The mouse that roared

A guest post by AKUS

I had to rub my eyes in disbelief and re-read the following in an article about the US veto in the UN.

on Ynet:

Nevertheless, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stressed that the PA will not boycott the US.

The PA will not boycott America? Initially, I thought the sentence had been written backwards. It appears it was not. The PA seems determined at all costs to alienate the Obama administration, swept up with delusions of grandeur in the euphoria of the events in Cairo and elsewhere.

Apparently, despite this fearful threat from the PA, withdrawn at the last moment, America bravely stood its ground and vetoed the resolution.

If ever a group of people seemed intent on doing as much damage to their own cause as possible, it is the Palestinian Authority. I do not think of the Palestinians as lions, but clearly they are led by donkeys.

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  1. Like the old radio broadcast from the BBC in the 1950s
    “Storms in the English Channel, Europe completely isolated”

  2. “group of people seemed intent on doing as much damage to their own cause as possible … clearly they are led by donkeys”

    Why should this year be any different from the past 90 years?

  3. It’s not so illogical. One of the key elements of American Middle East policy has always been to keep others out of the peace process as much as possible, particularly Europe, Russia and the UN. By “boycotting the US” I assume that Abbas meant he would turn increasingly to the others to mediate, interfere and pressure to get negotiations started again.

  4. The Obama administration has sent a clear message over the past few weeks – intentionally or not – that its allies/partners of interest in the Middle East (and in particular, the secular/non Islamist regimes) cannot automatically rely on the US to support them any longer.
    The PA statement, no matter how silly, should be read as an indication of changing winds in this region.

  5. This is yet another example of Arab/Muslim “big talk” so well-known to psychologists who deal with the pathetically inadequate Arab/Muslim leaders’ attempts to big themselves up, and their over inclination to believe their own fairy tales.

    Idiot Abbas is a typical example of the genre. Others include Gaddafi, and we can guess what will happen to him, boys and girls, can’t we???

    I can imagine Obama crying himself to sleep at the mere possibility of a Palestinian boycott of the US.

  6. The US can sleep easy at night now, knowing the Palestinians will not boycott…..Another Palestinian event upstaged by world events, this time Libya….