Guardian editor claims his paper is not anti-Israel (Conflicting reports as to whether he maintained a straight face)

In response to The Jewish Chronicle editorial (“The Guardian’s Shame“, Jan. 27th) blasting the paper’s coverage of the “Palestine Papers”, the Guardian brought a heavy hitter: Their Editor, Middle East editor, Israel correspondent…sorry, their expert on snow (yes, reallyto defend the paper’s coverage, in The JC’s Feb. 3 edition.

Charlie English – who is apparently a quite prolific writer on winter sports of all kinds – noted with dismay passages from The JC editorial characterizing the Guardian’s commentary as riddled with “distortions”, “bias”, and representing “breathtaking arrogance”.

English, clearly out of his league covering a topic such as the delegitimization of Israel – an activity that one can engage in during all four seasons – mounted a weak defense, to say the least.

But what did stand out was his final passage, where he actually argued that the “Palestine Papers” represented, in sum, a passionate attempt by the Guardian to, yes, “rescue” the peace process!

Unfortunately we can’t confirm or deny conflicting reports as to whether English maintained a straight face while writing this piece, as his Guardian profile photo makes such a judgment difficult to render with any amount of accuracy.

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  1. The Guardian has to send out its weatherman to defend the newspaper’s virulent antiIsrael news pieces and editorials and opeds. Charlie English, who specializes in wind conditions and rain prospects, is now an expert on MidEast coverage. You have to wonder why the Guardian didn’t trot out its regular roster of Henry Siegman, Tony Lerman, Seth Freedman, Simon Tisdall and all the other regulars who populate the pages of the Guardian. Heck, on Feb. 4, the Guardian even took Noam Chomsky out of mothballs for yet another diatribe. Maybe Alan Rusbridger is making antiIsrael polemics a mandatory subject for all Guardian writers.

  2. Why does he remind me of a penguin?

    Is this the famous English or British upper class humour at work – is this why the Guardian is such an exceptionally stupid paper?