How Harriet Sherwood reported on the Fire in Israel

A Guest Post by AKUS

The worst fire in Israel’s history has been burning out of control on the Carmel Mountain near Haifa since Thursday morning. So how has the Guardian’s reporter in Israel, Harriet “ChickenLady ” Sherwood, choose to cover it? The same way she covers Palestinian terrorism – I see nothing, I hear nothing, I say nothing.

The Guardian had to rely on Haroon Siddique reporting from London. (Still the Guardian’s only report on the catastrophic fire which has raged for 0ver 36 hours.)

No doubt the ChickenLady was too busy writing about the sufferings of the Palestinians – who are still suffering from a shortage of construction materials to build yet more upscale restaurants, hotels, and single-sex water parks.

This woman is a disgrace and if the Guardian had any beitzim they would yank her out of Israel.

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  1. No doubt she wants to avoid having to mention the humanitarian help Israel is getting from Turkey, Greece, Russia and others…

  2. Hard to do a humorous treatment of a subject like this and to remain within the bounds of good taste but you managed it with ease, Akus

  3. The Guardian has an article by Haroon Siddique about the fire. Interesting the following quote from there.

    Fire crews, assisted by planes dropping water, are still struggling to contain the blaze, which is raging across the Carmel mountains near Haifa. Many of the deaths occurred when a bus evacuating people from the area went up in flames, the rescue service said.

    Authorities cleared the Carmel Forest area of hundreds of people, including some 500 Palestinian inmates from the Damon prison, after the fire broke out early today. The bus was carrying some 50 prison guards when it flipped over and got caught in the flames, according to Haaretz.

    Such careful attention to detail really doesn’t surprise me. Facts are as follows. A bus carrying 40 odd prison guards brought from central Israel to help evacuate the 500 Palestinian prisoners, was trapped by the fire and roundabout 40 of them were burned to death. A tragedy that the whole (Jewish), country mourns.

    Let this aberration bear witness to the way The Guardian reports on Israeli casualties. I would only hope that a Guardian subscriber reads this easily verifiable data and make his/her own conclusion about continuing to be a Guardian subscriber.

  4. Poor Harriet she’s just unsure whether to lay an egg or swing from a tree – what a dilemma

  5. “Harriet “ChickenLady ” Sherwood.”
    Here is Duvidl’s new Chicken Lady song:

    Hey Harri-et
    (to the tune of “Hey Little Hen.” Hat tip: Joe Loss)

    Chorus: Hey Harri-et;
    Yet, yet ,yet,
    You have scrawled not one word newsworthy.
    Hey Harri-et;
    Yet, yet, yet,
    You’ve supplied nowt, you’re chicken-lady.

    Your dreary chicken news
    Gives all readers the blues;
    And otherwise you choose
    To libel just the Jews.

    Chorus: Hey Harri-et;
    Yet, yet ,yet,
    You have scrawled not one word newsworthy.
    Hey Harri-et;
    Yet, yet, yet,
    You’ve supplied nowt, you’re chicken-lady.

    DS Al Coda

  6. Those poor innocent monkeys what have they done to have the “Chicken Lady’s” face imposed on their bodies,

  7. zippi welcome back on the surface.
    Your posts are indispensable – perfectly demonstrate the character of the real “pro-Palestinian” activist.
    Now that you succesfully performed your duty you can crawl back under your rock beneath the burning and stinking garbage heap.

  8. Abtalyon – nevertheless, depite her concerns for holiday makers from wigan in Sharm el Sheikh, Sherwood is supposedly the Guardian’s reporter in Israel.

    In the loathsome tradition of Suzanne Goldenberg (possibly the worst of the “as-a-Jew” contributors the Guardian has ever employed, responsible for the “Jenin massacre” libel and for fanning the flames of the Al Durrah libel) and Chris McGreal (what a Dickensian name that is, I always think – I imagine him running a school of Oliver Twists) she ignores Israeli tragedies in favor of a shark attack and and a story about a three Arabs facing discrimination in Tzfat.

    Of course, she has been unable to find any stories of Jews facing discrimination in Egypt while she was down there …

  9. “zippi gazel

    maybe Israel could use some of its nuclear weapons to put out the fires”

    Have you no shame, scumbag? Trace his/ her IP.