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Gaza flotilla “Peace Activist” Ken O’Keefe speculates on whether Jews as a group are a threat to human decency

Our good friend Chas Newkey-Burden at OyVaGoy has posted a video that is simply chilling.

The clip is taken from a PressTV interview with Ken O’Keefe – one of the “activists” on board the MV Mavi Marmara in late May.

Most of those who attacked IDF forces that day belong to Islamist terrorist organizations, and the American born O’Keefe is no exception – having been identified by the IDF as a Hamas Operative.

With all we know about the flotilla participants’ known terrorist affiliations, those who persist in referring to them as “peace activists” (or “progressives”) are engaged in the kind of Orwellian double-think that Natan Sharansky referred to in his memoirs when characterizing his fellow countrymen who actually believed the Soviet propaganda being fed to them.

Such people, noted Sharansky, excelled at being able to hold, and reconcile, two diametrically opposed ideas in their head at the same time without the slightest cognitive dissonance.

Note the nod of agreement from the PressTV interviewer as O’Keefe “speculates” on whether Jews are indeed a threat to everything that’s good and decent in the world.

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  1. OK, MTC. Thank you. It’s a bit garbled but it seems that Lieberman’s 12 year old son was attacked by two older boys and Lieberman gave a 15 year old a slap.

    Not wise and not good but it doesn’t make him Bluebeard. If he never does anything similar again it shouldn’t haunt him.

    Now what about the Elder of Ziyon‘s map? It shows up the “Human Rights” industry beautifully.

  2. MTC
    that stab doesn’t work with me – I am no entitled to Israeli citizenship

    as to a TV station hiring me, Germand ZDF once wanted to, but I preferred an offer from somebody who actually made stuff and never regretted the decision but I did on the side quite a bit of PR for my corporation and believe it or not, I was considered to be quite a success at it.

    now next arrow please …

  3. Added to Hoi Polloi’s list of 5:33:

    “Report to the Secretary [of the Treasury Morgenthau] on the Acquiescence of This [US] Government in the Murder of the Jews”

  4. Ariadne-
    He’s right ! What can’t we have a nice patriotic President who confines himself to raping his secretaries instead of pursuing un-Jewish treasonous activities like peace. Doesn’t he realize that today pursuing anything is considered treasonous and the job of Israeli politicians is to prevent anything from being done ? Did I say rape ? I meant that he probably gave her a little slap on her derriere, but that Arab judge is obviously a Jew-hating anti-semite ……

  5. MTC, you diverted from one topic (Peres) to another (Katsav). But so long as you wish to discuss Katsav, why not expand the question to whether the Israeli left generally engages in show trials?

    More than one Israeli thinks so.

    Plaut:,the-katsav-conviction.php (scroll down to “Katsav Verdict”)

    Maariv Deputy editor Ben Dror Yemini

    Sheftel on Katsav:

    Sheftel on the Israeli judiciary’s drift to political trials:
    “Sheftel claimed that “the State Prosecution is becoming a pillar of the leftist camp. There must be a public reaction for this selection exercised by the Prosecution in putting people on trial for their political views.””

    Bataween & Eliyahu mTsion on Katsav:

  6. Silke:
    You simply don’t understand why a program like “A Wonderful Country” can ridicule, humiliate and crucify Lieberman for an hour and get the highest ratings of any show (even the right-wingers that I spoke to loved it). It’s because the Israeli public understands perfectly well who its leaders are, including so-called superpatriots like Lieberman that you and Ariadne admire so much, i.e. a group of manipulators who are interested only in power, staying in office, who divert the country’s resources to any fringe group that can keep them in power. The vast majority of the Israeli public knows that they are unrepresented in the Knesset and Bibi and Lieberman care far more about their own future than they care about the country’s future. Yesterday’s Bibi-Barak show proves that they exist in a vacuum, totally cut off from the Israeli public.
    But Lozowick says otherwise ..

  7. Gideon Levy sums up the Bibi-Barak swindle perfectly:

    “What will he [Barak] say to soldiers at swearing-in ceremonies? What will he say to bereaved parents? That they can sell out for a job? While everyone continues to praise his “talents in the security field,” we have to ask: What sort of army do we have, if these are its commanders? If this is our moral level at a time of peace ¬ cynical, self-interested, manipulative ¬ what sort of war morality are we expected to have?

    Barak moved the political map further to the right. Smiling and gloating with self-satisfaction, Barak had an “I showed you” look on his face. He pretended to listen to Simhon’s ideological prattle, but it was easy to see how much disdain he bears for Simhon and other erstwhile associates; the only person he doesn’t loathe is himself.

    The moves yesterday produced one big collective yawn ¬ politics cause nothing but fatigue and depression. Commentators sounded impress by Barak’s “shrewdness;” and, showing typical modesty, he made haste to compare himself to David Ben-Gurion, Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres.

    For some reason he forgot to mention Moshe Dayan, who bolted parties decades before Barak learned how to do it. Dayan jumped ship in order to make peace with Egypt, and Sharon changed parties in order to pull-out of the Gaza Strip; only President Shimon Peres and Barak left their party for the sole purpose of protecting their jobs. “

  8. And speaking of ” What sort of army do we have, if these are its commanders? If this is our moral level at a time of peace – cynical, self-interested, manipulative …….” :

    “New information was disclosed Monday evening regarding the chief of staff-designate, Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant’s public land case.
    The State Comptroller’s Office, headed by Micha Lindenstrauss, sent the evidence to the State Prosecutor’s Office, who has sent a letter relaying the information to the High Court of Justice.

    The letter, sent by Einav Golumb, a senior official in the State Prosecutor’s Office said that “[based on] the material that was sent to the State Prosecutor’s Office from the State Comptroller’s Office, there is new evidence that was not at the disposal of those dealing with matter until this time, with the exception of those in the Attorney General’s Office and the State Prosecutor’s Office.”
    The letter from the State Prosecutor’s Office was written as a response to a request made by the court that is dealing with the petition filed by the Green Party. The petition called for the disqualification of Galant as a chief of staff candidate based on an investigative report by Kalman Liebeskind of Maariv, in which he claimed that the chief of staff-designate had taken over public land and carved out roads near his home in Moshav Amikam.”

  9. MTC, get a grip. The current government most likely corresponds far more closely to the will of the Israeli electorate, than do your own attempts here to speak for all of Israel.

  10. “On September 24, 2001, Lieberman acknowledged in the Jerusalem District Court that he attacked a twelve-year-old youth from Tekoa, who had hit his son. The incident occurred in December, 1999 in the Nokdim settlement. His son told him that three boys hit him. Lieberman located one of the boys in a trailer and hit him in the face. After the boy fell and was injured, the defendant grabbed him by the shirt-collar and arm, took him back to his parent’s home in Tekoa and threatened that he would attack him again if he returned to Nokdim.[109][110] He was charged with assaulting and threatening him. Lieberman was convicted based on his own confession in the context of a plea bargain. His attorney asked the judges, in the context of the arrangement, to restrict his punishment to a fine amid the defendant’s promise that he will not commit such an act in the future. The judge ultimately ruled that Lieberman must pay the child a compensation of 10,000 shekels, and an additional fine of 7,500 shekels.”

  11. Philo-semite:

    “The current government most likely corresponds far more closely to the will of the Israeli electorate, …..”

    Tsk, tsk – that’s exactly what the Jew-bashers on CiF write …..

  12. MTC, as usual you are avoiding the question. Who elected the current Israeli government? And who elected you?

  13. Philo-semite:
    I know someone who dealt with the people who run IsraelNationalNews. A right-winger himself, he summed them up as “proud and vocal Yigal Amir fans”.

  14. Great news, Philo !!! What has the current govt’s greatest accomplishment been ? Let’s see …. the Jerusalem suburbs which were never even discussed during any negotiations during the last 20 years are now considered “occupied territory” even by the Americans ! So we can look forward to an additional 4 years of Bibi – by then even Tel-Aviv will be considered occupied territory.

  15. And the next Bibi-Avigdor coalition would continue to shovel increasing amounts of money to the religious/settler sectors, which you no doubt approve of. This would allow increasing numbers of orthodox to avoid working, which you no doubt approve of, and avoid serving in the army, which you no doubt approve of. Obviously you think that the model Israeli is one who has no practical education, doesn’t work and doesn’t serve his country. I assume that you will find a way to explain to me how this ideal will enhance Israel’s reputation as the”Start-Up nation”. At the same time, the govt will continue to cut budgets for education, welfare, public transportation, the legal system, the police, will continue to postpone desalination plans, will postpone purchasing air traffic control systems, and in general shift the burden to an ever-shrinking sector of the public while providing them with less services. This is called destroying the middle class, a development that every serious economist in the country is warning about. Many economists have predicted that at the current rate the economy will collapse by 2030, but I doubt if you care. Unfortunately the people who do care about the future of the country are all subversive traitors who are undermining our great and glorious leaders and we can solve all of these problems simply by suppressing the inconvenient facts.

  16. Another “accomplishment” of this govt is the continuous rise in housing prices that has made housing unaffordable to the majority of young couples, even in the peripheral areas. What has the govt done to curb the increases ? – NOTHING. Why ? If you example all of the political scandals and gossip carefully you see how so much involves building developers, who are making a fortune from the inflated prices. Why should the govt and politicians act against the interests of its major financial supporters ? It simply doesn’t interest the govt that an entire generation is considering leaving the country and moving to places where they can buy a house – and where they don’t have to pay high taxes to support a parasitic minority.

  17. You could move to Gaza, MTC. It won’t be joining the EU (hence getting even more unbearable) for a long time.

  18. Ariadne:
    Exactly ! Throwing out all of the people who tell the truth will solve all of the problems. BTW Belarus sounds like the perfect place for you.

  19. He could move to Gaza,and take the whole wretched Haaretz crew with him.
    And for good measure throw in the subversive anti Israeli NGO’s.

  20. MTC, I don’t see you telling the truth. You’ve described a lot of problems the whole developed world has but left out Muslims, the appeasement of whom is certainly a blight and a danger.

    Don’t you read (or watch) MEMRI and IMRA?

  21. Benorr:
    So you have no problem with the govt’s lack of action in trying to make housing affordable for young people ? Perhaps any young couple that dares to complain about the high price of flats should be chucked out to Gaza too ?

  22. Ariadne:
    What does Memri and appeasing Arabs have to do with –
    – neglecting housing
    – neglecting education
    – neglecting crime
    – neglecting health
    – supporting people who don’t work
    – supporting people who don’t serve
    – etc, etc ?

  23. MTC, apart from that last item on your list those are pressing problems for the ordinary British person.

    MEMRI and IMRA have relevance to the people you think you can make peace with. Their words really show an impossibility.

    We appease Arabs through swallowing and even acting on all the antisemitism, lies and propaganda concerning Jews, Israel and the denial of the results of two world wars. Even worse we appease those Pakistanis who have swallowed whole the Arab fantasia.

    We can’t boot out the jihadis among us because even if they weren’t born here we have to keep them to preserve their human rights over their victims’.

  24. I see MTC danced around the issue: He waxed eloquent telling us how much Israel hated Netanyahu, only to have the polls reveal that MTC was quite simply lying.

    Well, MTC? If you lie to us so brazenly, why should we believe a single jot of what you write?

  25. Ariadne –
    I’m talking about a government that doesn’t function, a govt whose only ambition is to stay in power. What does that have to do with Pakistan? The only people “swallowing propaganda” are people like you who believe all of the nonsense spouted by the self-serving crooks in the govt and don’t care if the country goes to ruin.

  26. Philo:

    Have it your way. And when the next diplomatic/military/social disaster happens I am sure you will be here to blame it on someone else, the same way that Bibi-Avigdor do. Because that’s the important thing – not prevention or initiative.

    And when an air disaster occurs in Israel, I’m sure that you will blame it on Ha’aretz instead of the politicians who have ignored 10 years of warnings about antiquated equipment. Do you know that the FAA has downgraded Israel to the level of ‘Banana Republic’ ? It will be the fault of the leftist traitors, the appeasers and the Pakistanis, not Bibi who increased Yeshiva funding in this year’s budget while cutting back in every other department.

  27. Tim King

    Ken and I are descended from the generation of Americans who freed the concentration camps, get it?

    Ken might be a nasty bigot – but chapeau at least for keeping himself in extremely good shape for a 90-year-old …

  28. MTC at 1:50

    I’d heed your crap more, if you’d stop crapping what I say

    and yes I hope that the Lozowicks of this world will stay on top of comic shows which by necessity thrive on controversy

  29. MTC
    thanks for clearing up the last point – everybody who thinks Gideon Levy has anything worth considering to say needs to have his/her value system adjusted pronto. I have read just one column by the guy when he posed as an expert on Brecht obviously betting that nobody knew anything about the man.

    He is a braggard, an impostor, a wannabe know everything

    in short he may be trustworthy to the likes of you …

  30. MTC –

    “Last week the most popular TV in Israel – “A Wonderful Country” – a satirical review, devoted its entire1 hour show to Lieberman and ridiculed everything that the man believes in, has said or has ever done.”

    Yes; quite funny wasn’t it? I tell you; ‘fascists’ aren’t what they used to be if they can’t even stop themselves getting ridiculed on public TV.

  31. Silke:
    Which point was the last one?
    So you admit that you have read only one article by Gideon Levy and yet you have such a detailed definite opinion of him !
    Thanks for clearing up that point !

  32. MTC at 2:25
    I remember well the time when that was standard parent behaviour and I remember that school yards at the time have been non-dangerous places.

  33. MTC, you really are a twisted piece of work, aren’t you?

    Unable to defend your lies, you have tried to put words in my mouth concerning everything from Lieberman to the FAA.

    But all your twisting and diversions cannot conceal the fact that you have been caught in a flat-out lie: You insisted at length the whole of Israel holds Netanyahu and Liberman in contempt, when polls indicate confidence in the current government far surpassing a Livni or Barak administration.

    Come now, be honest enough to admit you lied.

  34. IsraeliNurse:

    “Yes; quite funny wasn’t it? I tell you; ‘fascists’ aren’t what they used to be if they can’t even stop themselves getting ridiculed on public TV.”

    I’m sure that they will try harder in the future 🙂

    But seriously, the point I raised was the sensitivity to public opinion of a highly-rated TV show on a commercial channel, where obviously the goal is to attract more viewers to increase revenue and not drive them away. The obvious conclusion is that they knew that lampooning Lieberman would be received positively by a large majority of the viewers.

    This was in response to comments regarding the popularity of Lieberman amongst Israelis.

  35. By the way, MTC, what do you think of your countrymen? Do you think them all stupid? fascist?

    Why cannot the loony-left ever accept the judgment of the democratic majority — particularly when that majority repeatedly and clearly tells the left that it has made gross errors?

    Why is the reaction of the left not self-examination, self-criticism, and evolution, but instead to insist contemptuously it is the democratic majority which must be wrong?

    Doesn’t the left believe in democracy?

  36. Philo-

    “Why cannot the loony-left ever accept the judgment of the democratic majority — particularly when that majority repeatedly and clearly tells the left that it has made gross errors?”

    Why am I suddenly thinking of Winston Churchill ?

    Who is talking about the “loony-left” ?