2010 or 1938?

Here’s the Guardian’s celebratory depiction of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s welcome in Lebanon recently.

This is from another publication:

Such photos, of tyrants who incite genocide against the Jews and yet receive a hero-like welcome by masses of citizens, really takes you back…


Hitler welcomed in Austria upon annexing the sate in 1938




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  1. This is a great illustration Adam.
    Great job. Nothing illustrates this story better than what you did here.

    The parallels are striking in the pictures as well as in the reception this story was greeted with in the “world media”. Yawns.

    These pictures will be recorded in history just as the old ones from ’38.

    I pray that I am wrong but my gut screams to the contrary.

    The only comforting fact is that this time Jews will not be forced to sweep the streets for Iranians as they were in Vienna for Hitler on that day.

    They will sweep the streets alright but not with rags and soap but the fighting will and determination of an army born out of that darkness and motivated by the reminders of the memories of those times.

    To teach those who will see this that NEVER AGAIN will Jews be subjected to the evil fantasies of mad men and their naive cowardly appeasers.
    That is the difference. This time the judgment of these evil people will not be made upon the heaps of Jewish bodies but the heaps of bodies of their zombie fanatic armies.
    The armies and forces they built to repeat the Holocaust they so keenly deny.

  2. lmao. of all the things you could have criticized guardian for, this is what you go for? come on, do better next time!