Propaganda as Reporting: Guardian’s coverage of today’s riots and border infiltrations

Guardian reports on today’s Nakba Day inspired violence could have been written by Syrian or Gaza state TV.

By reading the headlines, viewing the photos, and reading the accompanying text (in the three stories, here, here, and here) you’d never know that Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese initiated the attacks, riots, and infiltrations along Israel’s borders and in and around Jerusalem, nor that Iran was likely the state actor who instigated the incidents.

Of course, the only difference between the Guardian and Arab state propaganda is that the former operates under the guise of respectable journalism, yet consistently reads as anti-Zionist agitprop, Mondoweiss with a more polished veneer – headlines and prose assigning maximum malice to the Jewish state, photos depicting immutable Palestinian and Arab suffering.

Yes, the Guardian’s coverage of today’s events was entirely predictable, but the repetition of such journalistic malice doesn’t make it any less odious.

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  1. Never mind about the Graun – it’s what we expect – or the BBC – but what about all the other news media that one thought might have reported the facts more even-handedly ? I just scanned a few sources like CNN, Fox News, or The Daily Telegraph, only to find the same kinds of headlines. In short :” Israel killed Arab demonstrators ” without rhyme or reason.
    Sky News seemed a little better ( I may be wrong ) ; at least we heard from an Israeli Army spokesperson explaining the situation.

    The best way to get reliable news, I think, is to read the Jerusalem Post or Yediot Acharonot – or else to listen to Israeli radio on the Net. Oh, and of course there is Cif Watch !

  2. Excuse cross posting: I have just heard the ITV news about the invasions, the headline of which blared that the IDF had fired on civilians (without of course giving any context). Even in the bulletin the newscasters gave little. There was an interesting potential Pallywood moment of fame however for a young useless idiot, shot by a rubber bullet but who barely missed a beat, until that is he clocked the cameras rolling and started screaming and hopping about. His mum would be SO proud!

    I’d call him a ham actor but that would be insensitive wouldn’t it?

  3. How glad the media are to link the ‘Arab spring’ demonstrators and the Palestinian Nakba riots/protests !

    The journalists covering the riots in ‘Palestine’ / Israel know very well the crucial difference between those who protest against the Israeli Army or Military Police compared to civilian protesters in Arab countries against their army or police forces. What’s more, the protesters seen nonchalantly throwing rocks and burning objects at the Israeli armed forces are also very well aware that they are not risking their lives in doing so because there are rules of engagement and courts of law to appeal to,
    unlike in Arab countries with dictatorships and no reliable legal redress.
    Confronting Israeli troops has become just a rite of passage where both the Arab demonstrators-rioters and the world’s journalists keep on deriving psychological and financial benefit. In some ways, it wouldn’t be profitable for them to see an end to hostilities between Israelis and Arabs…

  4. Harriet Sherwood has been at it again with this little gem: “Clashes also erupted in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as Palestinians commemorated Nakba Day, the anniversary marking the 1948 war in which hundreds of thousands of people became refugees after being forced out of their homes” Forced out of their homes? Excuse me. Can’t this woman be bothered to read a history book?

  5. Yeah, clashes “erupted”, just like that, like spontaneous human combution.
    Just like those ” sectarian clashes” in Egypt, where 99,9999% of the dead are copts.

    This tramp-lady should be expelled from Israel. She´s no journalist, but an anti-Israel ideologue. Let her spew her lies from the conforts of
    Tahir square.

  6. The laws of Physics are looser when it comes to reporting on Israel:

    Crossing the border = “Approaching”, “At” the border

    Invasion = “Protest”

    Anyone under 50 = “Youths”

  7. I was facinated by the way that The Graun conflated the protests associated with the Arab Spring with the invasion of Israeli sovereignty by Arab hoards. I feel that this was deliberate as The Graun has beens omwewhat disappointed after the fall of Mubarak who was perceived as pro Israel. Now Assad the murderer is under attack by his own people. The Axis Iran/Syria may well be a thing of the past with the protesters claiming that Iranians are assisting the President.

    And Gaddafi, another mad cow so beloved of Guardianistas, is in his last days.

    What’s left for The Graun to moan about. Only Israel.

  8. Nicole,

    So is my family.
    we are 30 minutes from majdal.
    My mother told me that yesterday the regional school of Har Vagai was working fine and all the kibbutzim from the Golan wen down through Bukaata just fine.

    Nothing at all except some planes movements over head.

    Mind you Majdal is the closest village to the border which tends to see famillies shouting to each other accross the fence on that hill.
    It is called the shouting hill.

    I’d be more concerned about Avivim, Malkya, Misgav-Am, Yiftach and Manara. which lie right next to the Lebanese border.