2008 or 2011? Video of IDF Spokesman, during Cast Lead, lecturing Al-Jazeera broadcaster on simple lessons they clearly still haven’t learned

Here is a newly translated interview with Capt Avichay Adraee on Al-Jazeera which took place during or right before Cast Lead. Unfortunately given the current situation, practically all of his points are just as relevant today as they were a few years ago.

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  1. This man is astounding. I hope that he is still in post. I have a horrible feeling there will be need for him again if Hamas is determined to pursue its present course.

    Several things strike me about the interview:

    Adraee’s confidence. The IDF needs more like him who speak good English.

    The absolute thickitude of the interviewer, particularly where she in effect accuses Israel of behaving like Hamas in order to defend itself, without apparent awareness of the lunatic paranoid projective nature of that accusation, and again when she refers to the rockets doing little harm to Israelis, thus walking slap bang into another well-deserved dressing down from the good Captain. I would wager my next salary that she was unprepared for that answer.

    Also Adraee’s tone of voice to her, which was almost a rant. I had a mental image of him pounding her into the ground with words! According to Wafa Sultan, in A God Who Hates this seems to be a natural way for Arab males to behave when they want to win an argument – she says that often they believe westerners have been defeated in argument because they speak softly and remain calm regardless of the level of incitement. Sultan describes most Arab male with Arab male conversations as perhaps beginning comparatively quietly, but then ending in shouting matches if they disagree on anything however trivial, each party trying to “win” by out-shouting the other.

  2. Mitnaged I was struck by the interviewer’s meek replies during the last portion of the rant, saying over and over in a quiet voice ”na’am na’am na’am na’am,” – yes, yes, yes, yes.

  3. Yes, a typically Muslim female response to the superior male drummed into Muslim women from birth.

  4. “…she says that often they believe westerners have been defeated in argument because they speak softly and remain calm regardless of the level of incitement.”

    An even greater problem than their feeling of defeat is that they end up being less convincing, which is true defeat. The calmness of pro-Israel speakers (and forum commenters) might seem like a sign of rationality and control, but in reality it makes them sound like insurance salesmen.

    A speaker or writer for Zionism needs to have and display righteous anger, and to show he’s “on fire” for the cause. Otherwise he looks like a hunchback confronted with an army of fiery arrows. There needs to be consciousness that anti-Zionism is unjust, illegitimate and evil, and therefore to phrase one’s words accordingly. On both battlefields, physical and ideological, the enemy must be fought like an enemy.

  5. Wow! This lady is just outstanding! Yeah, with people like these, there´s still some hope in this f****** up world. Inspiring examples indeed.

  6. Thanks for a wonderful post. The Captain was magnificent, Mordechai Keder I have heard before and he is fearsome but I’ve never heard Wafa Sultan speak before – what a brilliant speech.