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StandwithUs Press Release Condemning Anti-Jewish Hate Speech and Violent Attack at SOAS


March 21, 2011



A small number of pro-Israel protestors, including supporters of StandWithUs, participated in a peaceful protest against the “Celebrate Palestine Festival” event held at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies [SOAS] on March 20th. The event included calls for boycotting Israel and libeling it as an “Apartheid” country.

The pro-Israel protesters were standing at the university, with signs behind them pointing out that Israel is the opposite of an ‘apartheid’ country and calling for a peaceful two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians. They peacefully discussed these issues with attendees, only once approached by people. The police had given them permission to be there.

Anti-Israel activists then engaged them in conversation. One man verbally assaulted them with anti-Semitic slurs, saying, “the best thing that Jews have ever done was to go into the gas chambers.  It was the best thing to happen to Germany to have been cleaned of Jews.  The same thing needs to happen in the Middle East.”  Another anti-Israel activist then punched and bit a Jewish member of the group, who was hospitalized.  This was an unprovoked attack.  His attacker was later arrested by police.

StandWithUs unequivocally condemns the disgusting act of violence against peaceful Israel supporters on the SOAS campus. The attacker evidently was spurred on by the hate-filled, one-sided event taking place at SOAS.

“I am totally shaken and distressed by what happened. One of the most disturbing things is that the people involved, fearing negative publicity…started accusing us shouting, “how dare you come here? It’s a Celebrate Palestine event, you knew what would happen. You asked for it.’ I didn’t think I would ever get to a stage in which I would feel like a Jew in Nazi Germany, and I don’t say it lightly,” reported StandWithUs-UK Coordinator Gili Brenner who was one of the pro-Israel demonstrators.

“It is unacceptable that violent rhetoric by Palestinian supporters spills over into violent actions. We expect the university to condemn this attack and those who incited it. Universities must have a policy of zero tolerance policy for hate speech and anti-Semitism. They should carefully monitor incendiary events like ‘Celebrate Palestine’ to ensure that hate speech, violence, and suppression of free speech do not occur,” said Michael Dickson, StandWithUs-Israel Director who was in London during the incident.

“Unfortunately, the kind of blatant anti-Semitism, bigotry, and incitement to hatred that occurred at SOAS  lurk at the bottom of far too many anti-Israel events on campuses. They frequently become a toxic brew that can lead to physical violence as they did in this case.  They also prevent any serious discussion of the issues, and often lead to intimidation and the suppression of free speech, as they did in London,” said Roz Rothstein, CEO of StandWithUs.

“It is unthinkable that in the UK people can be prevented from peacefully demonstrating and expressing their opposition to incitement, hatred and blatant anti-semitism which, given the outrageous comments about Jews this undoubtedly was. It is important that the right to challenge anti-Israel events be protected, and Israel’s supporters must not be intimidated or silenced by the mindless violence that occurred on Sunday,” commented Joy Wolfe, UK Chairman of StandWithUs.

A short video made following the attack (the man featured is not the attacker)

For more information and photos, including yesterday’s events at SOAS and Covent Garden (see top two posts):

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  1. ‘The pro-Israel protesters … calling for a peaceful two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians.’

    How are the borders to be defined?

  2. A disgusting and shameful episode which yet again shows how far Islamofascist bigotry has penetrated the British University system.

    Universities like SOAS that permit racism on campus should be prosecuted, and their chancellors sacked.

    Well done StandWithUs for standing up to the bullies and exposing the fascism at SOAS.

  3. March 21, 2011 at 3:20 am

    Richard Tebboth
    “How are the borders to be defined”

    A brain-dead response, and entirely what one has come to expect from said commenter.

  4. Richard,

    It is a good question which should be discussed.
    Can you discuss in an orderly fashion when the likes of George G. are around shouting to prevent anything remotly resembling a discussion?
    Can you discuss anything while Nazi abuse is hbeing shouted at you?
    Can you discuss anything while being beaten?

    This is what this article is all about.

    Some how I think you knew that, though.

  5. “How are the borders to be defined?”
    ‘It is a good question which should be discussed.’

    Any abuse so far has come from Sarah Jane; no one is shouting.
    So let us have a civilised discussion.

  6. Richard, write your article and tell us where it is.

    In this country biting dogs are destroyed.

  7. ‘The pro-Israel protesters were .. calling for a peaceful two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians. They peacefully discussed these issues with attendees’

    I would just like to hear from this group on their view of an answer to my question.

    The rest of the CiFW community can than tell us whether they agree.

  8. No.

    If you support a ‘2 state solution’ its borders must be defined.

    Else: if there is to be a one state solution, to preserve its democratic credentials Israel would have to extend the mandate to all the inhabitants.

    Of course, there are several historical precedents of mass deportations …

  9. Not convincing, Richard.

    Do you like bestiality on the streets of your country? Do you like the police being put to flight by Islamists thugs?

    Do you like our universities being rotted by oil gelt?

    I hate it all and I apologise for the insult to beasts.

  10. Ariadne: you are distracting from my question.

    Let us hear from the pro-Israel people who are advocating a two state solution.

  11. Your logic escapes me.

    I shall forward the URL to Messrs. Millett and Melkman (who might have been of the pro-Israel protest) in the hope of more meaningful debate.

    “Richard Millett” , “Alan Melkman”

  12. Richard Tebboth, you are being deliberately obtuse. The article is talking about the hate speech expressed towards pro-Israel activists and the bestial attack on one of the activists, as you well know. You are trying to deflect the conversation. You might as well crawl back under your stone and talk to yourself if you can’t find it in yourself to condemn this non-liberal and non-progressive behaviour.

  13. OK
    I unreservedly condemn the racist verbal and physical attacks reported above.
    Indeed, from the evidence cited, under UK law there appear to be adequate grounds for the perpetrators to be arrested and brought to trial.

    However the fundamental question remains: how do we move from such animosity (exhibited on both sides) to a peaceful and just solution in the Holy Land?

  14. Richard,

    I was reffering to the college or university ground.

    If you attempt to equate this blog with the grounds of SOAS you are being sad and all too predictable.

  15. Richard.

    “However the fundamental question remains: how do we move from such animosity (exhibited on both sides)…”

    Remind me the last time a pro Israeli demonstrator bit some one he disliked in such a manner it took 8 men to remove them apart?

    I can tell you the last time a Jew did that.

    It was when the brown shirts crossed East London in the 30’s.
    And rightly so!

    This article is not about finding a solution but trying to see how dangerous these latest incitement get and the type of crowd it attracts.

  16. Richie, I’m Pro-Israel, Anti-Islamofascist and there of course already is a two-state solution,

    Israel and Jordan.

    So called “palestinians” are lucky to have a decent King Abdullah and a beautiful Queen.

  17. There’s always a “however” from the Tebboths of this world, isn’t there? Is he any relation to Bunglawala?

    Tebboth, listen up. UK universities are in hock to Muslim countries and their students who pay mega cash to study here. This is likely to continue and to be further promoted given the government’s attitude to education. They attract Islamists whose main intent is to stir up the sort of hatred you say is engaged in by “both sides” but isn’t (I refer you to Itsik’s reply above). Until universities refuse to be bullied and suspend all Muslim students and their fellow travellers who engage in such incitement and violence – remember Manchester University? – then you will continue to talk rot and most of us here will tell you so.

  18. The biting is interesting, and reflects the arrested development of the biter. Was he forcibly weaned because he kept biting his mother’s breast and this is displaced anger because of that?

    In sharia law all his teeth would be drawn without anaesthetic.

    What say you, Tebboth?

  19. Richie, When was the last time that Jews threatened the UK and Europe with massacres, death and destruction

    as islamofascists in the UK openly threaten the UK and Europe ?

    And to prove my assertion, here are links to pictures of Islamofascist threats on the UK and Europe.