She’s baaaack

Harriet Sherwood is back online to give us the benefit of her “wisdom” on the terror attack in Jerusalem.

The article is a mixture of statements of the obvious – I give you,

“… Its impact will be felt far beyond the people injured in the blast and those who witnessed the explosion….”

Well, yes…

As well as (curiously enough, given that it’s Harriet writing), a glimmer of understanding of why the IDF was engaged in acting against Hamas-linked terrorists in Gaza.

She even acknowledges that Hamas was responsible for the firing of the 50 or so mortar shells into Israel (although she couches it in somewhat equivocal terms).

She goes on to refer to the pressure on Hamas to do something for the armed struggle in order to satisfy the Palestinian people, (and here, totally unwittingly, she alludes to the fantasy ideology which has driven much of Hamas’ mad and fruitless acting out, which I have discussed in-depth elsewhere on CiF Watch).

So far so mediocre and hardly her usual offensive self, but let us not forget that she writes for the Guardian and sure enough later in the article out it comes:

“…. It is far too early to say what Wednesday’s bus blast heralds. But, at the very least, it is bound to reinforce Netanyahu’s belief that Israel has “no partner for peace”, a phrase that brings bitter laughter from observers who say Israel shows little sign of wanting to make peace…. “

Pardon me?

Is Harriet seriously trying to argue that Netanyahu is WRONG to believe that Israel has no partner for peace in the PA?  Dear Harriet, permit me to offer a little lesson in reality testing since you and your colleagues at the Guardian seem, (how shall I say?) somewhat deficient in this area:

You yourself admitted that there was a terrorist act in Jerusalem (OK you didn’t actually call it a “terrorist” act, unlike William Hague, the British Foreign Minister who condemned it in those terms, but you compared it to the terror attacks during the second intifada)

You then, quite correctly, named Hamas as the main culprits in the shelling of southern Israel. So far so good but hang on in, because this is where it may get difficult for you to understand:

True, Abbas condemned the massacre at Itamar, but on the day after that massacre he dedicated a town square to the memory of a suicide murderer!

Is this the action of a man who (a) tells the truth or (b) says only what he thinks his audience want to hear, and on the strength of that (c) can be trusted to mean what he says and (d) is therefore a reliable partner for peace?  The man is a proven liar.

In light of the foregoing, how on earth can the Israeli government possibly believe that the PA means to make a lasting peace with Israel? How can Abbas be trusted as a partner for peace, whether in quotes or not, or whether it evokes “bitter laughter” or not from observers?  It seems more and more likely that the bombers in the latest atrocity came from the West Bank, and if so they were very probably cranked up by his public adulation of terrorism!

Now, stay with me Harriet, because there’s more which underlines the nonsensical nature of what lies beneath your statement above:

Let’s go back to the Jerusalem bombing and more particularly to the Palestinian reaction to it.

So far as I am aware there have been no street celebrations or handing out candy as there was in Ramallah after the Fogel family were murdered, but Elder of Ziyon’s blog tells us the following, which ought to reinforce the belief that Israel actually has no partner for peace and which ought to convince even you:

Elder quotes from the Palestine Times which is a Hamas mouthpiece, but no matter:

…. Despite condemnation by the Fatah leadership, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas and his Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and described that operation as “terrorist”, there was joy in the street despite the pain experienced in the cities of the West Bank.

Upon hearing the news of a bus bombing in Jerusalem, citizens hurried to the coffee shops to follow-up on television news channels and radio stations to track the latest developments.

Abu Mohammed from Nablus, sitting in a café, said: “By God, it’s about time for such operations, which warms our hearts and the hearts of all who [suffer] from the oppression of the occupier recently.” ……

There are those who expressed their joy of such events. Samira from Ramallah: “When I saw the breaking news on one of the satellite TV news and there was an explosion on Jerusalem, the joy made my heart stop.”

A young man recalled happy memories of Tulkarm for operations similar to what happened today…

Others Palestinian citizens went into social networking sites like Facebook and forums on the World Wide Web, to express their joy and the news firsthand….” (emphases added)

So, what do we have, Harriet?

Abbas, a confirmed liar, who condemns barbarism out of one side of his mouth whilst out of the other he praises the perpetrators of such barbarism, and also the ordinary people of the West Bank, whose opinions are, we are meant to believe, representative of the majority and who feel joy and warmth in their hearts when Israeli Jews are killed and injured.

However, you may be able to redeem yourself, Harriet.

To do so you must write an intelligent, thoughtful and analytical article, based on fact and in objective reality about why you think Netanyahu is wrong to believe that Israel has no partner for peace in the West Bank, and supply us with evidence for your conclusions rather than your own half-baked opinions.

Then, who knows, you will be entitled to call yourself journalist.  Though, you may subsequently be sacked from the Guardian.

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  1. I know of the Palestine Papers, (I doubt that you have read them, Sanity) but given their biases – leaked by al-Jazeera in connection with the Guardian – I think I’d get more objective reality from the Brothers Grimm.

    And they have little if anything to do with what I have written about above, have they?

  2. Well, the Palestine Papers were just leaked documents. Admittedly they could have been selectively leaked, but they are the truth insofar as they are primary documents, and hence uninterpreted. Not like, say, this website, which specializes in opinion rather than factual reporting.

    But the reason I brought the PP up, is that you said above that Israel has not partner for peace, something that the Palestine Papers showed clearly to be false. It’s therefore time to stop parroting this silly line.

  3. Sanity, how can you know that primary documents are “the truth” just because they are primary documents? Given that most of Israel’s neighbours lie as easily as they breathe, they probably wouldn’t know truth from a hole in the road and mirrored that confusion in the papers!

    And so, based on the above, and the fact that YOU haven’t seen the originals (you are daft enough to take the Guardians and al-Jazeera’s word for the “truth” of their content, for heavens sake) and therefore you cannot know whether the Palestine papers were true or not, you cannot know either that what Medusa said is false can you?

    Try to follow the premises of Medusa’s argument, which is soundly based on evidence which you yourself can access. Abbas is on record as lying through what are left of his teeth!

    For myself, I’d much more readily believe Medusa than Hattie the Harpy, not least because Medusa sources everything she says.

    Good night. Take your meds and go to sleep.

  4. I second Yohoho. Primary documents or no, they were interpreted by al-Jaz and the Guardian which are hardly bastions of honesty are they?

    And you haven’t see them and are basing this fuss on your interpretation of what known distorters of truth tell you, so why are you making such a fuss?

  5. The Palestine Papers prove that Israel has no partners for peace at the moment.
    Fact (according to the PP): the Palestinian leaders are saying that they are ready to an agreement with Israel and demonstrating their readiness to compromise – in secret, without telling this to their people – even telling them the opposite. After the publication of these leaked documents Saeb Arekat the Palestinian liar in chief had to resign his post.
    Consequence: They are not ready or not able to deliver – to negotiate with them is a waste of time.
    Naturally this is too hard to understand for apologists of islamofascism like Sherwood, the BBC, Reuters and last but not least – for the poster inappropriately called Sanity.

  6. The reactions in Ramallah to the bombing, and the celebrations in Gaza of the murders of the Fogel children illustrate the moral depravity of Palestinian society.

    We must keep stressing this point. It is their weak spot. Even the Guardian is ashamed of the naked displays of Palestinian callousness, which is why they have chosen not to report it.

  7. AnyGill, the Guardian has no capacity to feel ashamed.

    You are 100% correct about the moral depravity of Palestinian society. Were we talking about other people I would disagree that we should condemn a whole society for the actions of a comparative few, but these people either do nothing, which gives tacit support for barbarism, or actively support it.

    There is no compassion, no mutuality, no humanity, no empathy in these barbarians and the few who show it, who speak out against their fellows, are threatened, injured or killed.

    Such a society cannot survive, since eventually that barbarism is turned against their own.

  8. I bring you this comment from the star of the Israel-hating lobby, on Melanie Phillips blog… a classic because he’s not ashamed to reveal the real agenda, namely the surrender of the whole of Israel to the “rightful owners”.
    So, the withdrawal from Gaza was just the first step, true Guardian style.

    Derek BLADES
    March 25th, 2011 8:20am
    “Mikael Grut raises an important point about rocket fire from Gaza. The villages in Southern Israel that are under attack are precisely those where the Palestinian refugees formerly lived. They are telling the Israelis that if they choose to live on land which the Palestinians believe is rightfully theirs, they must accept the consequences. “

  9. Tosca, you most certainly know that they are “telling” no such thing, that they are merely giving in to animalistic impulses encouraged by Islam and nurtured almost from the cradle to take back Israel from the kufar and wipe out Jews.

    Derek Blades and his like-minded partners in lunacy need to hate and their over-identification with these barbarians is a way of hating from a safe distance.

  10. Palestinian society ‘depraved’. No ‘humanity’ in Palestinian society. ‘Animalistic impulses’.

    Wait, is this meant to be a site that we come to so that we don’t have to read racist diatribes?

    Moderators, I think you have a job to do, no?

  11. Insanity,

    Who hijack passenger planes and fly them into office buildings?
    Who celebrate the above depraved act as “the magnificent 19”?
    Who hijack hijacks the Olympics and murders atheletes?
    Who behead bound captives and releases videos of the murder?
    Who brainwash their children to die, to martyr themselves for “palestine” on kiddie shows?
    Who publicly threaten the UK and Europe with death and destruction?
    Who bomb buses and the underground in London?
    Who tear people apart and dip their hand in the victims blood to show to all?
    Who stone women to death for supposedly “dishonoring” their clan?
    Who hang gay teens for what they are?
    Who openly calls for genocide for the US and Israel?
    Who celebrate the genocide of the Jews of Khybar?
    Who uses their own children, carrying keys to “paradise”, to clear minefields after an 8 year war with another country?
    Who threatens artists with death for drawing a cartoon?
    Who murdered a filmmaker for making a film?
    Who bombed Pan Am 103?
    Who practices current day slavery in Africa?

    If the “people” who perpetrated the above atrocities, Crimes Against Humanity, are not depraved, inhuman, animalistic, then who are?

    BTW Insanity, have you taken the time to read the Hamass Charter of 1988, coincidentally the same year that Pan Am 103 was bombed?

    I recommend you do.