Iranian (Gender) Apartheid: NOT coming to a university near you

There will be no academic programs or demonstrations at elite Western Universities, and little or no mention from the Guardian left, about the abominable treatment of women all year round by the Iranian government.

Boy, I simply can’t imagine why.

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  1. The Guardian has OICD(Obsessive Israel Compulsive Disorder). The Guardian, the leftist websites, the UN, stupid politicians, and others sent there and condemn Israel when people are dying in Iran on the street being (beat, stoned, raped, or tortured to death), their is genocide all over Africa, AIDS all over Africa, human rights violations in(China, Russia, Vietnam, Laos, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Ivory Coast, and Belarus). Yet what does the EU and UN do blame Israel. Not one single condemnation of the Muslims, Chinese, or Russians.

    Israel on their hands have rescued the lives of many people from outside of their countries, given medical treatement to anyone, never started a war, or committed a genocide.

  2. And where is Der Guardian in the policital spectrum?

    left, center, right?

    Of course, EXTREME left, socialist, “progressively” fascist, islamist.

    All the ideologies that bring death and destruction to the world.

  3. I don’t know a lot about Iran, but I am still pissed the guardian literally ERASED and DISABLED my profile.

    I understand some abusers get pre-moderated status, but the editors literally took the time to eliminate my history entirely although some of my highly ranked comments remain.

    This is total BULLSHIT. I respect the guardian’s right to publish editorials that criticize Israel or any country, but to delete comments that are critical of the author is absolute hypocrisy and just plain STUPID.

  4. CillianCapa, your experience demonstrates what “Free” means in Der Guardians CiF sandbox.

    Comment Is Free only if the commenter abides by the authoritarian socialist, islamofascist-philic dictates of Der Guardian.

    All Dissenting Views are FREELY DELETED.

    Der Guardian is in league with fascism, racism, anti-semitism, pro-islamofascism.

    Contact all advertisers in Der Guardian and ask whether they want to be associated with the racist rag.

    If so, boycott the company.

    Hit Der Guardian where it hurts, in the pocket book and circulation.

  5. The CIF has benefited advertising revenue for sure. I’m sure the editors love sites like CIF watch. They attract attention and hence more hits on their sites. It doesn’t matter whether the readers are pro or anti-israel, traffic and traffic and traffic is revenue.

    I’d say a huge chunk of the readers at CIF are not leftist morons, but pro-Israel fanboys. This is why they keep pushing inflammatory news because they know it will attract attention.

    It’s shameless but profit is profit. Fucking British, exploiting Israel and the Palestinians for their own personal gain.

    Europeans never change.

  6. CillianCapa, and CiFWatch also benefits from increased traffic, exposing the racist rag called Der Guardian.

    Sadly for fascist like MindOfCrap, CiFWatch is not subject to the politbureau of Der Guardian.