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Islam, Islamophobia, Christophobia, and Jew hatred

This was published by Eugene Veklerov in the American Thinker

If you happen to find yourself in Saudi Arabia driving down the highway toward Mecca, you will eventually encounter a big sign advising you that Mecca is for Muslims only. The other road is “obligatory for non Muslims.”

Here is a reality check to keep in mind when someone issues another condemnation of Islamophobia in the Western World.  Surely, we have plenty of room for improvement, but we are pikers at the game of religious discrimination.

In many Muslim countries, discrimination against Christians and Jews is not just practiced, it is codified into law.  Thus, consider Egypt, which is one of the more secular and moderate countries in the Muslim World with a sizable religious minority of Coptic Christians.  Egyptian law stipulates that a “Muslim man may marry a Christian woman but the opposite is forbidden; and if a Muslim woman does marry a Christian man, both the husband and the wife would be considered adulterers“.  This quotation is drawn verbatim from a UN document.

It is noteworthy that civil, rather than just religious, laws prevent Christian men from marrying Muslim women.  Marrying an Israeli woman is an entirely different matter altogether.  “An Egyptian appeals court upheld a ruling that orders the country’s Interior Ministry to strip the citizenship from Egyptians married to Israeli women” (Associated Press report of June, 2010).

While conversion to Islam is encouraged in Muslim countries, conversion from Islam to another religion is a sin.  And since the legal systems in many Muslim countries are based on Sharia law, such apostasy is also a crime, and we are not talking about the most fanatical countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia or Sudan.   In a widely publicized case, a citizen of now-democratic Afghanistan, Abdul Rahman, was arrested in 2006 for converting to Christianity.  He was threatened with execution but eventually he was released from prison under heavy pressure from Western governments.

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  1. “Islamophobia” is the tactic by which Muslims and their bigot leftist supporters silence those who expose their antisemitism and hatred of Christians.

    An experiment was done recently on leftist college professors to see whether they would condemn the homophobia, antisemitism, misogyny and other known bigotries excused for the “muslim world” and the results even shocked those who did the experiment.
    These professors were chosen for their usual anti Israel and anti republican vitriol where they accuse every one of racism and of course “Islamophobia”.

    Only bigots use the word Islamophobia. The antisemites and haters of Christians.

  2. Islamophobia is a nonsense word used by those attempting to stifle legitimate debate about some of Islam’s shortcomings.

    And by golly does Islam have some serious issues worthy of scrupulous airing.

  3. And they insist Israel is an apartheid state!

    It is the hatred of Jews that’s behind the “progressive” agenda. It is this that’s driving them into the arms of Islam because it is here that anti-Semitism is legally codified and cannot be questioned because it is the word of allah himself.

    What is that separates your common or garden lefty from his shrewd “progressive” brethren? The love of islam and conversely the hatred of Jews. You can guess which one is which.

    In a weird way, Hitler was your archetypal “progressive”. Progressivism will be the death of Western culture, its liberal and secular institutions and freedoms.

    Today in the UK, most fast food chains, schools and hospitals now serve Halal meat without the knowledge of the consumer or wider public. This food is “blessed” by koranic verses and the eater is thus taking part in an Islamic ritual without his or her concent.

    While commenting on the proposed Victory Mega Mosque on Ground Zero, BBC’s PM presenter Carolyn Quinn referred to the situation as a “difficult year for muslims in America”. She should ask what kind of year the Copts have had in Egypt or how non-muslims in general are doing in any muslim country.

    But she won’t, because that’s not what progressives do.

  4. “Islamophobia is a nonsense word”

    No it isn’t. It describes my fear very well. I have a phobia of Islam and it’s not a nonsense. It’s based on the fact that some of them want me to worship their sky pixie and are willing to use violence if necessary to make me do that and those who don’t haven’t the guts to stand up to them.

  5. OK, snigger, granted.

    I too worry and fear when people like Farooq Murad, Secretary General of Muslim Council of Britain say the following:

    “work together for a better, more just and cohesive world”

    What on earth could he possibly mean? It is extremely worrying when you have Muslim community leaders mouthing such palpable nonsense.

  6. Derek Pasquill, I would trust the MCB about as far as I could throw them which would not be at all far. It beggars belief that they could actually think we could actually be fooled by this rubbish.

    Words are cheap to the MCB. After all, their spokesman (is he still their spokesman) is the inveterate Bungler who you would think has a permanently bad back because he’s so twisted out of shape. I read somewhere else he could have an argument with himself and lose. He is also on record as being an antisemite (his argument is that he was younger then, but read Ed Husain’s book about his getting lessons in antisemitism from Bungler) and supporting stoning because not to do so would be to “betray” his prophet and he is an admirer of Mawdudi, the so-called godfather of Islamism. Would you buy a used car from such a one?

    Murad’s predecessor Mohammed Abdul Bari, is on record as wanting Britain to adopt more Muslim ways. He resigned only this year and it’s unbelievable that his successor should desire differently.

    No, it’s good old taqiyya isn’t it? How would this shower which believes in the supremacy of Islam (Bungler is also on record as wanting a caliphate in the UK) possibly “work together for a better, more just and cohesive world” unless it was to force us as dhimmis to usher in a sharia-run UK which would indeed be just and cohesive – but only for Muslims.

  7. And as for calling Israel a fascist or apartheit state, Israel allows mosques wherever there are Israeli Moslems and Israei Arabs have the same rights under law as Jews and Christians. And when an israeli politician [Lieberman] suggests handing over a part of Israel where there is a high proportion of Arabs to the proposed Palestinian state, the Arabs there demonstrate in numbers against any idea of their losing Israeli citizenship as a result. They would far rather be Israeli than Palestinian Arabs and they want the place where they live to remain Israeli territory.

  8. Ali, yes, that road sign to Mecca demonstrates that apartheid is alive and well in Saudi Arabia. Whenever any moonbat claims that Israel is an apartheid state, it would be helpful to show him that road sign. Maybe I will post it on my own site.

  9. So, what if Michael Moore took a crew and drove to Mecca? I think he’d need a live satellite feed, because his camera would be taken, but the footage would be amazing.