Remembering the innocent victims of Itamar

Here are the victims of yesterday’s terrorist attack in the Israeli city of Itamar. To the surviving family and friends of the Fogel Family: May the Almighty comfort you amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Udi Fogel (36)

Ruth (35) and Yoav (11) Fogel

Elad Fogel (4)

3 month old Hadas

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  1. Thanks for posting these. They make the murders even more heart rending, but it’s right that the victims of such mindless atrocity should be personalised.

  2. What cowards these murders are. Prayers for the families of these victims.
    These evil people should have punishment far worse than their victims.

  3. The scourge of Islam needs to be banished from the planet. How anyone could think that killing people, especially children who are simply Israeli / Jewish by accident of birth, is the will of a god, I really don’t know.

  4. Abban Aziz .

    I dont have to have read it to know that it would have been the correct decision.

  5. “I dont have to have read it to know that it would have been the correct decision.”

    Well, ahbviously…


    I question the sound judgment of the operators of a pro-Israel blog deleting a comment by a pro-Israel poster while leaving sick fracks like MindTheC**p free to drop their loads on every thread.

  6. My comment wasn’t deleted, I just posted it in a different article and confused it with this one later. 😀

    I think this site and articles should be internet bombed to Harriet Sherwood email and mail box. Send it to the guardian’s office as well.

    Flood their communication with this. IT is truly sickening how low the guardian has become.

    and they shameless pander to the european masses with this filth, many of whom believe every word of it.