The Guardian receives 2010 “Dishonest Reporters” Award

Honest Reporting has released its annual “Dishonest Reporter” awards, noting the worst anti-Israel bias throughout the year in the press.

The Guardian was one of the recipients due to this memorable photo, which accompanied the headline:

Eyewitness: Palestinian youth run down

Honest Reporting (which wrote an expose back in October persuasively arguing that the incident reeked of a set-up) noted in their recent Dishonest Reporters report:

When David Be’eri’s car came around the bend, AP, Al Jazeera and EPA camermen (among others) just happened to be “in the right place at the right time” too. Photographers and stone-throwing kids fed off each other’s presence, giving new meaning to ambush journalism.

See HR’s entire report, here.

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  1. honorary mention should have been given to the al jazeerah report on jerusalem’s racist traffic signals

  2. Mostly harmful – what’s your point? Can you point us to something dishonest that Honest Reporting wrote? Or are you just out to kill the messenger, like YouTube did with PMW?

  3. In today’s Telegraph – internet rumours reported: Mossad agents digging around Bugarach, France – a mountain containing a nest of aliens who will survive Armageddon (Imadinnerjacket) in 2012.

    Quote: The internet abounds with tales of the late President François Mitterrand being curiously heliported on to the peak, of mysterious digs conducted by the Nazis and later Mossad, the Israeli secret services. Endquote.

    Who needs dishonest reporting when you have the internet to plug the gaps?

  4. Mostly Harmless,

    The car came to a halt.
    This means the driver tried to stop once realising there was someone infornt.

    Should I wish to “run down” someone, as the Guardian suggested in this headline, I would press the accelerator rather than the break.

    have you been to Israel?

    Had you been there you would know that any driver have no problems in finding the accelerator.

    Israel has a serious problem with car accidents, and it has nothing to do with mowing pedestrians but simply with reckless drivers.

  5. Ariadne that is utterly despicable, but hardly surprising when these people so willingly turn over their children to the tender “mercies” of Hamas at such young ages, to get headmessed into wishing for a “glorious” death by exploding themselves among Jews.

    This sort of behaviour and the objectification of their children is part of a pattern, helped along deliberately by blood money from Hamas and the PA in its time. I seem to remember reading several years ago about a Palestinian family who complained about the bad planning of the mission when their son’s suicide bomb went off before he could reach his target. No doubt the authority wouldn’t pay up because he didn’t do enough damage to Jews.

    These are fundamentally sick and twisted people who routinely abuse their children and the Groan says nothing about it.

  6. There is a Victorian Christmas fair in my town at the moment, and thankfully absolutely no sign of the miserable apologies for human beings with whom I had words there in the summer (see

    Instead there were carols by choirs collecting for charity and the Salvation Army band.

    The effects of Islamism are evil. Celebrate it or not, Christmas is part of the UK culture – Islamism embodies the fitna (the deliberate fomenting of discord between Muslims and others) wherever they are because their benighted prophet saw the end of the world and Islamic domination in such terms and they believe that they must emulate him in every warped particular.

  7. Tebboth, I can’t understand why you, rather than “we” aren’t condemning the sort of culture which encourages young children literally to play among traffic. Aren’t you aware or are you deliberately ignorant of the fact that in Islamist regimes stones are symbolic of death dealing cruelty?

    I wonder how much these children get from the PA as “pocket money” for putting themselves in danger. Perhaps their families get financial “encouragement” too.

  8. The palestinian drone clearly ran TOWARDS the car – not away from it.

    “palestinian” adults have no regard for their children, and that can be seen in the PA kiddie shows where the peanut gallery roboticly state their desire to become martyrs for “paleswine”.

    “palestinianism” is a blood and death cult.

  9. Thank God I’m an Infidel, thank you. I am appalled that the UN, so vociferous in wailing about infringements, real or imaginary, of Palestinians by Israel, are blind, deaf and dumb to the indoctrination of Palestinian young by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

    In the monstrous perversion of reality that is CiF such child abuse doesn’t register, or where child abuse is mentioned it is blamed on Israel or is said to be perpetrated by Israel. I wrote about how Hamas deliberately messes with the heads of little Palestinian children at

    You will note that it was in answer to pernicious and ill-founded rubbish by Harriet “the Hen” Sherwood.