John Whitbeck, CiF columnist and 9/11 truther, reveals his vision for mankind: A world without Zionism

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In our previous post, CiF legitimizes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, again, Israelinurse adeptly exposed CiF columnist John Whitbeck’s crude rhetorical assault on Israel and his thinly veiled attack on the organized Jewish community.

However, Whitbeck was actually quite restrained in his CiF piece, compared to his previous commentary.  For starters, Whitbeck is a confirmed 9/11 truther, who has stated:

After reading David Ray Griffin’s previous books on the subject, I was over 90% convinced that 9/11 was an inside job. Now, after reading Debunking 9/11 Debunking, I am, I regret to say, 100% convinced.

It’s his thoughts on Israel, however, per his recent column at Comment is Free, where his past essays are of especial relevance.

In “Zionism: An anti-Semites Dream (A tragically bad and unsustainable idea)(Counterpunch, Oct. 19, 2009), Whitbeck, in a slightly more refined version of Helen Thomas’s screed that “Jews should get the hell out of Palestine and go back to Poland and Germany,” launches into an utterly vicious assault on Israel.

In a chilling passage – 0ne which would be more fitting in an Islamist or right-wing extremist propaganda organ, (but which hauntingly mirrors his Dec 29 CiF piece) – Whitbeck says the following:

Western governments…rather than feeding justice, human decency and international law into a shredder through blind subservience to a racial-supremicist, settler-colonial experiment (and thereby earning themselves the hatred of much of mankind), be opening their doors wide to any and all Israeli Jews who might be tempted to build a new and better life for themselves and their children, with less injustice and less insecurity, by returning to their countries of origin…”

Whitbeck’s wish that Jews should leave the “racial-supremacist, settler-colonial experiment” of Israel is followed by this:

[Such an exodus would provide] recognition that Zionism, like certain other prominent 20th century “isms” which once captured the imaginations of millions, was a tragically bad idea — not simply for those innocents caught and trampled in its path but also for those who embraced it — which is unsustainable, which does not deserve to be sustained and which has already caused (and, if perpetuated, will continue to cause) profound problems for the Western world…

Whitbeck lays out the obstacles to such a scenario.  He says that, in order for such a utopia to occur:

[Western politicians will have to resist] a few wealthy and powerful Zionists, most of whom live comfortably and safely far from the Middle East.

But, don’t fret. Whitbeck ends his utopian fantasy, of world free of Zionism, by laying out how to overcome such powerful and wealthy Jews:

civil society will have to take the lead in delegitimizing Zionism and pointing the way toward a better future for all concerned — and, like it or not, everyone on this planet is concerned.

Better yet, John, who needs civil society to morally delegitimize Israel when you (and so many other of your fellow travelers) are continually provided a platform to advance this urgent cause by the Guardian?

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  1. Sounds a bit different from my Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Zvi Yehuda HaCohen Kook, who once said “one must assume that G-d is also a Zionist” …

  2. the idea that the God of the Bible might not be a Zionist never occurred to me

    No I am not being facetious, but then all my religious teaching stems from protestant school lessons in Germany way back in the 50s.

    Not that I was told in so many words but the nice thing of religion lessons was that there were no papers to write or to present, all one was obliged to do was a bit of learning by heart and for the rest one was free to think one’s own thoughts.

  3. “Western governments… be opening their doors wide to any and all Israeli Jews who might be tempted to build a new and better life for themselves and their children, with less injustice and less insecurity, by returning to their countries of origin…””

    You may have noticed the scornful remarks by the Whitlock types on CiF who mention that some Israelis – shocking! – have dual citizenship.

    If they stay in Israel they are racists, and if they leave Israel they are cowards … for the Whitlocks of the world, there is nothing an Israeli of a Jew can do that will satisfy them.

    Once I would have been amazed that a so-called mainstream paper would publish this lunatic, who proudly proclaims that the US is subservient to Israel. But at Guardian headquarters, he’s simply one of the bunch, along with Rusbridger and his crazy daughter, Seamus Milne, Brian Whitaker, Ben White , Kath Viner and all.

  4. The CiF article made me feel furious and nauseated by turns and is yet another example of the drip, drip drip of delegitimisation.

    So this egregious individual believes that Israeli Jews should leave Israel and be “welcomed” by western countries, does he? Can this idiot really believe that that could happen? Does he really believe that Islam, having succeeded in eradicating the Jewish/Zionist identity of Israel would stop their hatred of Jews in the other countries in which they find themselves?

    Just when you think that CiF can’t sink any lower into the ordure….