Review of Peter Kosminsky’s “The Promise”

The following commentary on Peter Kosminsky’s documentary series, The Promise, was provided by the British-Israel Group, and is being posted in its entirety.  (Also, see CW open letter to Peter Kosminsky, here.)

Channel 4 TV in the UK is currently broadcasting a 4 part documentary series “The Promise”, a dramatisation of the founding of Israel, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today, which is attracting 1.5 million viewers. The organization Beyond Images has issued a briefing to counter many of the statements and claims made in this inaccurate and misinformed documentary.

We, at BIG, feel that this information should be circulated as widely as possible.

Channel 4′s landmark TV series ‘The Promise’ is built on a serious historical falsehood about Israel

British TV channel Channel 4 has been broadcasting ‘The Promise’.  And it is a landmark piece of television. ‘The Promise’ is a four-part, six-hour dramatisation of the founding of Israel, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today.

We have been watching it.  And it is gripping. We are not surprised that it has been receiving very good reviews, and is a likely candidate for future broadcasting awards.  Over 1.5 million viewers in the UK have been watching its two episodes to date, including – we assume – most people with an active interest in the conflict: politicians, academics, students, members of human rights groups, writers and intellectuals, diplomats and civil servants.

The production is superb.  The acting is excellent.  It is meticulously observed and staged..And it is also built on a major historical falsehood.  A falsehood so severe that it undermines the credibility of its messages.  Its director Peter Kosminsky claims that he “told both sides of the story”. But episode 1 reveals that he does not even know what the Israeli side of the story is……

‘The Promise’ describes the events of 1945-8 through the eyes of Len, a British sergeant who had witnessed the liberation of the Jews at Bergen-Belsen, and is later posted with British forces to Palestine.  At a crucial moment in that first episode Len, together with other British army officers, receives a briefing from their British army commander on the purpose of their mission in Palestine, and the history behind it.  This takes place shortly after the second world war.

The commander’s words are not intended as a partisan speech.  It is the moment at which the British soldiers (and by extension 1.5 million viewers) are provided with the background to the conflict, and indeed the subsequent episodes of ‘The Promise’.  Indeed it is the only piece of the script which endeavours to tell the story of how the Jews, the Arabs and the British found themselves in three-way conflict.

Here is what the British commanding officer in The Promise says:

“The Jews and Arabs have been living here in relative harmony for thousands of years.  But our victory over the Germans has turned the trickle of Jews coming to this land into a flood.  You must understand, the Jews see it as their holy land.  But the Arabs, who have been here for over a thousand years, see them as stealing their land.  Our job is to keep the two sides apart…..”

There you have it.  The historical narrative of Israel.  And it is a narrative which does not operate to resolve the conflict, but to perpetuate it. Ever since World War Two, the Arabs have seen the Jewish national enterprise as the consequence of Nazism. Without indigenous roots.  And without historical legitimacy.

They build their sense of victimhood on the argument that they are “paying the price” for European fascism. Far from challenging this mindset, Kosminsky’s so-called ‘balanced’ narrative has reinforced it. Kosminsky makes no mention of the steady return to Palestine of Jews which had been carrying on since the 1880s. Kosminsky does not hint at the Balfour Declaration or other international commitments to support a Jewish national home.

Kosminsky does not recognise that Jewish national life had existed thousands of years ago in the land of Israel, and that the connection is a national connection.

Kosminsky does not pay any attention to the Jews’ state-building efforts in the period before the Second World War. And Kosminsky perpetuates a complete falsehood that the Jews and Arabs had been living in “relative harmony”.  Kosminsky reportedly researched The Promise for over a decade.  But has he heard of the Arab riots against the Jews of the Yishuv in the 1920s or 1930s?

Has he heard of the incessant violent assaults upon Jews building up Palestine? Has he heard of the Hebron massacre of 1929?

The idea that there was “relative harmony” in Palestine till World War Two is a fiction. It’s a fiction which Hamas and other rejectionists and ideologues readily embrace.

Meanwhile, the claim that the Arabs had been living there for a thousand years is also a massive over-simplification.  Even the most partisan historians have to admit that Palestine under the Ottomans and then the British was not exactly a hub of Arab nationalism, or a focal point of Arab pride and economic endeavour.

While ‘The Promise’ is brilliant drama – and we will be highlighting its strengths as well its weaknesses in the future – there are plenty of other major flaws in its so called ‘balanced’ narrative and in its framing of the conflict. In subsequent weeks we will be explaining them.  For now, here is a link to the programme website.  We have quoted just one short extract from episode one. See for yourself: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-promise/4od (Not available outside the UK)

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  1. How many Palestinians lived in Israel in 1945?
    How many Arab settlements were taken over by Israelis after the British left?
    What is the truth about the influx of Jews pre World War II and the influx of Arabs from neighbouring countried?

    There’s a lot of discussions about which side attacked the other over the years but where can we read an objective history of events that took place in the area?

  2. May I beg all concerned to keep to temperate language however angry, as insults tediously obscure the argument.
    First a literary specialist like Kosminsky is NOT going to let real history interfere with his good story dramatics in which character, plot, theme and moral rule supreme for the lierary aims of show and catharsis. A bit of lit crit to pick apart his “research” and the thinness of his scene ends and “bridges” between, characters, and the dramatic moral weakness in that tragic characters (Len, Mohammed, the suicide bomber,Israel & Palestine) are supposed to be virtuous and destroyed by their flaws of character as put upon them by God, Fate, Chance/circumstances. In all this Len and M the char wallah are virtue but singularly not destroyed by their own failings, while the villains – fellow NCO who joins Irgun and the suicide bomber are not taken apart dramatically even if physically as plot or inferred futures.
    First in spite of all the care with the realism research there were technical faults – which could be dismissed by the doctrine of willing suspense of disbelief but are hard ammo anyway:
    * The shorts were slightly too long for the period
    * Why did a mere sergeant without officers – at least the 2 i/c from his unit have to attend the senior officers briefing in the KD in Jersalem for the major op of the search of Tel Aviv? Historically this was done orally in the guise of a race meeting of officers at Lod where the Palestine Police kept hounds so that all officials and units could hunt as convenient throughout the Mandate and would have made a very British scene
    * There was a regular confusion of time and distance over the two [bus/train] legs of 80 miles between Haifa and Tel Aviv and TA to Jerusalem even if taken as a single lap
    * Serious breach of British Army procedure in that there was a lot of extensive driving about without work-tickets. Each Army vehicle in pre-computer times had forms in green cloth covered folder that have to be shown at checkpoints at camp gates etc which is the licence and permit to drive it with duty / destination and mileometer readings at and signature spaces for authorisation and driver. This was not so wide when folded as A4 but as long and would have been lying about the vehicle or in the dashboard glove compartment and an obvious background item to be seen occasionally.
    * Two obvious security breeches in driving solo extensively about a “disturbed” province/ colony
    * And the jeep did not apparently have the standard fitting for an internal security situation with enemy in civil dress, of a metal picket post welded vertically to the front bumper with its top point bent and filed to catch and stop / snap wires stretched across the road to injure drivers of and passengers in open vehicles.
    * Why on Earth did Sjt Len Matthews and Hassan stray off into the Deir Yassin incident? If L had taken H to the exam in J then he would have forked right/North to get onto the TA road before reaching DY which is actually under Givat Shaul Bet beyond the TA road which on leaving J drops into the valley while DY is on the hill above – which is why it was a target. like Castel further on.
    * Alternatively they should have left the exam – most likely in St George’s school – and directly headed north on the Nablus road to reach the Haifa SE approaches as per ll the hints that the Arab protagonist family lived in Ain Hod /Al Hawd in Jezreel SE of Haifa or on its fringe – but the script is “a bit cavalier” with time and distance and exact geography.

    On more modern points:
    * The Israeli Army gave up the British practice of demolishing the houses of terrorists and their sympathisers sometime in or after the first intifada as not effective [because the Arab community was rich enough or subsidised enough to rebuild immediately and only press photographers benefitted].
    * The tunnel scene in Gaza was totally wrong or irrelevant as tunnels are between Egypt and Gaza.
    * Omar has a very Moslem name for a Christian family qv the conversation when she takes him away from playing the cards on the J roof
    * Erin’s psychology as a character was a bit narrow for somebody pursuing her grandfather’s footsteps in that apart from trying to find Mohammed’s family she did not appear to try and walk the walk of where Grandad L had been, nor even mention she had gone to see the camp sites and docks – not even the KD??? and this was with over 6 and 1/2 hours available, unlike theatre or cinema which has barely 3 hours maximum.

  3. Frank, you put me in mind of Madame Bovary’s 18 month pregnancy.

    I don’t think Kosminsky is up to Flaubert’s standard otherwise.

    Deir Yassin is a standard feature of the propaganda.

    I read ARRSE on this production and the posters there seemed to think there had been advice from the IDF. According to Kosminsky this wasn’t so.

    British people who know anything about the situation may have their minds fogged by the two sergeants. Even in ARRSE there are a few grandpas’ reminiscences. You seem to be a better army buff than ARRSE posters.

    And, oh, that glaring omission of the Palestine Police. What was Kosminsky afraid of?

  4. This must be one of the most hate-filled, bile infested message boards I’ve ever come across. Are you all fresh out of an asylum? All because a British media consortia has had the temerity to produce a drama based around the conflict, and dared to present a view that challenges the fascistic myopia of loons like yourselves. The Promise was a very impressive and ultimately moving piece of work that developed sympathetic characters, celebrated humanity in the face of evil and suffocating ideology, and rejected the extremes that you are expressing – demonstrating them to be what they are – futile, anti-humanity and banal.
    Sad and stunted keyboard terrorists.

  5. @ Simon?

    Care to respond to any of the claims made in the article? Or is name-calling and ad-hom attacks all you have? No one denies the drama that was “The Promise.” It is a film. But it is a film being treated as fact, when commentators here have proved much, if not all of it is fiction.

    The worst form of bias is ommision. Anyone can spin a story, but simply rewritting history and outright denying facts because it might not portray a rosy picture of the great British Empire is simply disgusting.

    Any Briton with an ounce of integrity would admit that.

    As you should know, Britain is an expert in fascism. During the 1930s it was the fascists that owned Britain and they were telling the Jews to get out of Britain and go to Palestine.

    And now the marxists own Britain, and they are telling the Jews to get out of Palestine.

    Get over yourselves Simon.

  6. CillianCapa

    It is very difficult to see in the drama what Kosminsky presents as even-handedness. In Part 1 there is a line here and there, one of them being that Omar said Arabs had fought “the enemy” for sixty years.

    That takes us past 1945 by a long way. Past WWI and right back to the barren, neglected land Jews had begun to settle.

    If anyone takes the trouble to read Palestine Papers: 1917-1922: Seeds of Conflict by Doreen Ingrams they will see how often Weizmann and the Zionists were told by British politicians to have patience, that Britain had always intended them to have their own country. To any rational person, that seems acceptable. Arabs after all acquired many millions of square miles of land though contributing very little to the effort in WWI.

    Concept Wizard piece from 2001 shows the Arab irrationality, greed for land and hatred of Jews quite well. How Britain let it get the upper hand is… words fail.

  7. Am amazed here by the number of zionists engraged – these things happened time and again. Jewish terrorism was rife, they did take Arab homes, they took them and didn’t care about Arab homes and villages and felt they had more right to them and largely didn’t care what happened to those that got in their way. They felt the holocaust entitled them to that. What else can be said? Why dip into this fact and that and this inaccuracy and that. That is the big picture. Why is it so hard to admit? You can’t bury it all and make it sound pristine. It wasn’t.

  8. Sharon, you seem to be under the impression that Jews are eternal victims.

    Sadly for you and the islamofascist swine you support, those days are over.

    The Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 nazi filth infested Europe.

    Jews are not obligated to be victims, despite your playbook. If your friends try to attack Israel, they will be dealt with appropriately.

    As for Europe, it didn’t and doesn’t want Jews. Now Europe has Muslims. Millions of Muslims who only share your fascist views of Jews. The rest of their views are that Europe must transformed into a sharia compliant entity.

    Sharon, enjoy your dhimmitude.

  9. CillianCapa
    i 1 Votes

    @ Simon?

    “Care to respond to any of the claims made in the article?”
    What would be the point? Its all closed minds on here.

    “Or is name-calling and ad-hom attacks all you have?”
    Sorry – what ‘name-calling’? Saying this is a hate filled board is merely stating a fact – you all seem to hate everyone that may have a different perspective from yourselves. And you express yourselves with such violence – from behind your anonymous keyboards – that’keyboard warriors’ seems the mildest of descriptions.

    “No one denies the drama that was “The Promise.” It is a film. But it is a film being treated as fact, when commentators here have proved much, if not all of it is fiction”.
    Only the people here seem to think the drama was intended as fact. Its first and last a piece of fiction, contextualised by some historical events, and seeking to make some fairly woolly liberal statements. Ah, but the points dont fit your version of the truth and you have chosen to whip yourselves into fake fury over it.

    “The worst form of bias is ommision. Anyone can spin a story, but simply rewritting history and outright denying facts because it might not portray a rosy picture of the great British Empire is simply disgusting.”
    Er….its a drama for gods sake – not a ‘documentary’. And your intolerance and myopia prevents you seeing that others could possibly have versions of ‘the truth’ of their own. ‘Israel Uber Alles’ eh?

    “Any Briton with an ounce of integrity would admit that.”
    You really are a bigot aren’t you? The only people with integrity are those that agree with you!

    “As you should know, Britain is an expert in fascism. During the 1930s it was the fascists that owned Britain and they were telling the Jews to get out of Britain and go to Palestine”
    News to me sunshine that we were owned by fascists! Even by your own admittedly floor level standards, this is a bizarre statement. Now the British ruling class has never been the delightful, civilised bunch they often see themselves as – but ‘fascist…..? A couple of Mitfords and Sir Os O your ‘evidence’ of this?

    “And now the marxists own Britain, and they are telling the Jews to get out of Palestine.”
    Yeah right – I wish!!! So which Marxists would these be then – please enlighten us all. Lord Sainsbury? Richard Branson? Rupert Murdoch? David Beckham?

    “Get over yourselves Simon”.
    Well I’ll try if you will mate!!!!!

  10. simon you ignorant git,

    If opposing the red/green alliance, the national socialist/islamofascist alliance is hate, count me in as a hater.

    If opposing the swine who bombed London on 7/7/05 is hate, count me in.
    If opposing the swine who hijacked 4 planes on 9/11 is hate, count me in.
    If opposing the swine who murdered officer Yvonne Fletcher is hate, count me in.
    If opposing the swine who execute gay teens in the islamofascist regime or iran is hate, count me in.
    If opposing the islamofascist regime of iran and its direct calls for genocide is hate, count me in.
    If opposing the swine in hamass, hezbullah and the swine who support them like george gallowsway, yvonne ridley, count me in.
    If opposing the swine who bombed Pan Am 103 is hate, count me in.
    If opposing the swine who threaten the uk with 9/11 terrorist attacks is hate, count me in.
    If opposing the swine who HONOR the swine (“magnificent 19”) who perpetrated the 9/11 attack on the US is hate, count me in.
    If opposing the swine who stone women to death is hate, count me in.
    If opposing the swine who behead people like Daniel Pearl is hate, count me in.

    The tide is turning “simon”. There is going to be Hell to pay. Just as Socialist shitler had a run of successes, he over extended his cult and the payback was a bitch.

    Here is a link that should raise your blood pressure and remind you of the NAKBA in store for you and your islamofascist friends.


  11. @ Thank God I’m An Infidel

    you are a very sad person, getting sadder with every post. With a ‘swine’ fixation apparently!

  12. “News to me sunshine that we were owned by fascists! Even by your own admittedly floor level standards, this is a bizarre statement. Now the British ruling class has never been the delightful, civilised bunch they often see themselves as – but ‘fascist…..? A couple of Mitfords and Sir Os O your ‘evidence’ of this?”

    Now you are a fool. The British empire and monarchy were stone-cold fascists. Or do you not know what fascism is?

    Sure it was fashionable, but racist and fascism it was. This was during the colonization and rape of South Africa, Australia, and India.

    You have any idea how many millions suffered at the hands of the Brits during the Palestine occupation? How many hundreds of millions still suffer today?

    and yet all Brits do is make “dramas” victimizing their imperialist fascism and exploitation. As if the British were a victim to Zionism, when in fact their hatred and prejudice and persecution of Jews inspired Zionism.

    So thank you Europeans for hating and killing Jews. Israel would not exist without you bigots!

  13. “The British empire and monarchy were stone-cold fascists. Or do you not know what fascism is?”
    well my swivel-eyed friend, though a mere humble beneficiary of a British state education, I do believe it taught me the subtle differences between British imperialism and fascism – one being the requirement to savagely repress one’s own people first before swanning off to invade Poland or Ethiopia.

    No, I’m not aware of how many “hundreds of millions” still suffer today at the hands of us “stone-cold fascist” Brits – but I have a feeling you can enlighten me. Please do, so I can let my 90 year old war hero father know that he was actually a stone cold fascist when he volunteered to spend his youth defending his country and fighting to give my (our?) generation the freedom we all take for granted.

    And obviously they have air-brushed out of our children’s history books (well the ones we didn’t burn!), the kristallnachts in Manchester and Birmingham, and the death camps hidden in the Lake District and Cornwall.

    Cilliancapa – I’m sure you can get help if you ask for it old lad.

  14. @ Simon

    And yet you do not respond to my comment at all. Deny Britain’s actions in Palestine? No.

    The difference between “fascism” and the great British Empire…please, semantics.

    British imperialism was a combination of many but fascism certainly played its role.

  15. Britain’s treatment of the Jews in the Mandate and the Jews who should have been able to make a home there is utterly shameful.

    It still is when chest-thumping about the empire is more important than a truthful look at what actually happened.

    In Richard Millett’s blog Bataween said that Simon Shama is to present a BBC series, a five-part History of the Jews, in 2012.

    Kosmoing should have been effective by then.

  16. Infidel: I think it’s Westminster you have to boycott. Scotland behaved entirely correctly under its own law, which is different.

  17. @ Thank God I’m An Infidel

    oh right…. you’ve added the Scots to your list of hate figures. And the 50% American-owned BP (‘not called British Petroleum for donkeys years’) as well.
    All this mindless hate because you dont agree with one man’s right to produce a TV drama expressing his feelings about the hideous mess which is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    What is comical if it weren’t so sad, is that people like you would never dream of being so hateful to someone’s face – you just hide behind your keyboard playing qwerty angry man fighting the wars of long ago. And taking vicarious glory from the deeds of real fighting men from the safety of anonymity and a silly pseudonym.
    I am not aware that any nation state has a blameless past – least of all my own beloved but imperfect Albion. You obviously see no fault in your Israel – or is it your America – or is it both? But presumably even then, you only accept the bits of Israel and America YOU agree with, and reject the bits you disagree with as treacherous and pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli or anti-American.
    You do realise life is NOT based on a Hollywood 1950’s B western with good guys and bad guys dont you? Or is it just you are intellectually unable to cope with ideas and opinions that differ from your own?

  18. simon yob,

    Which shameless entity released the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103 (270 murdered) on “compassionate” grounds because “expert” medical advice determined that the convicted bomber had only 3 months to live?

    The convicted bomber was released in August of 2009, and today is March 4, 2011, and your “freedom fighter” is still alive.
    TRUE or NOT?

    AND coincidentally BP (what does the “B” in “BP stand for simon? Bubbly?) won oil contracts from the country the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103 came from.

    Perhaps you saw the video of the “subdued” return to libya of the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103, complete with a wildly waving “saltire”?


    Here is a link to the video of the eternally shameful waving flag of scotland.

    BTW simon, do islamists get along with their non-Israeli, non-Jewish neighbors?

    Do islamists living in the UK respect the laws and customs of the majority ethnic group living in the UK?

  19. simon

    Kosminsky said he made the series about the British army for British people.

    I quote from an obituary on a woman of many talents, Doreen Ingrams:

    In 1972 she made use of little-known archive material to produce a work of lasting historical significance in Palestine Papers 1917-1922 with the subtitle Seeds of Conflict, pinpointing the responsibility of British ministers and officials for the subsequent tragedy in Palestine. She was a founder-member of the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding (Caabu) and served for many years on its Executive Committee. At a reception in her honour in 1994 the members of the Arab Club in Britain presented her with a silver tray as a symbol of “her outstanding contribution to the promotion of Arab-British understanding”.

  20. Ref Truthseeker: In 1945 there were probably 1100 000 Arabs in British Palestine. It is generally recognised that in 1948 there were 1 200 000 and 660 000 Jews. The British held a full census in 1921 and 1931 and when both in UK and colonies the War prevented the 1941 census they filed a copy of the last pre-war statistical year book with pen and ink up dates written in. As one of the duties of District Officers was to circulate through their villages and check the vital statistics registers of births marriages and deaths were being kept we can be reasonably certain of these final British figures which as in all stats publications and budgets use the datum line of the previous year’s complete accounts.

    I can speak as a witness to these as in the mid 70’s as the British amended the fifty year rule to 30 I took up a hint of my Father that there was Arab illegal immigration into the Mandate which the police summarily deported back to Syria for the most part when they “swept” the poorer streets for roughsleepers and found they had no papers nor local village to vouch for them. Besides it is not only the English who have sharp ears for a non-local accent. I read through most of the year books in the then PRO now National Archives, the high Commissioner’s Executive Minutes for the whole thirty years and many of the police, rail and other reports of the time were in the State Paper Room of all teh blue books and white papers.

    Tracing Israeli use of abandoned villages is tedious as the maps are in Israeli archives or the Royal Geographical Society at Kensington Gore. When I was first in Israel in 66 and 67 – 68 you could still buy the last British English 100 000th (cm/km) edition and it was overprinted with small 1/8th” purple circles for new Israeli villages and towns. I have several sheets but not all but enough to back my Sabra cousins’ claims that the British plotted nearly 2000 ruined sites besides the actual villages – BEFORE 1948. Further as the Israelis organised themselves and got building in the fifties they often built their own modern village near ruined villages of the 1948 war when in standard school of infantry manner abandoned buildings were demolished to prevent their use by snipers and infiltrating infantry. For that matter the Arabs demolished Israeli villages theey conquered in Etzion etc and the synagogues of the old city of Jerusalem. 1948 also corroborates the Roman dispatch on the 135CE revolt against Hadrian that 500 villages were destroyed and 800 000 inhabitants killed whiich reflects fairly accurately on the pre-industrial subsistence agricultural geographic carrying capacity of the region.

    Another missed detail about late 1948 is tha twhen the Armistice Line was demarcated and signed in 1949 several villages along it found themselves in Jordan while the fields were in Israel. As these local inhabitants who never moved had been deprived of their farms and business access, they were counted as refugees and fed by UNWRA and have ever since been counted in the refugee figures! Finally in June 67 the war took place in the first complete week of June 67 and about the 28 or 29th June the Israelis with due notice clamped a total 24 hour curfew and went house to house taking the first accurate census since 1931. There were 960 000 Arabs in newly taken area inclusive “East Jerusalem” and most interestingly 40 000 had been born outside the borders of the Palestine Mandate whether you consider it to be Cis-Jordan West of the River Jordan or inclusive of all the original San Remo map including Trans-Jordan now Jordan.

    This proves the Zionist claim that there was Arab immigration as mentioned several times in the British papers, and it proves the basic classical economics free trade and small government under which the British Empire ran that if you create a centre of investment then it draws in labour followed by immigrants’ families. The immigration reports stats show that of the 50 000 Arabs who left frontier control EXIT cards in the index a third were NOT born in the Mandate and of the 50 000 legal IMmigrants about 2/3 were young women betrothed to be brides ie pprosperity in Arab British Palestione was such as to make it worth importiing cheaper dowried brides – something that happened again in the 70’s to 90’s inclusive – or that fiancee ‘s other half had already infiltrated the Palestine frontier and economy and could now send for his girl from back home which in the local Arab general marriage custom was most probably a cousine.

  21. @Thank God I’m An Idiot….er…Infidel

    Still hiding behind your silly moniker, banging furiously and impotently away on your keyboard? And calling people who you disagree with childish names?
    BP is a multi-national and acts like all multi-nationals – without any moral compass and guided only by profit – the profits made from selling its products to people like you and me in countries like yours and mine (or do we actually live in the same country?), so that you can enjoy all the comforts of modern living.
    I presume the paddy you have worked yourelf into about the Scots and Magrahi, does not extend to equal indignation about the abduction and false imprisonment of Mordechai Vanunu ? Nah, I didnt think so. A selective striver after truth and justice eh?
    Islamists? Personally, I’ve got about as much time for them, as I do for all bigots – such as yourself. You see, hate-filled bigots like you and the islamists contribute nothing of value to civilisation, create nothing of beauty, and generally lead worthless, pitiable lives.

    But when all is said and done, all this sound and fury is still about a mere TV programme made for the entertainment of the British audience. And this ageing ‘yob’ thought it was a pretty good effort which achieved its purpose – it entertained while provoking thought.

  22. It is not anti -semitic observers but Jewish soldiers of the IDF who expose the horrendous acts of their army in the Occupied Territories
    Breaking the Silence is shameful and painful and I have edited into a piece for public performance
    Benjamin Netayanhu has called for instant condemnation of the murder of a Jewish settler family and I have no hesitation in doing so
    But he says “there can be neither excuse nor forgivness for the murder of Children
    The whole world watched in horror as Israeli soldiers murdered a 12 year old Palestinian boy sheltering in his Father’s arms on Temple Mount
    The going rate for a fine against IDF soldiers who murder a child is approx 100 shekels.
    Enough already

  23. Richard Morris

    You are sick. You even distort a Pallywood production above if the possible death of the jihadi pawn, poor little Mohamed al Dura, is what you refer to.

    I wonder why you want to promote jihadism and Jew-hatred.

  24. Yes Richard Morris. Enough already. I don’t know where you get your factoids but you should ask for your money back. If you are Jewish you are practising Lashon Hora. If you are not you are lie-mongering.

    Enough already.

  25. Richard Morris wrote: “The going rate for a fine against IDF soldiers who murder a child is approx 100 shekels”

    Totally insane.

    However, there ARE a large number of Arabs who will kill Jews absolutely gratis.

  26. simon, you truely are an ignoramus. You think that civilized people respect socts and the british after their LAUGHABLE claim of “compassion” for a “dying man”, convicted of bombing Pan Am 103.

    The video I presented above shows the “restrained” return to libya, complete with two wildly waving saltires (the now shameful flag of appeasing scotland).

    And, again, for dolts such as yourself, the announced reason for the release of the convicted bomber was “compassion” for a “dying man”.

    That was August 2009. Is the bomber dead or alive? I’ll leave it as an exercise for you to find out.

    AND, a BIG AND, bp was awarded oil contracts from your man gadaffi. Coincidence??????????

    simon, if you had an ounce of decency, you would be ashamed.

    richard morris, You too are a simple minded clod. The al dura affair has been shown to be a sham, a hoax, swallowed by gullible appeasers such as yourself.

    Google Charles Enderline and cultural prism.

    BTW, do know what happened to Daniel Pearl?

    Do you know of anjem choudary and what he wants to befall the uk???

  27. Look at Richard Morris’ blog. He’s a one-trick pony for Breaking the Silence, which is hardly known for its impartiality. We know that they are liars who rely on hearsay evidence.

    All of which means that Morris really is talking not from real knowledge but from the usual guff perpetrated by his mates.

    Morris, the “whole world” didn’t give a damn about the ALLEGED murder of the Palestinian child (I say “alleged” because you haven’t posted a link) – some of them might have but not all and many of those who did were pulled by their noses by the anti-Israel propaganda machine.

    Who was this child? Al-Durah wasn’t “murdered” on Temple Mount, indeed it’s doubtful that he was murdered at all.

    Wasn’t this more like what happened? http://www.debriefing.org/0139.html They are playing to the gallery of gullible, hate filled fools like Morris. Strange that he has nothing about this on his blog either. Why not?

    Geary, you are right. Arab psychopaths and their handlers don’t do it for the cash but for “treasure in paradise” the fools. Morris hasn’t mentioned either that Palestinian and Arab murderers of little Israeli children get feted when they are freed in exchange for the bodies of dead and tortured Israelis (hadn’t he heard of Samir Kuntar?), and the families of those who explode themselves among Israeli civilians, Jews and Muslims, are handsomely paid off by others who encourage them to do it but wouldn’t dream of leading by example.

    As Morris says, enough already, until he can come here and give us an honest account.

    He is stinking up the place but giving us an excellent opportunity to debunk antisemitic lies, which is a mercy, however small.

  28. Its a drama against a backdrop of events through the eyes of a British soldier and his teenage Grandaughter in eras sixty years apart.
    It is not through the eyes of a rabid zionist, a concentration camp survivor, an Arab farmer or a comfortably assimilated London Jew.
    It’s a story! A jolly good story. Remember Leon Uris’s Exodus? Not a mention of the anti-British bile of Jewish leaders, not a mention of shooting off-duty soldiers in the back, not a mention of Jews murdered by other Jews, not a mention of the bank robberies and protection rackets run by “Lehi” and “Etzel”;cannot remember any complaints then.

  29. Wow you guys, stop perpetuating the hate.
    There’s not one race out there that hasnt a lot to be ashamed of.

    There seems little point pointing the finger at each other. Look into your heart, find some love and forgiveness.
    Because without compassion, without an understanding of why ignorant humans follow orders from pyschopathic leaders and kill each other, without forgiving them for their second hand crimes… we wont unite against the real perpetuators of the misery of these conflicts.

    Divide and conquer is their method, while we’re abusing each other, the ruling elite are literally getting away with murder. The murder of our families.

    Please realise EVERY nation is at fault… And will continue to be until the people stand up against their rulers and say ‘NO MORE’ to the senseless violence.
    Because if every human was enlightened enough to refuse to join the army… in the end there’s only so many prisononers the government can lock away, our strength is our numbers.
    We must say NO to the idiotic conflicts inflicting on us. We must realise the soldiers on the other side are simply too ignorant to know better, they’re just following orders.

    The real murderers are the politicians and generals in their ornate offices. And the businessmen who facilitate the war with their weaponry. Blame them.