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Last night was the introductory meeting for the Hate Israel Kangaroo Court that is laughingly called the “Russell Tribunal”. It took place at Amnesty International, London. Speakers included Dr Ghada Karmi; Ken Loach; Paul Troop; Ewa Jasiewicz; and Frank Barat.


The “Russell Tribunal” is composed of known Israel haters and has effectively found Israel guilty before it has even started. No witness has been summoned to defend Israel.

How very telling that on turning up, I was barred from entry. The welcoming party included Krystian Benedict (Amnesty’s Campaigns Director) and a security guard. When I protested that I was being censored, Benedict summoned four policemen in from outside.

Rather than try to deal with my on-point objections to the speakers’ comments, I was censored. Bertrand Russell would surely be turning in his grave.

Fortunately Richard Millett was admitted and will blog the Israel lynch mob event.

Totalitarian societies begin with curbing free speech. It seems that Amnesty’s espousal of ‘human rights’ does not extend to the right of Jews to protest at antisemitism during Amnesty meetings.

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  1. “When I protested that I was being censored, Benedict summoned four policemen in from outside.”

    Anarchists can smash up Tory HQ, the police hopeless outnumbered, uneprepared and barely an arrest. Muslim fanatics can march through London calling for the death of British soldiers, and they are left alone.

    Where are the police ? At the Russell Tribunal, ensuring the censoring of free speach, unless it is Islamism free speech.