CiF’s Mya Guarnieri tells it like it is: “I’m not reporting on the issue.”

Mya Guarnieri had an exchange in the comment section of her shameful CiF piece, “Israeli racist rabbis decree strike at the heart of Judaism” really worth noting.  While CiF Watch dissected Guarnieri’s invectives against Israel here, a commenter also effectively challenged Guarnieri’s assertions that the racist edicts in question were “state-sanctioned.”

And, now, Guarneri’s reply:

Just to recap:  Mya Guarnieri engages in an utterly sophomoric rant which accuses the Jewish state of descending into fascism, a contention which largely depends on her assertion that the bigoted edict in question was state sanctioned, and, upon being presented with the fact that the Prime Minster, President, and government ministers emphatically condemned the act, defends herself by complaining that she couldn’t possibly “report on every aspect of the story.”

Yes, Mya, as you noted, you’re “not reporting on the issue.”  You’re clearly only reporting on the aspects which support your pre-established anti-Zionist conclusions.

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  1. Well, Adam, an empty-headed girl has to make a living where she can, even if it is by whoring principles she’s never acquired……

  2. Well done Adam for catching this. Did anyone tell Mya that she is writing for CiF the place where the facts are supposed to be sacred!