More attacks on Copt Christians in Egypt

This was posted today at the blog of The National Review, The Corner.

Copts in Egypt are begging for Egyptian Armed Forces protection today after a Muslim mob of several thousand attacked their church in the village of Soul, about 30 kilometers from Cairo, last night. The Church of St. Mina and St. George was torched, and its clergy are unaccounted for. The fire department and security forces failed to respond to Coptic pleas for help during the arson attack.

According to a report from the Washington-based Coptic American Friendship Association, the mob, chanting “Allahu Akbar,” pulled down the church’s cross and detonated a handful of gas cylinders inside the structure. The ensuing fire destroyed the church and all its contents, including the sacred relics of centuries-old saints. It is reported that a romantic relationship between a Christian man and a Muslim woman, which sharia forbids, and the refusal of the woman’s father to kill her to restore the community’s “honor,” aroused the Muslim ire. An account of this incident is here. (I also received a message from a Coptic friend that this week members of the Muslim Brotherhood, shouting “Allahu Akbar,” stormed a Christian school on Thabit Street in downtown Asyut and attempted to take it over. Egyptian security forces, including an army unit, intervened and routed out the Brotherhood members. The school had been built by Presbyterian missionaries in the early 1900s, and is now directed by Presbyterian Pastor Naji. Christian leaders from this southern area expressed a deepening sense of insecurity as the Muslim Brotherhood emerges from the underground.)

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Read another account of the violence, here.

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  1. The dreams that seem to have permeated the wishful thinking Western press of a European-style democracy in Egypt are not likely to emerge.

    We will see, I believe, the usual mix of military thuggery at the top distracting the population with religious incitement against anybody and everybody, from different Islamic sects to Christians Jews, and Israel.

    Gaddafi is showing them how its done.

  2. Notice the total lack of coverage from the MSM. BBC and the guardian blasted headlines when a group of extremist Jews burned down a mosque in the WB, a move widely condemned by the Israeli government and the settlers arrested and put to trial.

    But THOUSANDS, and I mean THOUSANDS of Egyptians muslms – probably many anti-mubarak protestors – vandalize half dozen copt churches, probably killing a view christians as well – UTTER SILENCE!

  3. when will this be blamed on the jew?

    come on guys…no saturday people for the jihadists to take their pent up rage out on….so they have to go after the sunday people

    its the joos fault for having allowed themselves to be expelled again

  4. Not even the pope is denoucing the murder of christians? Where´s the EU indignation? Ah, right, Israel is not involved…

  5. The silence of the West and its media on this is indeed shocking. Fickle public and professional interest is now focused elsewhere.
    Hope the Copts can make it through these turbulent times.

  6. MTC there’s a particularly vacuous attempt on CiF by Barbara Ellen.

    The Copts – the “Sunday people” threatened by Muslim rioters – have long been the focus of hatred from the mindless mob.

    It’s an utter disgrace that there’s deafening silence from the West about this particular “other” hatred.

    What price a Copt’s life when Egypt achieves “democracy”? Pause for hollow laughter.