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Gretta Duisenberg’s Unambiguous Antisemitism

H/T Yochanan Visser, of the organization, Missing Peace, for the Dutch translation.

Phyllis Chesler tells us of the typically outrageous lies and doublespeak of the antisemitic Israel-hater, Gretta Duisenberg.  Duisenberg is the widow of Wim Duisenberg, the former President of the European Bank, the darling of Yasser Arafat and of the Free Gaza Movement, and chairwoman of a pro-Palestine committee “Stop the Occupation”.   Prof Chesler tells us that Duisenberg, in an act which almost beggars belief, has proceeded to sue the Iranian-Dutch professor of philosophy and jurisprudence, Afshin Ellian, for calling her an “anti-Semite.” Duisenberg seems to have forgotten that she proudly defines herself as an “anti-Semite.”

In response to an article by Leon de Winter writing in Dutch in Elsevier, Abigail Esman writes:

“I invite all readers to support journalistic freedom and freedom of expression by writing ‘I, too, think Gretta Duisenberg is an anti-Semite.’”

I would not expect any reader to accept that statement purely on my say so.  I propose, therefore, to define Duisenberg’s behaviour in terms of the Working Definition of Anti-Semitism formulated by EUMC, [although the EUMC has since been succeeded by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)].   I believe that it is fair to say that Duisenberg’s behaviour falls into almost every category of antisemitism in the working definition, but to list all the evidence here would be time and space-consuming.  I shall concentrate therefore on the more florid and blatant examples, and an internet search about Duisenberg will almost certainly provide the reader with even more information.   Among the Working Definition’s specific examples of antisemitism are:

Calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews in the name of a radical ideology or an extremist view of religion.

Duisenberg is a supporter of extremist Islam, and formerly of the PLO and Hamas whose nihilistic antisemitism is evident in its Charter and has been proven by its murderous behaviour again and again.  In 2003 Duisenberg organised and spoke at pro Palestinian rally at which donations were collected for the Al Aqsa funds which supports the families of suicide bombers.  She also did not protest against the chanting of Hamas supporters around her of “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas!”

Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.

After the 2003 rally, Duisenberg draped a PLO flag from the balcony of her home in Amsterdam.  When requested by her Jewish neighbours to take it down, they were told; “It’s the rich American Jews who make it possible for Israel to do what they are doing to the Palestinians”. More recently, in January 2010, Duisenberg added to this calumny by engaging in the too-ready conflation of Zionism with Judaism, invariably the hallmark of the antisemite who is trying to pass.   See also Duisenberg’s answer in an interview in the Dutch magazine Keuzevrijheid :

“… These are the tactics of the Jewish lobby. By calling me an antisemite I will not be able to criticise the Zionist regime…”

This is as blatant an example of the Livingstone Formulation* as was the original by Ken Livingstone himself:

*(The Livingstone Formulation wilfully muddies the distinction between legitimate criticism of Israel on the one hand, and treating Israel as a unique evil on the other and it alleges that a powerful Jewish or Zionist plot or ‘lobby’ is engaged in a deceitful campaign to illegitimately protect Israel from criticism of things that it does wrong.)

Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms (e.g. gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War II (the Holocaust). Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.

See the interview mentioned above. The following is a translation of part of it from the original Dutch.  Duisenberg’s accusations of there being a holocaust in Gaza, and her linking it to the Nazi holocaust of Jews as well as references to Israelis as Nazis are in bold below:

“Why do they say you are an anti-semite?

“These are the tactics of the Jewish lobby. By calling me an anti-Semite I will not be able to criticise the Zionist regime. It is not the Jews who are not good, the zionist ideology is not okay. The Jewish lobby is incredibly strong here and in America.

“The total closure of Gaza is against international law, human rights and the conventions of Geneva. But Israel does not give a damn. There are 39 UN resolutions not executed but Israel has a free pass. It is about time that we, the Dutch, get rid of our eternal feelings of guilt about the holocaust. That feeling is forced upon us by the Jewish lobby. We are certainly guilty, and especially the Nazi’s, but the Palestinians are not. The Holocaust should never happen again, but essentially another one is taking place over there. There is separation, colonisation, and an apartheid system. We were stupid enough to give an inhabited piece of land to the Jews.

“To the Jews it is the promised land…

“That’s not the essence for them. They are the self-styled chosen people.   That’s what the Nazis also said about Aryans. The others (not Aryans) had to disappear.

“Which choices do you regret in retrospect?

“I do not have any regrets. But I regret the fact that to this day it follows after me that I had meant the victims of the Second World War when I actually meant that I hoped to collect six million signatures against the Palestinian occupation. I never for a second thought about that.   I meant a multiple of the 600 signatures we had already collected.”

(Given Duisenberg’s sentiments and behaviour, this is far more likely to have been a Freudian slip than a mere mistake.  She is trying, in vain, to dig herself out of a hole of her own making).

“If so, why did you say it?

“It was the euphoria. We had just started with “Stop The Occupation”.  I gave a lecture and people listened to us. The remark was the result of loose talk, it was too spontaneous. In the beginning I reacted solely out of emotions and concern.  Now I would not use these kind of expressions anymore, now I resort more to international law.  I have to be extremely careful. When I say that Jews in South Amsterdam are annexing restaurants, I will again be engulfed by critics, but it is true. When I enter they leave. But I do not see any wrongdoing by saying that….”

(There we have it.  Duisenberg does not “see any wrongdoing” when she makes antisemitic remarks, which makes a nonsense of the “I meant a multiple of  600” excuse above.  She does not regret them, rather she “regrets” people’s reactions to them).

Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations

Duisenberg’s obsession with the “Jewish lobby” which she alleges runs Holland and her reference elsewhere to the “rich Jews” of America, evidences this.

Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g., claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis.

From an interview in IslamOnline during which Duisenberg accuses the Israelis of blood libel and trafficking in human organs:

“… Have you heard about the human organs that Israelis are taking from the Palestinians?

“It is true; I saw the pictures. The Israeli soldiers are taking away young men and five days later, they brought them back cut open.

“Israel has admitted committing such a crime….”

(Note: Even the Goldstone Report found no evidence of this, although the accusation re-emerged in Haiti when Israel was among the first responders to the disaster. That was also later admitted to be false).

Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis

Examples of this can be found above in the Keuzevrijheid interview portions of which are translated above.

Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel

In the interview in IslamOnline the notion of collective Jewish responsibility for Israel’s actions is inherent both in the question and in Duisenberg’s answer:

“(IOL):I wonder why the majority of Europeans, who usually support human rights, support Israel while it is committing serious violations of human rights?

“Mrs. Duisenberg: This is because of two things; first, the Jewish lobby in Holland, like in the United States, is very strong and powerful…. In addition, whenever you have something against the Jewish people in Holland, they call you an anti-semite…”

The foregoing constitutes substantial evidence that Duisenberg is an antisemite within the terms of the EUMC definition; indeed hers is a persistent pattern of behaviour.  Moreover, Duisenberg’s overweening arrogance and her own mouth condemns her as Abigail Esman describes :

“It’s practically an honor,” Gretta Duisenberg, widow of former European Bank President Wim Duisenberg, pronounced recently, “to be called an ‘anti-Semite.’”

That being the case, I cannot blame Prof Chesler for her frustration about the Duisenberg’s spiteful immaturity and I, too, am appalled by the attempts to stifle debate by too-ready recourse to lawfare by Duisenberg and her ilk.

Were I Duisenberg I would take great care in future to engage what passes for my brain before opening my mouth,  or I should invest in a larger shovel and better equipment if I persisted in digging holes for myself by making antisemitic remarks before witnesses and then trying to insult people’s intelligence by denying that I had.

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  1. “… In addition, whenever you have something against the Jewish people in Holland, they call you an anti-semite…”

    Well, no sh*t Sherlock!

    What on earth SHOULD people call you?

    (This women is plainly and floridly mad!)

  2. Oh dear another paranoid pro-Islamist! Did I read somewhere that her father was a senior police officer in Holland during the war and kept his position under the Nazis?

    I also read that Holland had the highest ratio of collaborators with the Nazi regime of any occupied European country.

  3. Thorough and painstaking article, Medusa. Despite my admiration for your scholarship I went to the internet to read for myself what GD said and what is said about her. As a result I have no qualms in saying that ‘I, too, think Gretta Duisenberg is an anti-Semite.’

  4. Correction to this article, which has perpetuated an error made by Ms. Chesler in her original: Actually, the idea of posting on facebook etc was Ms. Chesler’s own. Neither Mr. De Winter nor I have suggested that. The phrase quoted regarding defending free speech was not de Winter’s, but mine. And both he and I have asked not that people post on facebook (though that is a good idea) but rather, directly on the articles we wrote. I encourage you again to do so.

    Many of Ms. Duisenberg’s statements, too, can be found through links in my column, which is available at

  5. Abigaill thanks for your input. I am grateful to you for taking the trouble so that we can give you due credit.

  6. Thanks. It’s not just my credit – I think Phyllis’s idea was also great and she deserves credit for it as well!

  7. What an interesting read!

    Gretta Duisenberg’s behaviour has all the hallmarks of malignant narcissim – the histrionics, the attention-seeking behaviour, the lack of insight, the need to be associated with people of high status (if you can call Arafat that) and the idealisation/denigration polarity (she idealises the Palestinians totally and denigrates Israel and Jews equally totally).

    And the gullible and equally disturbed and cranked up Israel-/Jew-haters constitute what Sam Vaknin calls her narcissistic supply. She has such an overblown sense of her own worth/is such a “big balloon” in her own estimation, that it’ll take little to puncture her persona. Perhaps she has overstepped the mark here and the results of her antisemitism being splashed all over the blogosphere will do the trick. The narcissistic rage, when it comes will be her undoing. Stand by….

  8. Another thing – well done, Medusa for naming this ignorant and disturbed hater exactly for what she is. For too long the west has allowed Islamist-inspired Jew-hatred to flourish – partly because of nervousness about being perceived not to be politically correct, but mostly, I think, because Islamism has tapped into the residual antisemitism which has always been around in Europe and is very ready to play the victim card if its racism is called out.

    Islamism has also used the western discomfort about Islamism’s excesses to add to the cognitive dissonance western governments feel, as a result of which they are frozen and immobile and utterly useless in confronting its ever increasing demands and infringements.

    You have named the elephant in the room as should we all, whenever we come across it. Unfortunately the rot is so advanced that it will take time and much effort to eradicate.

    But as Rabbi Hillel (I believe) said “It is not incumbent upon you to complete the work but neither are you permitted to refrain from doing it”

    Gretta Duisenberg is an antisemite

  9. You don’t need to cite the EUMC or indeed any other similar document to conclude that this woman is frankly off her trolley.

    The foregoing constitutes substantial evidence …

    As you’re indulging in a bit of legalese, the phrase “beyond reasonable doubt” springs to mind.

  10. Apologies Medusa, the saying above is from the Pirkei Avot and is attributed to Rabbi Tarfon who lived between 70 CE and the fall of Bethar (135 CE)

  11. Greta Duisenberg is of course an antisemite. She also appears to look and sound like Glenn Greenwald in a wig.

  12. I, too, think Gretta Duisenberg is an anti-Semite.

    Furthermore, I invite Ms. Duisenberg and her attorneys to sue me for the preceding statement. I am, to the best of my knowledge, the only Ian Thal in the United States of America, so I doubt her attorneys will have much trouble tracking me down.

    I only request that I be sued in a Dutch court, as I have never been to Amsterdam and my friends tell me that it’s lovely.

  13. Thanks Medusa. The evidence you have provided points to the fact that Gretta Duisenberg is an antisemite. Since she says she would count it an honour to be referred to as such, why the fuss? Indeed, why the too-ready resort to lawfare by creatures of this sort?

  14. If it lies down with a dog like Arafat and smarms its way to the top; if it talks and behaves like an antisemite then it is an antisemite:

    <Gretta Duisenberg is an antisemite

  15. “How is a “PLO flag” distinguished from a Palestinian flag?

    The Palestinian flag is only dipped three-quarters in blood; the PLO flag is soaked in it.

  16. Mrs Duisenberg is clearly confused about many things ! yesterday she once more filed charges against a reporter who called her an Antisemite to her face in an interview!
    We say here in Holland : If you burn your ass you”ll have to sit on the blisters !
    If you always place disparaging and demeaning comments about the Jews you are an anti semite ….no matter how often you will sue!

  17. I will be posting again on this later today (regarding the latest charges in Holland) on – stay tuned.