Palestinians riot in Jerusalem

Per the Jerusalem Post

Dozens of Palestinians on Wednesday that barricaded themselves in the al-Aksa mosque on Temple Mount in Jerusalem dispersed and left the scene after Israeli security forces exited the area.

Police reported that a relative calm has been restored in the area after a day of violent clashes.

The violence started when riots erupted in Silwan early in the morning after a 35-year-old east Jerusalem resident was killed.

Throughout the day, violence spread from Silwan to the Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives, as angry rioters threw thousands of stones at police forces.

Ten people were injured, including a 35-year-old Israeli in moderate condition who was stabbed in the back near the Mount of Olives. Police reported that attendees threw stones at officers, vehicles and buses causing injuries and damage, and that a police vehicle and several other vehicles were set alight near Jerusalem’s Old City.

Three Egged buses were destroyed by stoning near the Western Wall, injuring one of the bus drivers. The buses were missing all of their windows and one had blood splattered on the driver’s seat.

Eight people were arrested for disturbing the peace, five at the Temple Mount and three on Derech HaOfer, the road that leads from the Mount of Olives cemetery towards the Old City and back to Silwan.

The death of the east Jerusalem resident happened early Wednesday morning, when a security guard was driving a security vehicle on his way to a Jewish home when residents blocked the street with trash cans and began hurling rocks at him.

UPDATE, Sept 24:

Jerusalem District Police Commander Aharon Franco on Wednesday backed an Israeli security guard who shot an east Jerusalem resident to death in Silwan. “According to an initial investigation, the guard encountered a preplanned ambush which put his life in danger, prompting him to open fire.” The killing sparked Arab riots in the capital, with rioters throwing firebombs and rocks at Israeli security forces and civilians. Four buses were badly damaged, as were private vehicles. Palestinians also hurled stones from the Temple Mount at Jewish worshippers below.

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  1. It seems and looks to me as if the driver feared for his life, and rightly.

    From this unarmed country I don’t feel I can judge the use of firearms. But the rocks are big enough to kill and a mob… It could have been a repeat of the bloody hands of Ramallah with a single victim this time.

    As for the spin: they’ve forgotten the Hamas murders of last week but they don’t mind borrowing its aim.

    To me it seems just more evil.

  2. pretzelberg,

    CiF Watch is an unapologetically pro-Israel blog. We don’t merely respond to articles from the Guardian. We attempt to pro-actively comment, to the degree that we can, on the Israel-Palestinian Conflict and the distorted narrative being advanced by the MSM on the issue. We also, when necessary, try to present a more accurate picture of what’s really happening “on the ground” in Israel – facts which contradict the morally perverse message coming from the Guardian and their fellow travelers: this facile David vs. Goliath dynamic of Palestinian victimhood and Israeli “oppression.” You’ve been reading our blog long enough to realize this, no?

  3. They riot,burn cars and injure the police,because they can,the police are too scared to react.There are cameras that monitor their every movement.The guard that shot one of the rioters was arrested.

    Very few of the rioters were arrested,they were allowed to go mental,with a very weak response from the police.

    The police need to go down hard on them,force these rioters to pay for all the damage that they cause,repeat offenders need to be removed to the PA.

  4. Pretzelberg:see this as background information –

    1) This is what is known in Guardian-speak as ‘passive resistance’. Always worth seeing it for yourself, even if only through pictures, in order to get the feel of what that term embraces.

    2) This took place in the capital city of Israel. Imagine how the Guardian and others would describe similar events in their own capital cities; would the term ‘passive resistance’ be a phrase of choice then?

    3) The Mystic Meg in me would say that it is only a matter of time before the currently ongoing peace talks evaporate in a puff of blue smoke, and I can already see the headlines in the Guardian. At that point it might be useful for our readers to be aware that such phrases as ‘Israelis don’t want peace’ or ‘Israelis are to blame for the lack of peace’ do not represent the whole story on the ground.

    4) Some of the people writing and commenting on this blog live in Israel and are all too familiar with scenes such as those depicted above. Don’t you consider it worthwhile to try to be able to understand the point of view of people with whom you are engaged in discussion and the experiences which maybe influence their views of things?

  5. Israelinurse “…Imagine how the Guardian and others would describe similar events in their own capital cities; would the term ‘passive resistance’ be a phrase of choice then?..”

    Oh undoubtedly! The UK police, thanks to the cowardice of successive governments, are tasked with “understanding” Islamists out of their violence and wish to hurt us – I confidently expect there to be a “Hug a Jihadi” week to be introduced to the holiday calendar throughout Britain – and heaven forfend that the police should wade in and give them the clobbering they wish to give to people who allegedly offend them.

    It saddens me that Israel is adopting this view. Tear gas and baton charges would be a good way to deal with such scum.

    And benorr is right – the repeat offenders should be sent to live under the glorious Islamic rule of the PA as the Islamists in the UK and USA who criticise ways of living there should be told to live where life is infinitely more congenial to Islamist nonsense.

    Abbas being the liar he is – and so like Arafat who slobbered peace at his front door in English and then ran to his back door and called for jihad in Arabic – I believe you are right about the peace talks. Islam wants a Judenrein Middle East and nothing less will satisfy it.

    But Israel need not help them. It should begin by cleaning up the rubbish which pelts people with stones and slinging them all into jail and try them before deporting them.

  6. I was watch the Sky News broadcast about the rioting that happened during the funeral procession for the “35-year-old east Jerusalem resident” (to quote the article) and nearly burst a blood vessel. The reporter consistently referred to violence between Israeli riot police and “the mourners”; not stone-throwers, not rioters, but “mourners”–obviously those nasty Israelis delight in randomly attacking funeral processions.

  7. I think we’re all mourners.

    Mourners of the objective, non-biased press, that is…

    Why do I get the feeling that the pictures in this post won’t appear in any MSM?

  8. 42. A question to EVERY honest reader
    Author: Goran A. Country: Israel09/23/2010 10:45

    Let’s just imagine for a moment a REVERSE situation: that in some Arab country large riots erupted when about 1000 Jews joined a funeral procession for a Jew killed by a Palestinian security guard. And that the Jewish demonstrators destroy cars, buses, and police cars (a bit difficult to imagine Jews minority destroying Arab police cars – but lets just suppose.) I ask everyone (pro-Israel as well as anti-Israel) to make a rough estimate: how many Jews would be killed by the police or army of that Arab country ? A rough, but honest estimate, please. Or at least a good, honest guess. Thanks.

  9. benorr

    pretzelberg,give it a rest, your sanctimonious piety stinks.

    Webmaster Adam Levick has just talked about banning people for ad hominem attacks on other posters.

    Or does that only apply to people (like me) who don’t play ball? Surely not. That would be so hypocritical, after all.

  10. Israelinurse

    Don’t you consider it worthwhile to try to be able to understand the point of view of people with whom you are engaged in discussion

    But all I did was ask a simple question.

    Any explanation for the support here for the hate-speech displayed by benorr?

    Isn’t it just a tad extreme?