CiF comment of the day

In response to CiF commenters’ complaints that their remarks accusing Israel of practicing apartheid had been deleted by CiF moderators, a commenter named “iamid” aptly pointed out (inArchitects against Israeli occupation, CiF, Oct 4):

If this CiF moderation trend continues, perhaps Ben White’s Guardian gig will finally end, and the vicious anti-Israel activist will again have the freedom of penning completely  unrestrained anti-Semitic invectives at the radical end of the anti-Zionist spectrum, such as Counterpunch. A boy can hope, can’t he?

(Alas, my dreams of a more enlightened CiF moderation policy was, indeed, a pipe dream.  “iamid’s” comment not only was deleted, but has subsequently disappeared completely.)

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  1. I almost hate to say this, but there seems to be a dawning realization on CiF ME now that Georgina has left the ME corner that all was not well there and things were just a tad over the top in the hatefilled screens directed at Israel … though iamid, not our best friend, makes a good point … there’s still a way to go.

    iamid needs to focus more on the culture section, which Henry is turning into a Palestinian propaganda tool. He’ll feel so much more at home among the endless articles praising Palestinians and damning Israelis there –

  2. The weakness of the cause is exemplified by the need to to use such guilt by association accusations….apartheid, ethnic cleansing are terms so easily bandied about by arabist apologists who are blind to activities in the Arab world.

    Ethnic cleansing- Jews in the Arab world have all but disappeared.
    Apartheid- No non-muslims allowed even on the roads to Mecca and Medina never mind into the cities.
    NoJews were allowed to the Kotel when it was in Arab hands.

    oops, shaaaa, we can’t point it out.