General Antisemitism

Simon Tisdall’s “Arab Street” in action outside a synagogue in Tunis

H/T Atlas, Elder of Ziyon and Joshua Pundit.

In 1948 there were 120,000 Jews living in Tunisia. Today – after anti-Jewish government decrees were passed, synagogues destroyed, and Jews attacked and killed in the period following independence in the 50s and 60s – there are less than 1,000 remaining in a nation of over 10 million.

Yet even this minuscule remnant of that ancient community (which dates back to Roman Times) is too much for the recently emboldened Tunisian masses – what Simon Tisdall would no doubt wistfully refer to the as the authentic Arab Street – who recently saw fit to vent their frustration over one of the most repressive Arab regimes in the world by engaging in a hate fest outside one of the last remaining synagogues in Tunis.

Yes, the chant you hear in the video (Itbach al Yahud!) means “Death to Jews.”

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  1. If this is what happens in Egypt I withdraw all my support for their freedom and call for the reinstatement of Mubarek! I call on all my Italian friends who vacation in Tunisia to boycott the mother-f–kers…

  2. Why does the mainstream media wear rose tinted spectacles regarding Islamists? Watched a hatchet job on Geert Wilders last night not sure which channel think bbc 2. Then watched a Disptaches on Channel 4 about some Islamic shcoools. Love and respect of ones fellow human beings who according to Judeo-Christian teachings are created in God’s image does not feature in Islamic thinking. Am mature student doing history degree and one professor who I will have next academic year is one who is pro Islam because he did a report slating the EDL for promoting Islamophobia. He obviously does not take an objective view and I daresay is a propagandist for Islam, which proves more and more to be intolerant, prejudiced and inculcates hatred. It is troubling to see the hatred and animosity which is so often prevalent in the Islamic world. Deeply disturbing is acceptance of the intolerance and political religious ideologies which are promulgated by Islam by many western universities and media. Instead of critically evaluating and holding Islam up to standards of common decency and humanity they accept Islam unconditionally.

  3. Why is anyone surprised?
    The writing were on the walls.
    They have been on the walls since the 20’s and even before during the Ottoman times.

    But I have one question which is valid.
    Why aren’t the mainstream media not reporting this with a full translation?
    Whay are these questions not being asked of the foreign Arab diplomats who we freqently see on telly?
    Why are there no questions as to the posters portraying Mubarak with a star of David on his forehead, even though he never entered Israel in his 30 years reign.
    That’s right. Not once!

  4. The Guardian would never admit that antisemitism is endemic in the Islamic world, still less condemn it.

    The truth about the extent of Muslim bigotry must be suppressed at all costs, or the anti-Zionist edifice they have constructed would begin to crumble.

  5. Charlene Hale,

    “Why does the mainstream media wear rose tinted spectacles regarding Islamists?”

    Because the MSM is nearly totally comprised of Marxists, and for them the Muslims are the allies they have long sought against the hated West after the catastrophe of 1991, when their geopolitical base in Russia was yanked from under them. It’s not naivete but conscious support for their fellow travelers.

  6. I hear the chant, by the “muslim brotherhood”. But what preceeds what sounds like “al Yahood” about 1 minute in, is multiple sylables, longer than “itbach”. Anyone know?