Spineless in the UK

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This story is infuriating.

According to The JC:

The UK branch of Israeli cosmetics store, Ahava, is moving from its central London shop after years of pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

The owner of the shop, currently in Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, is looking for other sites after owners of neighbouring stores complained to the landlord following protests.

Protesters claim that the products sold in the store are manufactured in a factory in Israeli settlement, Mitzpe Shalom in the West Bank but are “misleadingly” labelled as produced in Israel.

A spokeswoman for Shaftesbury PLC, which owns the property as well as several others in the Seven Dials area, said: “When Ahava’s lease expires in September, we will not offer them a new one.”

Pro-Palestinian protesters have been demonstrating fortnightly outside the shop, which opened in April 2007, for more than two years.

Colin George, manager of clothes shop The Loft, next door to Ahava, said: “I’m pleased Ahava is leaving. It’s brought the street down…Everyone would like them to leave. I wish they had left two years ago….Maybe they should be an online business instead.”

While those brave few who have shown up at the Ahava store to counter-protest deserve respect and admiration, the cowardly acquiescence by those who have remained silent in the face of a coordinated campaign to demonize and delegitimize the Jewish state is shameful.

That ordinary non-Jews (and even many Jews) in the UK can’t summon the courage, the will, and the moral clarity to defend this Jewish democracy under siege is a sad and ominous commentary on the political climate in their nation.

Israelis aren’t asking the civilized world to lay down their lives in her defense but, merely, that they stand up and be counted in the battle against those intent on convincing the world that she is an ogre, a nation beyond the pale.

Yes, some things really are that simple.

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  1. What almost is just as troublesome is that there are people willing to “camp out” in front of a store to protest? Don’t those people work, have families? There are so many more important causes, in my little world view, guess I am crazy, huh?

  2. every protest occurred on shabbas

    organizing counter protests is not really in keeping with shabbas menucha

    shame on the landlord….and shame on the neighboring tenants who blamed ahava for the protests

    and shame on the brit cops…who didnt stomp those terrorist lovers into the ground

    its ok…soon all the jews will leave britain and leave it to the islamic hordes

    the death knell for a once mighty global power

  3. Colin George seems typical of one who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing, such as freedom.

    I think his shop is called Loft and all decent people should boycott it. You can write to him at and let him know what you think of what he has said.

    People can also write to Shaftesbury PLC at and tell them what they think of them for caving in to Krystallnacht-like pressure from these barbarians.

  4. if i recall britain was boycotting the state of israel well before israel rolled around. when i see these universities boycott apartheid arab states that sit on stolen jewish land then maybe ill take these claims seriously.

    the settlements are considered illegal even if i support their existence.

  5. The ultimate inversion of reality is the deligitimisation of Israel. This is a truly abhorrent blight on modern western society. The violence and beligerence of the majority of the Arab world and the islamists is beyond belief and yet they are never held to account they are presumed innocent whilst Israel is condemmned no matter what the circumstances. Israel has a Biblical mandate and historical claim to the Promised Land, those who delegitimise her are wrong. The hatred that is promulgated against Israel is sinister, malevolent and unjustified. To be frank if I lived in London and could afford to purchase Ahava products I would reguarly support and VISIT the store. Alas I live in the north east of England and due to the credit crunch have reduced income.

  6. Who is the Landlord?

    It is about time British Jews and friends of Israel became pro-active and counter attacked aggressively instead of appeasing, apologising and keeping a hidden profile. Do it

    Learn from your enemies

  7. Shame on Colin George.

    Add to the list of spineless arseholes bringing the UK down.

  8. @Millfield, the landlord is Shaftesbury Plc and Serendipity has give its email address above.

    Myself, I’d like to know the names of the shops in Monmouth Street (the ubiquitous “everyone” referred to by that apology for a human being) who, by their silence helped this sort of evil to triumph. I want to write to them, too.

    Can anyone help? I have already written to my address book to ask people to boycott The Loft.

    There is absolutely no excuse for this sort of bystanding.

  9. It is said that the litmus test of a country’s right to enter into the community of civilised nations is the way in which it treats its Jews.

    This treatment of AHAVA is so reminiscent of pre-war Nazism that it cannot be anything but naked antisemitism under a threadbare cloak of Israel-hatred.

    Given that, until the UK authorities can guarantee the safety of Jewish businesses and their right to trade with whomever they wish within the law (and it is not illegal to trade with Israel, otherwise the UK would be back in the stone age), then it deserves to be left to the Islamic hordes.

    And high on their list of undesirables will be the sort of mouthbreathers who advocate BDS only against Israel.

    Millfield, I agree that the BoD and other official Jewish organisations are no more use than an ashtray on a motorbike in these circumstances.

  10. Yohoho

    Thanks you for pointing to Serendipity

    Noticed that on their site Shaftesbury PLC have kindly given the individual email contact addresses of all their management team. The directors at the top will probably have a good laugh but the guys in the middle need to know the type of organisation they are working for

    Now we need a strong letter (non-libelous), backed up by some Jewish institutions, Zionists organisations etc, and maybe the Israeli embassy should throw some weight behind us.

  11. The constant and increasing demonization of Israel and anything Israeli is horribly reminiscent of Germany in the 1930’s – an organised, persistent and pervasive presentation of Israel and the Jewish people as anathema.
    That the total opposite of this malevolence is true is little recognized, spoken of or understood.
    How much the world owes to Israel is almost beyond tracing out…….so maybe, just maybe that’s it – who is it, I wonder, who totally HATES intelligent, pro-active, caring and giving achievers?

    Thank you Israel for all the amazing breadth of technology, scientific developments, medical breakthroughs, music, art and much more from which the entire world now benefits.

    But please…..Israel, it’s time to speak up for yourselves!