Daniel and Vittorio: The Guardian’s selective empathy

The murder, at the hands of Islamists, of anti-Israel activist, ISM member, and Hamas supporter, Vittorio Arrigoni on April 15th was reported extensively by the Guardian, whose hagiography included:

Body of kidnapped Italian peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni found in Gaza,

Vittorio Arrigoni: pacifist supporter of the Palestinian cause

Gaza police close in on Vittoria Arrigoni murder

And, an opinion piece by Pennie Quinton:

Vale Vittorio Arrigoni, “hero of Palestine”

Inversely, Israeli teen, Daniel Viflic, who died on Sunday, April 18, as the result of brain injures sustained by shrapnel from a Hamas missile, has not been noted at all by the Guardian.

Vittorio Arrigoni was an extremist political activist whose hatred for Israel had no boundaries, who posted anti-Semitic messages and imagery on his Facebook page, and aligned himself politically with reactionary, violent, Islamist movements such as Hamas.

Daniel Viflic was an innocent 16-year-old Jewish civilian, a Yeshiva student from Bet Shemesh who was murdered when the yellow school bus he was riding on was targeted by a Hamas missile.

The near lionization of Vittorio, in contrast to the callous disregard of Daniel, is a perfect illustration of the puerile romanticism of Palestinian “resistance” on one hand, and the political abstraction that Israelis have become on the other, for those under the spell of the rigid ideology of the Guardian Left.

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  1. But it most certainly does NOT have to be all bad. Brian and I have just rerturned from the 1st funeral we’ve attended since our aliya. The deceased – an American oleh of more than 30 years’ standing – had been a lovely human being . So unsurprisingly about 200 people came to pay their respects – not all of them Anglos. But suddenly, as though from nowhere while the rabbi was giving an address – I can’t call it a ‘hesped’ as we’re in the middle of Passover – an Arab lady emerged from deep within the crowd and exchanged heartfelt embraces with the mourners. Later we stood next to her as she washed her hands and face at the same basins used by everyone else. I share this with you all to show Israel at its best, not its tragic worst. Chag sameach!

  2. Forward this to every Guardian editor. Spam their mail boxes. Harass their editors. This is a disgrace, absolutely disgusting act of yellow journalism. the guardian is an accomplice to this terrorism.

  3. Well said, Adam! People who read Italian should look up the trash on Arrigoni’s own blog and on his twitter page. I am outraged that the Guardian called Arrigoni a “peace activist” and “pacifist.” Also check out how Arrigoni referred to Gilad Shalit whose rights to visits by the Red Cross [ICRC] are violated shamelessly by Hamas. With no special notice by so-called “human rights” NGOs.

    One of his blog posts is translated here.