sandwiches to the opponents…

    Well done to the lady with the Israeli flag at the beginning and well done to Richard Millet for documenting these vile anti-Israel protesters fortnight after fortnight.

  6. Gerald Kreeve. The idiot who shouted, “Can you sing it in Ofrikons” is one Tim Horgan, an Irish-born ageing South African time-waster who is, as Richard Millett perspicaciously observes, one of the “usual mob of nothing-better-to-do’s.” He is often to be found at Israel-related events gabbling incoherently about South Africa, where he himself clearly at one time helped to prop up the apartheid regime.

  7. By the way, Duvidl loved the Israeli tourists’ rendition of Gesher Tsar Meod. For those who do not know it, here is an English transliteration and translation:



    WORDS Rav Nachman of Bratslav
    MUSIC Baruch Chait

    Kol Ha’olam kulo
    Gesher Tsar me’od
    Gesher Tsar me’od
    Gesher Tsar me’od –

    Kol Ha’olam kulo
    Gesher Tsar me’od –
    Gesher Tsar me’od.

    Veha’ikar – veha’ikar
    Lo lefached –
    lo lefached klal.

    Veha’ikar – veha’ikar
    lo lefached klal.

    The whole world
    is a very narrow bridge
    a very narrow bridge
    a very narrow bridge

    The whole world
    is a very narrow bridge –
    A very narrow bridge.

    And the main thing to recall –
    is not to be afraid –
    not to be afraid at all.

    And the main thing to recall –
    is not to be afraid at all.

  8. Israeli Tourists had to come to the rescue,where were the 250,000 Jews of the UK.

    I like the idea of the pro-palestinians being enclosed in a cage.Instead of throwing sandwiches at these twits.Bananas and peanuts should be on the menu.

  9. Do those pro-palestinian demonstrations cause Ahava’s sales to drop,or just the opposite.Any publicity is good publicity.

  10. We could suggest to these people to print their leaflets on toilet paper,at least those leaflets could be of some use.

  11. Tim Horgan, an Irish-born ageing South African time-waster: Duvid Crocket- where do you get your information that he is South African? As I have commented on Richard’s blog, I as an ex SA could detect no SA accent and in my several conversations with him found him ignorant about South Africa- incoherent, as you say.
    But it your statement that” he himself clearly at one time helped to prop up the apartheid regime that really bothers me.” I have articulated why this is on Richard’s blog, and wearily repeat here what I said there:

    As a South African who was involved in the struggle (and I hate having to set out my cred) I have had to put up with this kind of rubbish for most of my life. By spouting it, you are making yourself no better than the unthinking stereotyping smear merchants in the anti Israel movement: I write of my experience of this here:

    If you do me the courtesy of reading it, you will understand why it pisses me off so badly. Also it might make people at least think before they drag the discourse down with such statements to the level of the anti Israel mob.

    Irish man has no difficulty achieving the status of first rate a-hole without benefit of any South African links he may or may not have.

  12. Tim Horgan damns himself here as a follower of Goldstone and Travers but does not claim any connections with South Africa himself.

  13. Gerlad Kreeve: Yup his comment on Dershowitz post follows the wording of the blitherings I have heard from him in person. He is only capable of reciting names like Kasrils, Travers Goldstone, Finkelstein reverentially in a loop but if you challenge him on detail he becomes glassy eyed and tongue tied. He appears to know nothing about SA first hand. Its a waste of time arguing with him. He shouts genocide at Israel at every occasion.
    At first I painstakingly spelled out the definition in the Genocide convention to him asked how he reconciled the birth rate, infant mortality rate, life expectancy rate in Gaza compared to not only other Middle eastern countries but even many Western countries. He appeared to concede, changed the subject -and at the next event was to be found shouting genocide again. Its a kind of Tourette’s thing.

  14. Amie Hogan is most probably one of those pathetic beings who hated Apartheid in order to give their empty lives a centre and found to their horror that when Apartheid vanished their lives remained just as empty as before. They have now narrowed their focus onto Israel without rethinking a thing or taking one new fact into account, and are convinced that the one is a carbon copy of the other.

  15. This is the guy in white shirt and glasses mocking Hava Nagila with pseudo-Hebrew words in clip no. 2? That’s simple racism, I think. I thought he looked above that kind of thing.

  16. amie: Please accept my apologies for offending you. My experience of the gob of Tim Horgan is of having been subjected to more than an hour of his blather while I was a captive audience in a similar pen to the Israeli tourists at an Israel-related event in London earlier this year. He was wearing the same jacket as in the video above.

    Among other yawn-inducing revelations, he droned on about his time in the South African army, but in fact, it may have been the Rhodesian army under Ian Smith, since, after about ten minutes, my attention began to wander and I didn’t positively hear him say “South African army”. It seemed clear to me from his accent that he was from that part of the world. He was spouting such guff, almost entirely about South Africa and a bit about Goldstone and Travers, as you mention upthread, that I took it he meant the South African army.

    As to whether he propped up the regime of either Ian Smith or that in South Africa, you are quite correct in chastising me for lowering the level of the discourse here. I have read your piece on Harry’s Place and very interesting it is too. My mistake was in thinking that because Horgan trumpeted exclusively about South Africa, trying to call Israel apartheid, as his banner above says, that he was South African and, being in the army, had served the apartheid regime. Once again, my apologies.

  17. Duvid: Thanks for your response- in fact as you have explained you did have grounds for your statement, based on his own admission, that he did prop an apartheid regime, be it Rhodesia or SA.
    YOu were getting the flak (unjustified as it turns out)from my annoyance at a commenter on Richard’s blog who gibed entirely without evidence. that he was SA and “very likely” treated his Black servants very badly. I have no problem with evidence based gibes. When it is solely based on stereotypes, it plays like the anti Israel gibes. And aside from this general principle. I had been subject to exactly this kind of gibe, as you will have read, so it was kind of a personal hang up too.

    When I tried to extract from Tim his name or any group affillation, he irefused to give me his name, and insisted he was just an individual Irish man with no affiliations. see my posts referencing him here:

  18. ‘Can you sing it in Ofrikanz?’

    Er, no? It’s a Hebrew song, and Ahava is based in the Jewish state of Israel?

    So keen are they to force the square SA state into the round Jewish, they have forgotten that one or the other will break first.

  19. amie- Duvidl has just caught up with the comments on Richard Millet’s blog at your suggestion and now understands your concern about preconceived notions about South Africans. At least commenters there and on CIF Watch now know this “git”‘s name and can spot him coming.

    zkharya-Duvidl can play the guitar but generally prefers playing banjo, both klezmer and chalutzic. Duvidl finds horas a bit slow for public life-enhancing concerts, but the odd freylachs and Israeli folk-dance, (maybe Tsena Tsena, Uv’shafte Mayim and Ufaratzta), as Israelinurse suggests, would do rainy London a power of good two days before the Pope’s visit.