Spot-on reader comment in response to Guardian’s continued defense of Goldstone Report

Amidst the steady stream of hyperbole and vitriol directed towards Israel by readers in response to Guardian editorials attacking the Jewish state there are, thankfully, some who go against the stream to call the editors out on the tendentious and dishonest nature of their polemical assaults.

Today, in response to the Guardian editorial defending the Goldstone report (see our replies, here and here), the following was posted by a reader using the moniker, “LTCOLHOWARD”, and is worth noting.

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  1. Superb commentary.

    Of course, for the Guardian’s editors, the mere fact that he was there and witnessed matters with his own eyes counts for naught against those who have never been to Israel, or been in combat, or know anything about what Gaza is really like.

  2. AKUS, this indeed is the madness which infects the Guardian blood and bone and the MSM generally.

    It is evidence of the typical Guardian neurosis to discount rational, disinterested evidence in favour of what they believe to be true but which is not supported by such evidence.

    They should offer Goldstone a job.

  3. According to DSM-IV TR, delusions are irrational beliefs, held with a high level of conviction, that are highly resistant to change even when the delusional person is exposed to forms of proof that contradict the belief. Non-bizarre delusions are considered to be plausible; that is, there is a possibility that what the person believes to be true could actually occur a small proportion of the time. Conversely, bizarre delusions focus on matters that would be impossible in reality

    Anyone else recognise Guardian Delusional Disorder here?