Hamas outraged at Gaza’s youth being educated about the Holocaust

A Guest Post by AKUS

In a recent article, A perfect example of the Guardian’s appalling myopia, I pointed out how the Guardian overlooked a key event in a visit by a group of boys (no girls) from Gaza to the USA, and, specifically, the UN building in New York:

A Guardian video entitled, “Documentary follows 15 boys from Gaza on trip to US” contained the subtitle:

“Fifteen boys left their besieged homeland to visit America earlier this year. The moving film No Sharp Objects reveals their first experiences of snow and skyscrapers.”

Correctly, it should read:

Fifteen boys left their homeland to visit America earlier this year. The moving film No Sharp Objects reveals their first experiences of snow, skyscrapers and pictures and lessons from the Holocaust.

The Guardian, enthralled by the chance to show Hamas and UNRWA, which organized the trip, in a good light completely overlooked mentioning a significant portion of the clip which showed Arab-speaking guides explain to the youngsters from Gaza what the Holocaust was, and why it is so important to the Jews. Clearly, this was the first time that they these young boys had heard of the Holocaust and seen the iconic pictures that form the display.

A day later, despite the same timestamp on the article, Harriet Sherwood followed up with an article about the trip, noting briefly: “the group paused before a Holocaust exhibition at the UN headquarters. As the boys considered the terrible images from the death camps, their teacher, Rafiq Murad, spoke of the significance of what they were seeing. “And so, guys,” he concluded, “because we faced suffering and injustice we have to appreciate and understand the suffering of others, regardless of their religion and race.”

A great message.

It turns out, however, that it was not the message that Hamas wanted the children to see.

Astonishingly, Ana Carbajosa (of El Pais, who appears to have taken over reporting duties from Sherwood with regard to Israel*) reported in the Guardian: Hamas in dispute with UN over school trips for Palestinian pupils:

“The UNRWA [the agency for Palestinian refugees] has to stop the visits they do, where they teach the Holocaust and where they promote solidarity with Jewish suffering created by the Nazis,” said a statement from the department for refugee issues.

Hamas also said that “the minds of the children are not big enough to understand the suffering of all the victims around the world”, adding that “the Palestinian suffering caused by the Jewish occupiers is enough of an example”. In the statement, Hamas suggested that instead of organising trips to the US, the UN should take the Gazan children to Vietnam, the US prison in Guantánamo Bay or Abu Ghraib detention facility in Iraq.

UNRWA refused today to comment on Hamas’s statement.

These are the people who Israel is supposed to make peace with simply by talking to them!

Of course, no article on the Guardian that deals with the Palestinians is complete without a drop of context-less poison aimed at Israel. Carbajosa’s article concluded:

These trips are a rare opportunity for the Gazan children to travel. For the past four years, Israel has blocked people and goods from moving into and out of Gaza.

There is no reason given for why Israel has blockaded Gaza, nor does the article mention that thousands of Gazans travel to Israel every year for medical treatment. I wonder if Carbajosa wrote that, or if it was added by one of the eager editorial clones the Guardian employs to push its endless attacks on Israel.

I have a suggestion for UNRWA: On the next trip, take the kids to the Holocaust Museum in Washington. There they can mix with families and schoolchildren who come from all over the world to learn about the Holocaust. And take some girls along, too.

(*Sherwood appears to have been relegated to reporting from the West Bank and Gaza unless she can come up with an article that includes negative news from inside Israel).

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  1. Top flight stuff from Akus.

    On a broader note, hamas is the gift that keeps on giving. What their fellow Arabs say in private about Jews, hamasniks put it all in the open.

  2. YAWN.

    The Shas party is in the Israeli governing coalition.

    Ovadia Yosef is the leader of Shas.

    Ovadia Yosef has said that the goyim were born to serve the Jews. He says openly what many other Israeli Jews think in private.

    This is the kind of people the Palestinians are supposed to make peace with.

    Eye, straw, beam.

  3. Like any other 3rd world fascist, you’re boring, stupid and one-dimensional. Plus your lies completely lack imagination.

    Come back when you brighten up a bit.

  4. Sergio, a good friend of mine, who knows about these things says that more often than not Islamists would-be terrorists are easy to trip up because they consider it to be beneath them to hide what they are doing, and also because for the most part they are preternaturally stupid too.

    AKUS, good stuff. Of course Hamas would not want their youngsters to come into contact with anything which might cause them to have creature feeling for Jews, or might interfere with Hamas’ own brand of “culture” about Jew-hatred and war.

    Another aspect is, of course, that acknowledging the full impact of the Holocaust, the Arab world’s complicity in it might, Sky Pixie forbid, underline the Jews’ need for and right to their own state. In other words, even the remote chance that Jews may be perceived as people rather than objects has Hamas near to headless chicken mode. How can these children be twisted and formed to carry on jihad instead of Hamas leaders themselves if they begin to perceive Jews to be people instead of objects? It’s easier to hate if the focus of your hatred is an object in your world rather than a real, flesh and blood person.

    Hamas, being animals are busily engaged in dehumanising their people when they are not giving them chocolate and scaring them stiff by smiling at them. To do that to children is criminal and an infringement of their human rights and yet folks like Hasbara (yawwwn-zzzzzzzz) are deafeningly silent on that one.

    Children are not born hate-filled, but Hamas does its level best to make sure that children in Gaza become haters in the name of their god so that Hamas itself stays in power.

  5. hamass booster, Here’s another NAKBA for you and your friends.

    “British Police Detain 12 on Suspicion of Terrorism”

    LONDON — The British police arrested 12 men before dawn on Monday in raids in three cities, the largest counterterrorism operation here for months.

    Darren Staples/Reuters
    Officers waited in an alleyway between two houses being searched in Stoke-on-Trent on Monday.
    The action, designed “to ensure public safety,” as the police put it, took place as European concerns over terrorism have spiked after a suicide bombing in Sweden carried out by a British resident, a number of terrorism arrests in Spain and France, and alarms in Germany over reported threats of a terror attack modeled on the onslaught by gunmen in Mumbai. Three ago, the State Department cautioned American citizens in Europe about reports of a planned attack on a European city.

  6. Hasbara, your point being?

    I agree that it’s appalling to see Hamas reject Holocaust education for Palestinian kids (although the fact that the UN tried to educate them only on the Holocaust, and not on the Armenian or the Rwandan genocides, is also appalling).

    But I object to the sanctimonious corollary: “These are the people who Israel is supposed to make peace with simply by talking to them!”

    Israel is supposed to make peace with all Palestinians. These include Hamas but also the firefighters who helped extinguish the Carmel fire. The Palestinian society is complex and variegated, just as the Israeli society is.

    Of course, AKUS focuses on Hamas only. By the same standard, we can focus on the pivotal Shas party of Israel, and, in particular, on its leader. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef publicly declared: “Goyim were born only to serve us. (…) With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money.”

    So that my point is, if Israel can talk peace while keeping racists on its payroll and giving them prominent Cabinet posts, so can the Palestinians, can’t they? Why is AKUS so outraged?

  7. hey hasbara moron,

    were you at rav ovadia’s shiur? you werent

    you got his quote from a third party

    his shiur did not say what you think it said, and he is far from a racist

    you, however….are a bigot and a fool

    and you are right……the arab kids shouldve been instructed on the armenian and rwandan genocides….so that they could see the difference between them and what happened in ww2

    or did you not know that aid from america came to the armenians during their genocide….and the world spoke out….while no one spoke out for the jew or the 5 million others who were being murdered by the nazis

    and the world spoke out for the tutsi…..but the un…which dares condemn israel….stood by and watched them being massacred

    you are a fool

    i dont know why people are going out of their way to id you….i really dont care…doesnt change the fact that you are a hateful little man

  8. peterthehungarian- The man being interviewed in the Memri clip never does say what “witchcraft” was performed by the “Jews.” Never mind that there were probably no Jews there. Maybe The Hasbara Buster can fill us in.

  9. The Hasbara Buster

    I have a feeling that responding to you is a waste of time. But, sigh … I’ll take up the challenge.

    You wrote:

    I agree that it’s appalling to see Hamas reject Holocaust education for Palestinian kids

    So far it appears we are in agreement.

    Then, of course, you go on to miss the point entirely:

    (although the fact that the UN tried to educate them only on the Holocaust, and not on the Armenian or the Rwandan genocides, is also appalling).

    The point is that these were boys from Gaza, where a conflict is raging not between Hamas and Armenia (or Turkey) or Rwanda (and the Hutu), but Hamas and the Jews. The guide, who it seems came along from Gaza and I would guess is an UNRWA employee, wanted them to see why the Jews wanted to settle in Israel, not simply show them a long list of other atrocities that are not directly relevant to the conflict in which they are involved.

    So it wasn’t “AKUS [who]focuses on Hamas only”. The tour, run by UNRWA with a guide from Gaza was directed at demonstrating that there are other truths than the lies that Hamas spins, and the whole point of the article by Carbajosa was about Hamas’s outrage that Gazan children were being exposed to the truth about Israel and the Holocaust.

    Finally, Hamas’s suggestion that “the US prison in Guantánamo Bay or Abu Ghraib detention facility in Iraq” could in any way be compared to the Holocaust shows as nothing else could the need for Gazans to learn about the Holocaust and gain a sense of proportion about what suffering and genocide really are.

  10. AKUS

    the holocaust has nothing to do with why jews wish to live in israel…it is our land….given to us by the same god that the muslims believe in

    in our daily prayers….3 times a day we ask to return

    the holocaust just gave evidence that there really is no other safe haven for the jew….we didnt get the message after the many pogroms of the past

  11. hamass booster said ” while keeping racists on its payroll “…

    Like the BBC and Der Guardian?

  12. AKUS — You have failed to respond to my main point, which is But I object to the sanctimonious corollary: “These are the people who Israel is supposed to make peace with simply by talking to them!”. You mischaracterize Hamas as the people Israel must negotiate with, when they’re part of the Palestinian people, and there are other, far more moderate voices who have shown their will to collaborate with Israel, as exemplified by the firefighters who were sent to extinguish the Carmel fire.

    Hamas has engaged in unacceptable behavior, such as launching missiles into Israel, or kidnapping a soldier inside Israeli territory. But Israel has carried out equally unacceptable actions, like providing illegal outposts with phone and power lines, or confiscating Palestinian land to build roads to those lawbreaking communities. If you’re going to nit-pick outrageous statements by Hamas, why not consider the statements of the Shas leaders with their unabashed racism. Your one-dimensional analysis is clearly misleading.

  13. hamass booster compares building a community with support services to indiscriminately firing rockets at Israel and murdering hikers.

    hamass booster, you should be ashamed of yourself – but you have no shame. Do you support hezbullah and it’s flag of peace (the yellow one with the raised rifle on it) too?

  14. Greetings to AKUS Maximus.

    Still slugging away at the Guardian, eh..?! Well, old buddy — I thought you’d have discovered something a little more fruitful by now…

  15. “Like the BBC and Der Guardian (“keeping racists on its payroll”)?”

    Oh dear… I’m also an ‘infidel’ — but I think you would do well to try and get a grip on reality there, friend.

  16. The Guardian has a number of spineless, unperceptive ‘luvvies’ on it’s payroll. But racists / anti-Semites etc..? No — methinks y’all are barking up the wrong tree.

    Still, we all need a hobby — right?

  17. Hasbarabuster has much in common with the sort of dumb Islamists/Israel-haters who don’t even bother to dress up their hatred in verifiable facts. Still it gives us the opportunity to revisit and take down all the falsehoods he trots out.

    HB you are not in AKUS’ league so if I were you I would give up now. Your comparison between Israeli actions and those of Hamas, for example, are erroneous and show your own twisted take. Please spare us it, and wheel in Shas only when you can prove that Israeli children are taught to aspire to “glorious” death by killing themselves among Palestinian civilians in the same despicable manner as Hamas indoctrinates Palestinian children.

  18. RaymundoAnonymouse

    Greetings to AKUS Maximus.

    “Still slugging away at the Guardian, eh..?! Well, old buddy — I thought you’d have discovered something a little more fruitful by now”

    Everyone needs a hobby, Dotty. And the Guardian is the gift that keeps on giving.

    I will not cease from mental fight,
    Nor shall my pen sleep in my hand
    Till the Guardian agrees that Jerusalem
    Belongs to Israel’s green and pleasant land.

  19. Sad, AKUS — how very sad. We do miss you over on CiF though.

    Fancy some photos of my latest holiday in Famagusta?!