The Arab Lobby

This was published by Ruth Wisse in Jewish Ideas Daily

The problem of the Arab-Israel conflict begins with the term itself, which misrepresents the unilateral Arab war against Israel as a bilateral dispute. Unilateral aggression is not unheard of—when did Poland ever aggress against Germany or Russia?—but nothing in United Nations history compares in intensity or fixity with Arab belligerence toward Israel, a UN member state.

The Arab war has less to do with the scant physical space occupied by the Jewish state than with the opportunity it offers Arab leaders to consolidate their power and prestige by organizing against an external target, especially one trailing so long and encrusted a history of religious and ethnic vilification. This same politics of blame has been no less useful to Westerners like, most recently, Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer in their 2006 indictment of America’s “Israel Lobby.” Had these two respected academics set out to study dispassionately the role of American special-interest groups in the making of Middle East policy, they might have unearthed a fascinating contrast in the disparate way that Arabs and Jews operate. Instead, by single-mindedly fingering the Jews, they neatly drew attention away from the larger story of Arab influence-peddlers.

Now at last comes the information missing from Walt and Mearsheimer’s screed. In Mitchell Bard’s The Arab Lobby, we see how, in contrast to the altogether transparent workings of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a lobby supported by tens of thousands of American citizens across political lines, the Arab lobby truly does merit being called, in Bard’s subtitle, an “invisible alliance that undermines America’s interests in the Middle East.”

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  1. And more specifically “the House of Saud Lobby”.

    The House of Saud can only retain power internally by allying with the ultra-reactionary House of Wahhab, and can only maintain external security by allying with the US.


    Billions of petrodollars spent on fanatically west-hating Wahhabi Islam propaganda around the world to appease the Wahhabis at home.

    Billions of petrodollars spent in the West (hello, House of Bush) to sweeten western businesses, politicians, even universities.

    Soooooooo much better at it than those Jews. Amateurs.

  2. This merits more consideration on the subject of lobbies – of whatever persuasion.

    Another irregular verb:-
    I am rational and objective;
    You are prejudiced and biased;
    S/He should be arraigned by the ICJ for racial incitement.

    Back to the DNA question and common humanity.
    “Jaw, jaw”

  3. There exists an informal Anti-Jewish lobby made up of the hotch potch of our usual suspects: Muslim groups, Far right Arabists, progressive anti-Semites, Islamist feminists, clergymen and your common or garden Judeophobics.

    Under normal proceedings, all these disparate groups might be at each other’s throats, but when it comes to Islam, Israel and Jews, they are firmly united forming a lobby like union in order to malign Jews and deligitimise Israel.

    I wonder if they do a funny little handshake when they meet to acknowledge their aversion to Jews?

  4. Sputnik: funny you should mention that…

    A Google search on ‘judeo-masonic conspiracy’ gives about 807,000 hits.
    However, ‘arab-masonic conspiracy’ gives about 3,610,000 results.