What the Guardian won’t report: Al-Jazeera owned website,, celebrates human carnage caused by Carmel fire, owned and operated by Aljazeera Publishing, published a series of posts about the fire raging through Northern Israel which can only be described as a celebration of the death, carnage, and misery caused by the blaze.  Though the post is in Arabic, Google Translate, along with the grotesque imagery, provides sufficient context to conclude that the prose and accompanying photos indeed represent a celebration of the death of Jews.

CiF Watch is posting this to highlight a fact that is painfully obvious to many – but is frequently ignored by those (like the Guardian) who are not capable of assimilating information which doesn’t conform to preconceived notions of immutable Arab victimhood and Israeli culpability: that the problem of Jew hatred in the Muslim/Arab world is simply unparalleled (in depth and scope) in the modern world. (Indeed, is far from the only Arab media outlet celebrating the death and destruction caused by the Carmel fire.)

Historian Robert Wistrich has referred to anti-Semitism in the Arab world as comparable to Nazi Germany at its worst, and while any hatred is unjustifiable, those who would actually compare the problem of Islamophobia in Western countries to anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim world (for instance) are, at best, horribly and tragically misguided.

One only need to occasionally visit the sites Palestinian Media Watch and MEMRI to understand that, unlike in the West (where often even mild expressions of bigotry are socially unacceptable), anti-Semitism in much of the Arab/Muslim has no risk of public opprobrium and, indeed, is quite normative behavior.

After much discussion we decided not to publish the grotesque images nor link to the specific page on the website which contains the photos out of respect for the families of the victims.

However here is a photo, of an injured victim of the fire, published on the site but which was originally published by Reuters.

Here’s the accompanying text at (again, from Google Translate):

What follows, however, is the text which accompanied the horribly graphic photos we’re not showing of (what are presumably) the charred dead bodies from the Carmel fire.  (You’re free to search the site yourself if you doubt the authenticity of our report).

Graphic image appears beneath this Text

Text following graphic image

More text following graphic images (Text concerning Arab nations mentioned is likely a criticism of their supply of fire fighting equipment to Israel)

Text between two horrific images of dead bodies

Final text following last graphic images mentioned above

H/T Elder of Ziyon

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  1. Imagining that a god figure that is commonly called the Compassionate or the Merciful would approve of such blatant, unashamed hatred shows something very weird and twisted in the value system of people who give brain room to the concepts discussed above.

  2. We saw it in the Balkans where Muslims burned bodies and said that Serbians had been burning Musims alive.

    The photographs are horrific. How did they get them?

    I shouldn’t be surprised if somewhere down the line these horrors appear as “Israel’s cruel deeds”.

    I profoundly hope that the bereaved families never get to know of these evil productions of very sick and inhuman “minds”.

  3. These are indeed horrific, as is the notion that anyone who calls himself human could rejoice about the deaths in such heinous circumstances, but we should not be surprised. This attitude is entirely commensurate with the lack of creature feeling which had people dancing in the streets and handing out cakes and sweets after 9/11.

    The root cause is Islam, and Islam brutalises people. It is a cult which offers its followers little except a glorious death, by which they are told that they will cheat hell fire and they can also cheat hell-fire by yelling their hatred of Jews and other kufar.

    They are jammed in. The devout cult followers dare not think for themselves, they dare not argue and they dare not disagree. So great is the hold of the cult of Islam that anyone in it who argues is leapt upon and silenced for fear that others’ eyes and ears will be opened.

    Such a cult can never attain what it thinks (and lies to us) was its former glory. It can never triumph if it is so utterly lacking in compassion for its own people as well as other human beings, and, worse, is willing to sacrifice its young (when the natural human response is to protect them) to its inhumane and egregious beliefs.

    A nation’s future lies in its children. Islam uses them, as it does its women, in the service of its death-dealing so that its visceral hatred can be passed from generation to generation.

    People who do that, coldly and cynically are not worthy of being considered to be human beings nor to be afforded the rights usually afforded to misguided, rather than evil, people. They forfeited those rights long ago when they deliberately used their own people as bombs.

  4. The Arabic site shows several photos of the dead. These should never have been published, not least because they will all have had family and friends. How on earth did they get hold of the photos in the first place? Can we trace them back to a news outlet?

  5. Denis, that’s an excellent point. Whichever news outlet gave them the pictures should be named and shamed.

  6. The so called religion of peace seems to have many followers who show utter contempt for others. In fact they bomb each other with impunity and them blame the West. One thing for certain is that the god they serve is not the God of Judaisim or Christianity, but the god of this world full of hate who seeks to kill and destroy. They show who they serve by thier attitudes, behaviour, and inhumanity. My heart goes out to Israel and all those who have been touched by this tragedy. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob comfort them.
    I am a Christian Zionist and the culpability of the western media is of immense importance. The Guardian is a mouthpiece of propaganda and one can in all honesty not take it seriously because of it’s blatant bias. It is surely found wanting by those who seek truth rather than lies, misinformation and biased opinion. Unfortunately it has a wide readership. I am a mature history student doing first year and I would like to know how I can support Israel, I attend a university in the north east of England.

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  8. “, owned and operated by Aljazeera Publishing, published a series of posts about the fire raging through Northern Israel which can only be described as a celebration of the death, carnage, and misery caused by the blaze.”

    Just to clarify ‘’ (note the extra ‘s’) is owned by Aljazeera Publishing (not associated with the TV station and much less popular).

    The site you have actually linked to – (without the ‘s’) – is a PUBLIC forum and the owners of the site were no more responsible for publishing the posts than you are for this comment.

    Sigh… how does misinformation help EITHER side?

  9. @berenike you are 100% correct… my mistake. Either way, the article is misleading. Firstly it suggests that the comments were made by a reputable news service and then it incorrectly links to another news service as the reference and then to a third unconnected forum.

  10. pretz, is simply the english web address for the website which I cited. If you click on the “about us” page, you’ll see that its indeed owned by Al-Jazeera