Why were these deleted? (Does Berchmans work for the Guardian?)

Simon Tisdall’s atrocious CiF piece Jan. 3 “Now it is Palestine’s turn to create facts on the ground (which Israelinurse dissected very effectively) produced quite a few pro-Israel comments, some of which were inexplicably deleted.

And, then:


I don’t know about you but I think the question of whether Berchmans works for the Guardian is a perfectly reasonable one.

However, at least one Guardian moderator disagreed:

At the very least, the fact that this comment was deleted does raise some eyebrows. 😉

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  1. They’d really be scraping the dregs if he did, but all of their regular contributors ARE the dregs. If he does then they richly deserve each other.

  2. Tisdal on Clinton”

    ‘a democratic Jewish state “in the historic homeland of the Jewish people”‘

    Isn’t part of the problem that both PA and Hamas have stated that they will never recognise either proposition or principle, ever?

  3. This from Raymond82 is pretty outrageously racist:

    3 January 2011 2:01PM
    Western transplants are not permanent

    ‘The majority of those six million come from the Middle East. The remainder mostly come from Eastern Europe. People who moved from the West are a few hundred thousand at the most.’

    The numbers don’t matter. 10% whites still managed to control South Africa. East and West European Jews are the same group ie Ashkenazi. They still dominate the economy and politics of the place . Many Ashkenazis and Christian Zionists in America also have considerable influence in the state making Israel a American colony in the mid east.

  4. At some time in the future, a Guardian employee may be being interviewed live on a program discussing antisemitism in the UK media and may be asked why Berchmans, a rabid Jew hater and virulent anti Zionist, is allowed to post his hate comments almost without being deleted. He is deleted occasionally and is probably has the most deletions of any and all Guardian commenters.

    BUT. He is not ‘cancelled’.

    Of course, Guardian commenters not sympathetic to the Guardian World View are ‘cancelled’ on a regular basis. Berchmans survives and is back parroting his hate of the one democratic state in the Middle East time after time.

    Almost as though he has some special connection to The Guardian Moderators.

  5. Why Berchmans never has been banned after hundreds of deleted rabidly antisemite posts? Simple to answer. The moderators like his sexual attachment to murdered Jewish children.

  6. Berchmans is as thick as a brick,,the type that barks at the moon.I never know what the Eff he is on about,this guy posts in code,he definitely is teachers pet.

    Why Berchmans very seldom gets deleted,for starters he fits the Guardian mould.

    And lets not forget this is the Guardian that we are talking about,they have never met a stinking (the guy reeks) anti-semite that they didn’t like.

  7. Why do the Israeli security services allow someone like JRuskin to move freely in Israel.This guy is an agent provocateur.

    He constantly fabricates fairy tales about Israel in the West Bank.

  8. In the increasingly Goebbelesque Guardian it is not only Berchmans that is working for it – it would appear to be channelling a couple of millenia of anti-semitism with Third Reich propagandists and Islamofascists at its apex.

  9. I had the time to make several contributions to the thread and was shocked that I don’t think I had one deleted.

    I repeat an observation I often make. Its galling to read so many comments against Israel from people who simply don’t know the history. If you were to become politically aware of the I/P conflict during Operation Cast Lead you could easily be convinced that Israel is in the wrong. Its easy to repeat a mantra about a mythical “1967 border” if you didn’t live in 1967 and know that facts. In 1967 the media was SO pro-Israel you’d think it was a different planet from today. Then it was “Tiny Israel attacked by mass Arab forces”. I remember the collective admiration in the press for Israel conquering Egypt for example. YES, conquering! The debate of the day was whether Israel would go on and take Cairo such was the scale of their victory. Israelis were heroes in those days.