Will the bell toll for Vittorio Arrigoni?

A guest post by AKUS

Ha’aretz and Reuters, via the Guardian, have reported that Vittorio Arrigoni has been found dead.

Since this unfortunate man’s name is not a household word, and when I reveal the circumstances of his death you may well agree with me that his name will not become a household world, let me describe who he was and how he met a horrible death.

Arrigoni was hanged by “Islamic militants” yesterday in Gaza. More correctly, he was hanged by Palestinian terrorists. This after a bizarre attempt by these terrorists to persuade Hamas to release the leader of their Jihadi group apparently failed. Had Arrigoni been killed by an Israeli bullet (or bulldozer), I dare say we would already have several articles and hundreds of BTL comments appearing in the Guardian, rather than just one reprint of a Reuters news item. Here are some of the descriptions of the incident that appeared in the Guardian:

An Italian pro-Palestinian activist has reportedly been kidnapped and killed by Islamic militants in Gaza.

The body of Vittorio Arrigoni was found in an abandoned house in the Gaza Strip on Friday following his abduction by militants, a Hamas official said.

A Jihadist Salafi group in the Gaza Strip aligned with al-Qaida had threatened to execute Arrigoni by 5pm local time on Thursday unless their leader, whom Hamas arrested last month, was freed.

…. Arrigoni, a pacifist and blogger, had lived in the Gaza Strip for some time.

Arrigoni may have been a pacifist, but he was also something else. Ha’aretz, also relying on unspecified “News Agencies” was less coy about revealing that he belonged to ISM, a virulently anti-Israeli NGO:

ISM, the organization to which Arrigoni belonged, operates in the West Bank and Gaza and is known for trying to prevent the Israeli military from carrying out its missions. Arraf said this activist has been going in and out of Gaza for more than two years. He was working with farmers and fishermen.

Ha’aretz also connected the dots for anyone unaware of an important aspect of ISM’s activities in Gaza:

The ISM incident that got the most attention was the 2003 death of American activist Rachel Corrie, who was crushed by an Israeli military bulldozer in southern Gaza while trying to block its path.

This was an aspect of his death the Guardian no doubt prefers to ignore as it rather knocks the legs out under Katherine Viner, CiF editor. Viner was instrumental in bringing a play about Rachel Corrie to campuses and off-Broadway theater. Rachel Corrie was killed in a fatal accident which she largely brought upon herself and who therefore is hailed as a martyr to the Palestinian cause.

Will we see plays being written about Arrigoni to be presented off-Broadway and on campuses around the world?

Will Carol Churchill write a little play about this, titled, perhaps, “7 Islamist Children”, to be presented during Ramadan?

Will Arrigoni’s parents come to Gaza demanding to be present at a trial of their son’s murderers, as Corrie’s parents have done in Israel even though it is clear that Corrie’s foolishness was the major contribution to her death and no fault of the driver of the bulldozer under which she threw herself?

Will every Guardian hack from Ian Black to Brian Whitaker who claims to be an expert in matters Middle Eastern or human rights or international law write a column demanding justice and that Hamas’ leaders be brought to account in the Hague?

Of course not.

The bell will not toll for Arrigoni and no plays will be written. ISM and other NGOs will not condemn Hamas and the group Hamas claims did this, and, I strongly suspect, at some point Israel will be blamed for Arrigoni’s presence in Gaza and his death.

For example – how did Arrigoni get to Gaza? According to Reuters:

Arrigoni arrived in the Gaza Strip on a boat bringing humanitarian supplies in 2008 that Israel, which enforces a blockade on the tiny coastal territory, allowed into Gaza port.

I knew it. If Israel had first not blockaded the “tiny coastal territory”, and nevertheless allowed Arrigoni to enter Gaza on a boat carrying unneeded “humanitarian supplies” such as out of date medicines and balloons, those “militants” would not have had a grudge against the West, and Arrigoni would still be alive today.

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  1. pretzelberg

    When an individual chooses to demonise a country as this man demonised Israel – and lived among Israel’s enemies and was arrested for what he did – don’t you see any link between the horrible propaganda he spread and the family business of terrorism and murder that caused the slaughter of the Fogel family?

    Can’t you see the evil here?

    Fogel Terrorist: Like Father, Like Son:

  2. Outside ahava yesterday, ISM activists were sent into a frenzy by a few innocuous remarks relating to arrigoni and those responsible for his death.Several had to be restrained by the police but for some reason were not arrested.One girl collapsed in floods of tears to the pavement where she remained for thirty or so minutes
    The activists held a two minute silence for their fallen comrade . Not unsurprisingly it had escaped their notice that he had been murdered by those they support
    London Bds refer to Zionist inhumanity by turning the demo personal by referring to arrigoni s death conveniently forgetting their own inhumanity several weeks earlier when they suggested that the fogels had it coming to them as settlers. Seems they can dish it out but cannot take it
    For all of you out there please try to make it to the next demo Saturday week between 12 and 2 pm. We have three welsh Christian zionists who make the round trip every time
    The closure of ahava is a symbol of Bds struggle to ultimately delegitimize israel and it’s ultimate dismantlement
    Please turn up in numbers next time in order to confront the scourge of the ISM / Bds street terrorists

  3. @ peterthehungarian

    I still do not see the man as having been a “deadly and murderous enemy” of Israel.


    don’t you see any link between the horrible propaganda he spread and the family business of terrorism and murder that caused the slaughter of the Fogel family?

    No. Shame on you for such slander.

  4. Harvey, it would be an insult to crocodiles to call them that.

    Rage and waterworks from phobics! I wonder what is really wrong with them.

  5. Pretzelberg, don’t exaggerate. No cesspit could be as bad as CiF gets about Israeli, Zionists and Jew.

    As for this psychotic twerp, I too am glad that he got his. If he didn’t want to get burned he shouldn’t have played with fire, let alone lived in the centre of it. I heard also that he was openly gay and if so that really WAS playing with fire with Salafis in Gaza.

    I am teased and amused by turns at the mental and emotional gymnastics required of the ISM to deal with the fact that he was killed by people they support, which, means that they supported his killing. Well, if only they all led by example and offered themselves to Salafis in the same way.

    Sickening indeed, however, was what I read on Twitter about Elmer Phudd (aka William Hague) offering condolences to his family and friends – ie the ISM. The man’s slitheriness and stupidity knows no bounds.

  6. Pretzel

    I still do not see the man as having been a “deadly and murderous enemy” of Israel.

    I would say that is natural. His activity threatened my and my family’s existence and not yours but I know you better. Was he a supporter of Hamas? The answer is a loud yes. Then what is your question?

  7. “Comment for comment, CiF looks like Bambi-land in comparison’ pretzl

    So why don´t you stay there, where you really belong? SHAME ON YOU!

  8. “I wonder if pretzelberg had any input to the posts here on antisemitic cartoons.” Ariadne

    He didn´t see, he´s unaware, he doesn´t have a clue. That´s mr. pretzle´s way. Shame on him!

  9. Pretz, I don’t think its reasonable to ask decent, moral people to lament the loss of those who align themselves with reactionary, hateful, violent movements. Further, I don’t think moral consistency demands that we treat friend and foe equally.

  10. “April 16, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    What an utterly bizarre comment”

    This one-sentence comment is a true reflection of your quote-unquote intellectual depth.

    Truth be told, you are some lonely troll, who comes to CIF and other public forums to socialize. You have no other life to speak of.

    P.S. Don’t ever bother me again with your idiocies.

  11. “Further, I don’t think moral consistency demands that we treat friend and foe equally”. Adam Levick

    Exactly. The pseudo-humanitarian stance of our Church-Lady-in-Chief (aka
    pretzl) is the prototypical PC-style of morality, a widespread disease of our times. It makes them in unable and/or unwilling to make necessary distinctions based on people´s principles, principles and beliefs, even when they freely chose to embrace them and had all the chances to use their critical faculties. It treats grown -ups as children, being therefore condescending and exculpatory, while avoiding the painful recognition that there are evil people out there and that not everybody is entitled the same respect. Theirs is a world of feel-good moral equalization which is childish and stupid as it ends up condoning and enabling the same kind of beliefs that motivated that italian moron.

  12. “Truth be told, you are some lonely troll, who comes to CIF and other public forums to socialize. You have no other life to speak of. ” profil97

    Agreed. Short and to the point.

  13. ziontruth,

    Jewish moral superiority does not entail in any way or form or fashion being soft to the enemy. I hope I make it abundantly clear to you and others.

    Those sharpen knives to kill Jews should be put down with no mercy.

  14. SerJew,

    That pretz troll is always all over the place bothering others with his nuisances.

    I wouldn’t mind perusing his comments every now and then if he made any sense. Nothing but gibberish ever comes out though.

  15. Profil97,

    I am glad you figure him out as he truly is, a pathetic self-serving sanctimonious troll. We tend to extend our (natural) benefit of the doubt,
    but that guy´s demopathic behavior is really insufferable.


  16. Lies. In Palestine/Israel everybody who worked as volunteer with a not–for–profit community organisation to help children and poor people knew Arrigoni. He was a good person, not a militant. He was not interested in politics, he didn’t belong to ISM and didn’t hate Israel. He once informed Amnesty International about the crimes commited by Israelian soldiers against the civilians of Palestine, and made lots of photos. Because of this fact, he was considered a sort of spy or even an enemy by the Israeli Government. But his motto was “restiamo umani”, meaning ”stay human”. Now he has gone. The guy who planned his assassin was from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (not Palestine). I can only say, dear Vittorio Arrigoni, rest in peace. It’s sad to read so many haters here…

  17. Hawkeye, have you read the demented Lauren Booth on this? I think I got half-way before choking on what she dragged out of the Gaza sewer.

    I wonder why the decent people in Gaza don’t just escape. After all, the abused people in several African countries get themselves a long way from the abusers.

  18. Signor Tortelloni hanged out with Hamas gangsters, therefore he condoned Hamas´s aims which is the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews.

    He was an adult that made his wrong choices, and it doesn´t matter what you think the felt or not. His actions are telling enough. He was the real hater
    dressed as a humanitarian, which is the usual façade of the anti-zionist PC crowd.

    I have no respect for that guy nor do I lament his death.

  19. Hawkeye you are too kind. “Peace”‘s blindness is not moral it is literal. And far from staying human what he wrote and drew was as far from human as any other Jew-/Israel-hating animal of the ISM stable.

    @Peace – your support for your friend would be laudable if he were worth it. He hated, he compared Israelis to dogs, his artwork reads like a thematic apperception test for a psychopath. He belonged to a group which facilitated and advocated violence. He got what he deserved from the Salafis who make Hamas look like pussy cats.