Palestinian Solidarity Campaign frontman arrested outside Ahava

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One of the main campaigners for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign was arrested outside Ahava last night. After being taken to Holborn police station it was decided that no further action would be taken against him.

Pro-Israel activists went to Ahava on hearing that anti-Israel protesters have been congregating outside the shop for the past week without informing the police.

The protesters have been handing out anti-Israel leaflets, discouraging shoppers from entering the store and pressuring the employees.

Normal procedure is for the protesters to inform the police of an upcoming protest.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaigner approached the cameraman (me) and tried to stop him taking footage of the protest.

There is no prohibition on public filming and, as you will see, the cameraman (me again) was the one who was approached.

Then the campaigner inexplicably threatened to knock the camera out of the cameraman’s hands (20 seconds into footage).

The police asked to see the footage after which they felt there were grounds for the arrest:

The campaigner has never been camera shy before. He frequently allows himself to be filmed handing out anti-Israel leaflets outside various establishments that sell Israeli products.

He recently chaired a Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting with Ben White and in the summer gave this interview where it is blatantly obvious, when he talks of 63 years of occupation, that his main concern is not “the occupation” but Israel’s very existence as a Jewish state:

Anyway, a very Merry Christmas/Festivus to everyone, including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the other anti-Israel lobbies which, while claiming to be concerned for the Palestinians, just want to tear down the only Jewish state in the world.

You can try but you will be wasting your time, just like all those that have gone before you.

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  1. Well done, Richard.

    I assume that the arrest will remain on this man’s record with the police.

    Thank you to all the Ahava supporters who bravely turn out come rain or shine to counter those who believe that Israel has no right to exist at all, anywhere.

    May you be kept safe and go from strength to strength

  2. What a twerp is this man! A real one trick pony.

    He sounds like an ISM manual and I doubt that he has ever had an original thought in his life and he repeats the idiocies of failed revisionist historians like Ilan Pappe as if they are sacrosanct rather than lies.

    He is also an antisemite who denies the right to exist of the only Jewish state. And typical of the genre to want to silence those who disagree with him.

    I wish him for 2011 everything he wishes for the state of Israel only more so.

  3. What beautiful decorations and what a miserable git.

    Richard, you and Jonathan must share Man of the Year for your indefatigable defence of Israel.

    Very happy Christmas/holidays to you and Ahava. More power to you.

  4. Well done Richard , and little man Levy is some suitable case for treatment.

    Serendipity .

    wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed in your last sentence.

  5. “The words mountain and molehill come to mind.”

    No doubt you’d have had the same reaction to the brownshirts.

    Brownshirts block the entrance to Jacob Halpern’s shop

  6. Pathetic lbigoted little slugs attempting to deprive people of a living. Not to mention terrifying shop assistants who are only doing their job.

  7. Hoi Polloi, the parallels are unmistakeable.

    Thugs intimidating, vandalizing, preventing people from patronizing a Jewish owned store.

  8. How do most of the pedestrians react to this ongoing protest. Do they simply ignore these people, walk on the other side of the street or tell them to get out of their face on general principles?

  9. mostly shameless,
    1930’s photo shows national socialist thugs blocking entry to a Jewish owned shop.

    2010, islamofascists and their socialist supporters blocking entry to a Jewish owned shop.

    Here is montage of islamofascists doing outstreched arm salutes, like their 1930’s role models.

    And gorgeous george infamously led the chant of “we are all hezbullah” is directly tied to the outstretched arm raisers of 1930’s nazi germany.

  10. The Beatles sang I need somebody to love. This guy needs somebody to hate in order to validate himself.

  11. The religious affiliation of the owners of the shop is and should not be an issue. It is the activity it is engaged in. Trust the haters to bring in a religious angle into this.

  12. mostly harmless

    I don’t see any Jews or supporters of Israel trying to stop people from patronising The Body Shop.

    I don’t see Jews acting like Nazis anywhere.

  13. “the anti-Israel lobbies which, while claiming to be concerned for the Palestinians, just want to tear down the only Jewish state in the world”

    This is the precise heart of the matter. All this activism is not about Palestinians, it is all about Israel. Otherwise they would be protetsing outside Lebanese, Syrian and other Arab businesses whose countries all treat the Pals abominably.

    In fact in their rabid fervour to attack Israel these eejits are actually helping prevent peace and keeping the Palestinians without a state.

  14. Ariadne – good point about the Body Shop. After all, it is a company based in a country tha is busy killing people in large numbers on the other side of the world. But no one seems to demonstrate about that.

    These demonstrations and their supporters are against Israel, not pro-Palestinian.

  15. Yehudi

    When these people wake up and call the EDL, then the EDL will come.
    But the EDL will not volunteer to go anymore, ever since these so-called-Jews themselves and all those who CLAIM to be defending Israel, have the chutzpah to criticise the EDL for standing up for Israel and doing a better job than them.

    If these “Jews” do not want help from their own brothers and sisters, then can go to hell and lose the fight alone.
    The EDL’s fight will be won regardless.

    EDL Jewish Division

  16. Jane Schlitz

    Some of the passers-by are so furious that they go into the shop and spend lots of money. Others just take our leaflets which tell the truth as an antidote to the lies on the other side. A few of course have been brainwashed already by the lies and will not take our leaflets or talk to us. We must have given out tens of thousands of leaflets by now, that’s tens of thousands of people who have been exposed to the truth as well as the lies.