General Antisemitism

More filth beneath Sherwood’s post (Reader says Israel’s behavior will make folks think Hitler was right)

Though I’ve seen quite a large volume of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hate expressed by Guardian readers, I’m still continually amazed by the creative malice of those sensitive souls who tune in daily to catch the latest defamation of Israel by the world’s leading liberal voice.

This comment, beneath Sherwood’s latest assault on Israel, from a reader called “deepcut”, was deleted, but, amazingly, as of this writing, deepcut’s account and user privileges are still active.

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  1. Well, Hitler was clearly wrong. He should have invanded Great Britain and shot the ancestors of the current british so-called intelligentsia.

  2. Great post.

    CIFWATCH should create a forum, it would definitely streamline discussion. The guardian CIF has one positive thing is individual profiles that archive and link comments.

    these additions would attract more attention and traffic to CIFWatch IMO.

  3. …was deleted, but, amazingly, as of this writing, deepcut’s account and user privileges are still active.

    Amazingly?! Why? They must delete every patently illegal posts (with deep sadness naturally) but why should they ban vicious anti-semites inciting to genocide? This kind of people are members of their fan-club and have the same (Guardian)worldview.
    Some time ego Matt Seaton was not ready to ban a poster called Willam Babthorpe who openly called on CIF for the murder of every Jew living on the WB including their children.

  4. Of course Sherwood would never report on very similar circumstances that Bedouins face in Egypt, Jordan and Syria. They all have problems with states that want to use the land, they currently live on, for development. I suppose in the other countries that’s just plain old urban renewal, but in Israel it’s considered a pogrom.

  5. @Bella

    Just checked out your blog. Its very good. Added you to our blogroll and my google reader!

  6. Bella’s point is a good one.

    As for Harriet – she is sniggering all the way from Jerusalem.

  7. “Of course Sherwood would never report on very similar circumstances that Bedouins face in Egypt, Jordan and Syria.”

    She would also never report how the Sinai Bedouins control the illegal worker smuggling network into Israel and the arms smuggling network into Gaza. Anyway this ‘guilt by association’ of the Israeli Bedouins would not be politically-correct ; we all know that ‘collective guilt’ applies to only one group ….. (refer to Walt & Mearsheimer)

  8. His comment was deleted , but the moderator neglected to delete my reply to him, which includes a copy of the comment.

  9. Thanks for the interesting suggestion, CilliaCapa.

    And, Bella, I just added your blog to my Google Reader, and will look forward to reading future posts

  10. How telling that the first comment in this thread, which reads “Well, Hitler was clearly wrong. He should have invanded Great Britain and shot the ancestors of the current british so-called intelligentsia.” – which is in every sense as objectionable and if anything more so than the post you are making a fuss about has not been deleted and its poster presumably not banned.

    Surely what is good for the goose is good for the gander?

  11. David Karr:

    Welcome to Cifwatch , where the motto is:
    – I am better than the other side
    – I condemn the other side
    – whatever I do is OK because the other side does it.

  12. David Karr

    I’m sure that your not realizing that the post is simply ironically paraphrasing deepcut’s rants is not the result of your stupidity, it is intentional. If I’m mistaken then I apologise.

  13. Harriet’s column was rabble-rousing churnalism (ie she recycled the press releases from her ideological friends ). But butter won’t melt in the mouth of this passive-aggressive sweet little thing – she believes herself to be a ‘reporter’ after all.

  14. Peterthehungarian, God you’re a smug self-righteous tosser, aren’t you?
    I see at least MindTheCrap gets the point. The bigotry of so many here is disgusting, and the self-righteousness only makes it very very much worse. Try turning the other cheek for once.

  15. Dear Hawkeye,
    Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support! Keep up your excellent work. The Guardian has gotten so much worse since my time in the UK during the late 80’s and early 90’s and if it wasn’t for CIFWatch many of us would have lost our minds by now.

  16. David Karr

    I don’t need to apologise. You are exactly what you have shown about yourself.

  17. David Karr

    Not withstanding that I totally agree with MindtheCrap and the hypocracy of stooping down to the level of the Guardian, you can save your christological suggestions for yourself. This was always an expression aimed at Jews, as you have just done on this site, never at Christians.

    Indeed Jews have for far too long turned the other cheek and got hit times as hard on the other side. It about time Jews gave out as good as they get, if not better, and this particularily applies to Israelis.