Honest Reporting expose: How the media use bars in their images to promote the impression of Palestinians as “prisoners” of Israeli brutality

CiF Watch has previously reported on the Guardian’s manipulation of photos in the service of desired narratives, and demonstrated that images don’t necessarily need to be photo-shopped or cropped (what’s become known as “fauxtography“) to mislead or distort.

Here is part 3 of an illuminating photo expose by the media watchdog group Honest Reporting:

  • Wire service photographers use clever photographic techniques to present a false impression that enhances images of Palestinian “suffering”.
  • The use of bars in such images is a widespread method of portraying Palestinians as “prisoners” of Israeli occupation and brutality.
What could be more symbolic of suffering and mistreatment than the image of small children behind bars?  Particularly in reference to Gaza, which is regularly portrayed as a vast ‘open air prison’.

For example, The Independent chose to illustrate the story below with an image from AFP/Getty.  The caption:

Children join the protest in Gaza City yesterday as Palestinians demanded an end to the siege.

This is but one example of how wire agency photographers resort to using camera angles and staging techniques to present a distorted (and worse) picture of a given situation.

In the example above, it is clear that the photographer used this technique to project an image of Gazan children imprisoned.  However, the sequence of photos taken from the same scene at the time illustrates how the effect was achieved.

What we see above is a tiny group of Palestinian children arriving at what appears to be a pre-planned photo-op outside the Gaza industrial area presumably organized by Hamas. The photographer either willingly colludes with Hamas or is used.
Next, the children have been positioned behind a gate to give the effect of a prison.

However, using a great deal of skill to get the right position with the right lens from the right angle, the photographer manages to create an impression of many more than the five or so children in the actual shot.

The same children appear in the remaining two images from the sequence, again highlighting how the entire event was staged.  The same technique of shooting from below and to the side is employed to give the impression that there are actually more people involved than the reality.

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  1. LOL, was this a slow news week for LOL Honest Reporting? If it was up to them all would be just peachy in the Occupied Territories (sorry disputed territories for the bigots)

  2. Moistly finds constructive lies to be amusing – it figures, doesn’t it, having read some of his ‘views’.

  3. The story is, photographers take pictures of things at different times and different angles.

    As I said, slow news week for LOL Honest Reporting (can anyone keep a straight face when saying this?)

  4. ‘As I said, slow news week for LOL Honest Reporting (can anyone keep a straight face when saying this?)’

    Slow week for you, Armless, sliming your way around the pro-Zionist sites, to find comfort in pro-Zionist Jew-baiting?

  5. @nearly a handful
    Spoken like a true master of ‘baiting’

    Please drop these knee jerk call everyone a antisemite / baiter / hater reactions. Surely your Hasbara masters can do better.

  6. Moistly:
    “You are indeed a hater through and through”
    I do love those oldie but goodie expressions: It takes one to know one. 🙂

  7. @Germ
    “You are indeed a hater through and through”
    ‘I do love those oldie but goodie expressions: It takes one to know one. :)’

    Show me 1 post where I have rejoiced in peoples death in the way thank god i’m a fool did @ 10.40am. In fact show me a post where I have demonstrated hatred for anyone or thing.

  8. You obviously don’t like honest dealing, mostly harmless. The Territories are disputed until that unlikely Palestinian state is founded.

    Also, with the Mohamed al-Dura fraud still being pimped by Israel’s enemies it isn’t pro-Israel at all to think fauxtography is a joke.

    But – I think I saw some good comment by you in CiF when I last looked. Why so different here?

  9. I don’t know mostly harmless from … Adam. Let him talk, guys. He has every right to express his point of view, too. He hasn’t dissed anyone so far.

  10. mostly brainless, “You are indeed a hater through and through”.

    If hating those who hijack planes on 9/11, who bomb London buses and the underground on 7/7/05, who threaten the UK with its own 9/11, who celebrate the 9/11 sneak attack in the Finsbury Park mosque, who curse and spit on returning British troops in Luton, who stone women to death, who hang gay teens in the islamic republic of iran, who make videos beheading people (journalist Daniel Pearl for example) whilst shouting their war cry of “allah akbar”, who murder a London police office with a shot from the libyan embassy, and on and on.

    I guess that makes me a hater of those you hold dear.

    I oppose those you hold with high esteem and again wish them and you and your fellow travelers continued NAKBA!

  11. ‘Please drop these knee jerk call everyone a antisemite / baiter / hater reactions. Surely your Hasbara masters can do better.’

    Please stop pro-Zionist Jew baiting for a hobby.

    I have no master.

    But I will allow that you are a Master Baiter.

  12. ‘I don’t know mostly harmless from … Adam.’

    I do. Asides embracing poisonous Pseudo-Socialist neo-anti-semitic demagogues like George Galloway (“I love him”, he said), he pretended to be a Jew, for months if not years, before he was outed.

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  14. @nearly almost nothing
    you know me? from a postings on a blog? my religious affiliation is irrelevant, I have neither denied or accepted what faith or none I belong to. I/P is a universal issue of occupation, injustice and oppression.

    And while you are at looking at my posting history here, why don’t you try to dig out a hateful comment? So far you have only managed to find a post where I professed love for someone. Not doing very well are we?

    PS. Use your own jokes, plagiarism is very bad form.

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  19. Moistly your comments are like your name, damply suggestive of the vile, nothing open, nothing declared. I have no desire to root among them (ugh)

  20. ‘you know me? from a postings on a blog?’

    Of course!

    ‘my religious affiliation is irrelevant,’

    Not necessarily. Neither your religious affiliation or your ethnic identity. You give/gave as your website The Magnes Zionist. That originally suggested to me that either you were the actual webowner (why present as your website one that isn’t?), or you were a Jew of the same opinion.

    When I discovered you were not the webowner, I asked if you were Jewish, you refused to confirm or deny it, despite its being a straightforward question.

    ‘I have neither denied or accepted what faith or none I belong to. ‘

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  21. @Germ, Thank & nearly

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  22. ‘As I have said in the Jody McIntyre post, ‘Can’t you just feel the hate?’’

    Just asking a straightforward question which you choose to interpret as hate.

    But you are projecting. And apparently your evasive dissembling constitutes love. Self-love, perhaps.

    As for Jody McIntyre, the narcissistic tweenie clearly has plenty of hate himself, compounded by ignorance and prejudice, not entirely unlike you, Armless.