Why were these deleted?

Palestinians’ future is in their hands, CiF, Dec. 14, by Carlo Strenger and Akiva Eldar, elicited nearly 300 comments.

Among those deemed not fit for Guardian reader consumption were the following:









Just to give you a sense of the comments (apparently deemed perfectly acceptable by CiF Moderators) by JRuskin which inspired the rebuttals above, see this:

So, to recap: Passionate rebuttals in defense of Israel? Not allowed.  Thinly veiled threats of violence against Israelis?  Perfectly acceptable.

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  1. Typical. JRuskin comments quite often at CIF. I’ve read some of his “work.” He’s a disgusting Jew-hater, just the sort that CIF seeks to attract.

  2. I think you have missed part of what was said in the final post. This creature, obviously a soulless creep, has as good as said that Israeli Jews hunt down Arab children to murder them. Disgusting because it never happens but he wishes to believe that it does.

    Not like the brave Arab gunmen who killed 58 unarmed, praying Christians in Iraq, and then killed a three-year-old child who had survived seeing his family and friends murdered and protested. Such brave, valiant men. They make me vomit.

  3. Irit

    This creature, obviously a soulless creep, has as good as said that Israeli Jews hunt down Arab children to murder them.

    He has a special affinity to the subject of sexual abuse of small boys by IDF doctors as well… Somehow he likes the subject too much.
    In an other thread on CIF he wrote that he spends some time every year in Thailand too. Must be a coincidence naturally, I’m sure he is interested in old Buddhist art.
    But I like his pretty original mantra: Jerusalem is a Muslim and Christian city…
    His Palestinian minders must be planning to abuse him sexually at his next visit.

  4. Pro-Israeli posters that post on CiF more often than not you know that you will get deleted.

    That JRuskin is one of the nastiest anti Israeli posters on Cif,on par with that jerk Berchmans,one of the reasons that I go on Cif is the annoy the shit out of them.And I get deleted a lot.How in heavens name does Israel allow this toe rag JRuskin to step foot on Israeli terorrity.

    We should report him to the security people.

    Like someone upstream mentioned this JRuskin is suss.

  5. You reply to an idiotic post and you get deleted and the shitty post that you replied to still stays up there.That is CiF balance for you.

    I suppose that they didn’t like to hear that Jerusalem was always Jewish,is still Jewish,and will always be Jewish.

  6. … many if not all of whom had connections with Israel.

    …were described as Israelis

    …said to have included children

    …experts said, Israeli citizens were able to claim partial subsidies from health providers when receiving transplants abroad. The loophole is said to have been recently closed after international pressure.

    Yes, MindTheCrap. Not a lot of fact there!

    But he slipped up here. No cushioning for the following:

    …most international trafficking rings have involved wealthy Israeli patients

    Though – what does “involved ” mean?

    It’s a puff of foul air.

  7. MindOfCrap,

    Here are some goodies that will make you proud of your islamofascist friends.

    Hamas: Allah, kill Christians and Jews “to the last one”
    A video on Hamas TV asks Allah to kill Jews, Christians, Communists and their supporters, saying, “Don’t leave even one.” (Dec. 8, 2010)