Action Alert: YouTube closes Palestinian Media Watch account

This is from Itmar Marcus at Palestinian Media Watch:

“For years there have been PA backers trying to get YouTube to close down the PMW video account by complaining that we are involved in hate speech. Now they succeeded. They complained to the administrators about a farewell video of a suicide terrorist from a few years ago who boasted he would drink the blood of Jews. You Tube sent us notice that this video is “violation of terms” by promoting hate speech and closed our entire account. Most of the hundreds of videos on our website are not running.”

The appalling moral inversion at play here is astonishing.  PMW had its You Tube account suspended for uploading videos exposing anti-Semitic discourse within institutions the Palestinian Authority controls.  It is simply breathtaking that the administrators at YouTube apparently don’t know the difference between propagating hate speech, and exposing it!

We’re asking you to write YouTube today to demand that PMW be reinstated.

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  1. Elder of Ziyon has posted a list by a commenter on where and how to contact best and commenter Professor Miao has suggested this:

    A massive mirroring campaign might be more effective. If PMW can make the videos available for download somewhere, people can put them on their own channels with a note that they are mirroring them because PMW has been censored for reporting news.

    Also the Elder points out that the Palestinians’ material PMW posts is financed by the EU – maybe one should look for contact addresses there too. I won’t get around to it today, but maybe somebody else can

  2. Could we get some more info on exactly what youtube have stated is the problem from PMW? I can’t see anything on their website. Also, their youtube channel is active and videos are playing…

  3. Please give clear instructions on how to write to YouTube. I have spent 10 minutes going round in circles around the help pages to no avail.

  4. Thanks Silke,

    I found the old account obviously. It’s ridiculous that youtube have no direct complaints contact. But I guess that’s probably one of the reasons why they’re able to make these unjust decision.

  5. Robablob
    I am a rare visitor at YouTube but it seems I can flag a video as inappropriate any time the fancy takes me but I can’t reverse flag.
    That seems somehow unjust to me, giving you-know-who quite a barn-door wide advantage and allow “them”, as one of them has worded it, at the least “to sap Zio-energy”.

    Also here is the EU- contact page


    even if not all the content PMW picked up is EU-financed they should at least be told that their appalling hypocrisy doesn’t go unnoticed.

  6. There are still some videos which feature Anwar Al-Awlaki. All you have to do is google them. Worth pointing them out to YouTube, as I have, if you complain

  7. As I have also posted on the Elder of Ziyon website comments:

    Hate monger David Duke had his You Tube account cancelled and reinstated in October 2010. As pointed out on JHate, he crowed about it on the white supremacist website Stormfront. Here’s his analysis of how his account was restored. I’ll spare you his pitch for donations at the end:

    “How did the site get reinstated?

    1. The fact that we did nothing to deserve our account termination and proved that fact.

    2. A good and expensive legal team (that we still have to pay). –hint!

    3. The fact that if we go to court it would expose censorship by youtube or Jewish extremist Internet attack organizations which would cause them unwanted revealing publicity.

    4. The fact that my videos are not in violation of any of the community guidelines in their letter or spirit.

    5. The fact that we have over 1.6 million views and over 90 percent positive ratings on all our videos.

    6. The fact that my videos are on so many sites, and that the censorship would have become known and resulted in defection from youtube to other video sites by huge numbers of their customers.

    7. The fact that I have been a former member of the House of Representatives in LA and been on almost every major national news and talk program in America makes it patently ridiculous to everyone that I can appear on CNN with Wolf Blitzer but be banned from YouTube.

    8. Youtube has been in huge controversy over China’s censorship, and can’t afford to show censorship themselves.

    9. Youtube wants to proclaim to the world that it is an open forum. Censoring a former elected official who posts in news and politics does not enhance the image it is trying to project.

    Is the fight over? Not even close! It will be ongoing. I am sure there will be many other attempts and dirty tricks to try to get us banned from Youtube. We are on many other video Internet sites, but Youtube is by far the most important of all Internet Sites in the world it has about half of all video traffic! So it is worth doing what is necessary to stay on for as long as we can.

    We must fight back and take action now to get all my videos out across the world. There are a number of things you can do.

    One is to use Download Helper (add-on) on firefox and download ALL of the videos to your own hard disk. Make sure you download only the Highest quality MP4 file — HD 720p if HD in mp4 is available for the respective video.

    There will be more to be posted on details of how we can get these videos to flood the World! Look for Duke Video Guru posts for expert and detailed advice in the near future.

    Back to work I go on my upcoming video!”

    Of course, he fails to mention that his videos promote anti-Semitism and other forms of racial, ethnic and religious hatred and that PMW exposes them.

  8. Of course I’m opposed to this attack on free speech.

    That said, I can’t see any difference between this and the denial of tenure to Norman Finkelstein. This is the ugly side of the I/P debate: the use of any means available to muzzle the voices either side doesn’t like.

    What goes around, comes around.

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