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Guardian reader admonishes Jews for having persecuted Christ

Another hateful comment from the thread beneath Amos Harel’s commentary, “What will become of Israel if Mubarak falls?”, one which pursues a theme typically associated with classic Christian theologically based anti-Semitism:

(See our previous post about other hateful comments in this thread, here.)

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  1. You may be interested to know that this person is almost certainly a Muslim, because he refers to Jews as having persecuted, not crucified, Christ. Muhammed was influenced by Docetic Christians (heretical), who believed Christ was taken up to heaven before the crucifixion, and that a replacement phantom was crucified in his place.

  2. Maybe this is a step in the right direction. In the past, Jews alone were unfairly blamed for killing Christ, now this guy blames “all previous perished nations”. Either that or he’s just a blithering idiot.

  3. Are you aware that – quite outstandingly that – and I quote verbatim –
    “This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs.”

    Mubarak falls and The Guardian is reduced to improving its standards!

  4. Also the detail about ‘changed the words of the Torah’ is a traditional Quranic, Islamic accusation against Jews.

  5. The Christian Church was actually started by Jews, and any Christian if they be genuine should read Romans Chapter 11. Gentiles have no right to be anti-semitic, no right to hate the Jews who have been brought back to the land in accordance with the prophecies of Scripture. He who fights against this is fighting against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the only God and who is revealed in Jesus. A Christian is called to love and not have a superior attitude, called to walk humbly. Whoever posted that odious comment is certainly no genuine Christian and Christians are far better off in Israel than in Islamic Sharia states. The Barnabus Trust Sookhedos organisation reveals the perils faced by Christains in the Islamic world. I am a Christain Zionist, as I read the Scriptures both old and new Testaments, I can be no other.

  6. ‘Whoever posted that odious comment is certainly no genuine Christian’

    He or she isn’t a Christian, almost certainly. That is Islamist discourse, which nevertheless shares many features with traditional Christian anti-Judaism. Of which fact many seem unaware.

  7. Without the persecution/crucifiction of Christ, there would be no resurrection, and without the resurrection there would be no Christianity, but why let the basics of cause and effect get in the way of a good story.

  8. ‘Without the persecution/crucifiction of Christ, there would be no resurrection, and without the resurrection there would be no Christianity’

    But the guy isn’t a Christian. And ‘persecution’ does not = ‘crucifixion’.

  9. Sian, I wondered about changing the words of the Torah. When one thinks of Rashi’s commentary….

    Thank you for the illumination.

  10. Chairman Yasser said that there never was a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount; therefore the who story of Jesus in the New Testament must be fiction, i.e. there were no Jews and no Christ. And we all know (from reading the Guardian) that everything that Chairman Yasser and the Palestinians say must be the truth …..

  11. Sian,
    What you say may in fact be correct I am not knowledgeable of Islams approach to Christ’s death. I am just addressing the basic issue that without the cruxifiction and resurrection of Christ, Christianity as we know it would not exist.

  12. I suppose what this will ultimately boil down to is whether the kind of people who comment here subscribe to the maximalist definitions of the ‘new’ antisemitism-I assume they do, although happy to be corrected on that one. This blog in general seems to act as a hysterical proponent of this agenda, which in my view only damages the necessary and already difficult fight against antisemitism and racism in general.

    that from Thom who complains and whine and sighs when others condescend on him. Is that correct English? If not I have just declared it to be so.

    having by now gotten a bit more familiar with Thom I’d guess that “racism in general” is Thom-speak for the canard of Islamophobia.

  13. Although, as pointed out, the phraseology suggests a Muslim author, there is surely little in that post with which supercessionist Christians would disagree.
    I’m thinking of the Ateek-loving Methodist crowd especially …

  14. Silke, your English is great! this sounds better, if not perfect, though : )

    ….when others are condescending to him….