Radical Israelis Prefer Murderers

Yaacov Lozowick, in his blog, Yaacov Lozowick’s Ruminations, recently commented on the reaction to the Itamar massacre by the Israeli radical left:

For years I’ve believed…that for all my disagreements with far-left Israelis, they were a legitimate voice and deserved respect for criticizing from inside the war zone: if proven wrong, they’d be here to pay the price; when Palestinian or Hezbollah murderers do their best to kill random Israeli Jews, the far-left Israelis are here along with all the rest of us. This creates a qualitative distinction between them and their foreign fellows in malice.

I’m no longer convinced…the contribution Israel’s radicals make to the Big Lie against Israel is immense; sometimes the entire anti-Israeli argumentation comes from them.

This week we’ve had a further example which to my mind crosses all the lines of simple human decency. The Hebrew part of the Internet has been all a-buzz about the story of the Israeli radicals who went to the West Bank town of Awarta to give succor to the families of the murderers of the Fogel family, while disseminating unforgivable slander against the IDF.

Lozowick continues:

Immediately after the murder trackers identified tracks of the suspected murderers from Itamar to the nearby town of Awarta. We now know that the two suspected murderers walked back home after the massacre of the Fogel family, where a number of their friends and relatives burned their clothes and hid their weapons near Ramallah. The investigators, who had reason to believe the murderers and potential accomplices were in town, but couldn’t yet have known who, how many, how well armed, and if they intended to murder again, sealed off the town and began to investigate….At one point they collected DNA samples from most of the men. Had anyone come forward and admitted their part in the massacre the investigation would have been greatly expedited, but this didn’t happen, so the investigators had to find their men in a hostile environment. They succeeded in less than a month. The week before the gag order was lifted the suspected murderers were brought to Itamar to re-enact the murder, so everyone in Itamar knew they’d been caught; soon, everyone else who cared knew, too, even if the precise identities of the murderers were not yet known.

…At this point a delegation of radical Israeli leftists visited the town: after the investigation, mind you, since, as they openly said in their subsequent reports, during the investigation itself they couldn’t get in.

 Hagit Beck, a member of [the NIF funded group] Machsom Watchdescribes on her blog how she and some other women went to visit “the 2 homes which had been ransacked”. The second of the two was the home of Hakem Awad. The blog-post has been put up also on the Machsom Watch website: they’re obviously proud of it. While in the house, Raya Yaron, the Machsom Watch spokeswoman, tried to comfort Shama Awad, mother of suspected murderer Hakem Awad, and wife of one of the men suspected for destroying the evidence. If proven in court, this will mean Shama Awad hid her murderer son from the police for most of a month, knowing fully what he had done. This is the woman Raya Yaron is embracing (below), and Hagit Beck is celebrating.

If there’s a photo more illustrative of the Israeli radical left’s moral and political pathos, I haven’t seen it.  

You simply can not wear the mantle of “peace activist” or even “progressive” when you continually demonize Israel, ignore or excuse the murder of innocent Jews at the hands of Palestinian terrorists, and provide comfort to accomplices of such brutal attacks. 

Characterizing Israelis who engage in such shameful and destructive behavior as a “Fifth Column” is not an overstatement. 

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  1. This constant nurturing of the Palestinians’ sense of grievance is one of the biggest obstacles to any peace settlement.

    These are anti-peace activists, like the late unlamented Arrigoni. Who, when he gets to the Pearly Gates, will find a message: “Dogs yes, but no ISM members”.

  2. “If there’s a photo more illustrative of the Israeli radical left’s moral and political pathos…”


    “If there’s a photo more illustrative of the Israeli radical left’s moral and political bankruptcy…”

  3. ‘Who, when he gets to the Pearly Gates, will find a message: “Dogs yes, but no ISM members”.’

    Another emendation

    ‘Who, when he gets to Hell, will find a message: “Dogs, no! ISM members, yes!”.’

  4. The left wingers will be the first to be eliminated if a palestinian state is given UN recognitition. Remember Jews will only be the ones to defend Jews. Know your real enemies

  5. And here is the Haaretz report for how Hamas handled the ‘arrest’ of the those suspected of killing Vittorio Arrigoni:

    “…sources relay that Hamas security men surrounded a home where the suspects were staying,in the Nusseirat refugee camp, in the center of the Gaza Strip. The Hamas men called on the suspects to turn themselves in. A gun battle ensued. The Hamas police brought relatives of the suspects to the area, hoping that they would persuade the suspects to surrender. When this effort failed, Hamas security men entered the home, and killed Balal al-Omari and Hirdani Abbad a-Rahman al-Brizat. The third suspect, Muhammad a-Salpiti, was wounded and detained. Three Hamas security men were hurt in the gunfight.”

    I haven’t heard any complaints about that, have you?

  6. @ Bella

    Exactly. Hamas massacres suspects and blows up homes of alleged murderers – the Israeli Left says jack squat. Guardian is silent.

    But the Israelis follow protocol to the T and ZOMG WAR CRIMES1111

  7. I am astounded by the reaction of these “activists”. How can they live in a country among people they despise to the core?

    I totally fail to see how they identify so closely with their enemy. What can they possibly gain?

  8. “What can they possibly gain?”

    Are you familiar with a book by Theodore Lessing : “Der jûdische Selbsthass” ? It explains it wonderfully.

  9. If they could these perverts would also hug Heydrich, Goering, Goebbels, Eichmann, Borman, Himmler and Hitler.