Vicious hate unleashed by Guardian readers inspired by Harriet Sherwood’s attack on Geoffrey Alderman

Harriet Sherwood’s rhetorical assault on Geoffrey Alderman today seems to have achieved some success in that it temporarily revived her, up until now, entirely moribund blog.  

Her “View from Jerusalem” has been a spectacular failure to date, with one post garnering an embarrassingly meager 3 comments.  Today’s post, from her “apolitical” blog, “Historian writes of ‘pleasure’ at murder of pro-Palestinian activist”, elicited 370 comments, many which were simply vicious towards Alderman, Zionism, and the Jewish community who supports Israel, proving once again that posting polemical attacks on Israel or her supporters is a tried and true method to get the attention and gain the admiration of the Guardian Left.  

Here are a few samples:

This is a classic case of projection, imputing in Zionists, not the radical Islamists who seek Israel’s destruction, the belief in a “divine right to rule and kill those who disagree.” (177 Recommends)

Israel’s supporters (Jews) are “violent, aggressive, fanatic, bigoted, and uncharitable who defend the indefensible.” (150 Recommends)

Zionists like Alderman appear to be the real terrorists (225 Recommends)

Alderman is a “disgusting human being”. (164 Recommends)

Alderman is an “evil” and “warped” man who takes pleasure in the murder of Palestinian children, in contrast to Arrigoni, who was a “charitable” “peace activist” (129 Recommends)

Zionism is an act of violence against Judaism.

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  1. Funny how these same folk are uninclined to pour out their stunned moral indignation at the daily rejoicing over the murder of israelis.

  2. If that commenter wants to complain about those who believe in ‘a divine right to rule and kill those who disagree’ he should direct his comments at those who killed Arrigoni.


  3. I have not yet read the comments relating to the Alderman affair on this blog, so I don’t know whether anyone made the point….I don’t think Alderman did, but the thing that gave me the most pleasure was the same thing that demented Sherwood and the rest of the villains, namely, that here was this Arrigoni, who prostrated himself to the Arabs, giving his all to them, deluding himself that he was accepted as an equal, only to realise that for all his pains, he was really considered a kuffir, like the rest of us.
    In the end, his Jew hatred cut no ice with them.
    That realisation must be profoundly shocking to the Guardianistas, except that their hatred of the Jews will allow them to rationalise his murder, in their own warped moral kindergarten.

    • Yes, Tosca. The real thing to celebrate is that the true colours show. They were less obvious in Rachel Corrie’s case.

      There’a an old saying from English law, “The greater the truth the greater the libel”. In CiF‘s case, the greater the truth the greater the demonisation of the truth-tellers and Israel. Or the libel which a lot of their words must constitute.

  4. Islamists and their fellow travellers on CiF are all stuck at the paranoid-schizoid stage of emotional development wherein they split off hate-filled aspects of themselves and project them onto Israel and Jews so that they can feel righteous and comfortable. They cannot tolerate the sort of emotional discomfort which recognises that they, and therefore other people are neither all good nor all bad but a mixture. This splitting and separation is not conscious in essence, rather it’s a sign of stuck development which is wholly inappropriate in adults and which at its most extreme can result in paranoid attitudes behaviour. Think of the Arab/Muslim predilection towards conspiracy theories and you may get my drift.

    So yes, Adam, you are correct that these posts are evidence of overidentification to a worrisome extent with the paranoid projective mind states of Islamists and their fellow travellers and the need for these posters to split off their own “bad stuff” and put it onto Israel and Jews so that they can feel better.

  5. That hate-fest blog is an opportunity that antisemites have to meet each other and test the current standards of anti-semitic hate speech. So they can
    test themselves and feel part of their community of hate while continuously pushing the boundaries of what is considered “polite” in their circles.

    In sum, it´s a modern day Der Stürmer. Pure trash.

  6. This woman is even nastier than Ben White, if that is possible, she managed to get all the hyenas out in force,as usual there was a wholesale deletion of pro Israeli posts,at the same time that the nastiest anti-Israeli posts were left on.

    Bella Mackie did a great hatchet job.

    This woman HS will sleep well at night in the knowledge that there are posters who love her and applauded her.

    Anti-Semitism never bothered me before as much as after reading the shit that is posted in the Guardian.

    That Guardian web site attracts some of the worst bottom feeders.

  7. Alderman has IMO very dubious views – but he is free to express them.

    But he’s British – so why on earth does her “exposé” feature on her “View from Jerusalem” column??

    • Because he’s a Jew – British or not – according to the Guardian and the Socialist Worker’s Party worldview.

    • How dare you even imply an opinion of Alderman. That is totally of-topic !!!

  8. Even – nay! especially! – Chris McGreal stepped in to comment although he entered incognito as he did not place that large “G” by his name.

    It is interesting that many Guardian staff – including Sherwood – were reading the comments such as those quoted above with, presumably, satisfaction.

    It is interesting that Sherwood finds Alderman the villain of the piece – the piece being the murder of Arrigoni. It is interesting that Sherwood mentions but only in passing : “Hamas subsequently killed those responsible for Arrigoni’s death.” It is interesting that Sherwood has not asked her own editor whether he stands by – for example – Agnes Poirier’s defence of Polanski.

    There are different rules for the Jewish Chronicle than there are for the Guardian. The Guardian can and does publish ‘provocative’ articles for the sake of ‘debate’ (aka advertising revenue) – but when the Jewish Chronicle does so, the editor is immediately put on trial by the Guardian.

    As well as being an appallingly superficial ‘reporter’ (par for the course at the Guardian) – she missed the most revealing part of the story which is Hamas’ judicial system – Sherwood is ultimately a very vain and silly person (ex SWP, apparently, can you get more stupid than that?).

  9. pretzelberg

    The view from Jerusalem is a misnomer as Sherwood has not left England. She neither speaks nor reads Hebrew or Arabic and she only hangs out with English speaking people like herself. She has learnt nothing and forgotten nothing since she physically ‘moved’ to Jerusalem.

    • So we can’t blame the JC for publishing Alderman’s stupidity but we can blame the Guardian for printing Sherwood’s nonsense ?

  10. We all thought the Guardian was scum
    And Harriet no more than a bum
    Their morals we condemned
    In articles we penned
    Guardian please please keep schtum!

    (copied from a limerick seen at the Spectator’s Coffeehouse about the P Middy bum)

  11. I’ll say it again- Nothing that a good slander lawsuit wouldn’t fix.

    Even if it doesn’t hold, they’ll be much more selective under under-the-line forever after.

    Israel and pro-Israelis everywhere should start flexing their law-muscles much more, because this kind of scum-talk with the word “Zionist” being thrown around as if it were “Nazi”, is starting to get really disgusting.

  12. MindTheCrap

    “Where does Ha’aretz find all of these self-loving self-hating traitors ?”

    I honestly can’t tell if that’s in cynicism or not. Ari Shavit is very far from being a “traitor”.

    • But he will have to agree to give the Palestinians land equivalent to the territory captured in 1967. Such an agreement is vital. Without accepting the principle of 1967, Netanyahu’s other principles will remain full of holes.

      Isn’t that traitorous talk ??

      • Lol, again, not sure if your’e sarcastic or not. Seems reasonable to me, and I know your’e not exactly right-wing yourself given prior comments.

        Ari Shavit is a rare realist. I don’t know what’s he’s doing in Haaretz- they’re beneath him.

  13. I read this full of anticipation for the ‘Vicious Hate’ that you advertised in the headline. But then it turned out that there was simply a bit of political hoopla. And a lot of Zionist projectionism going on. For example, is it inconceivable that Zionists might be terrorists? I think the staff of the King David hotel might have a view. Or perhaps the authorities in Dubai? Or perhaps the idea that Alderman is a disgusting human being? Well, as someone else has said in relation to something similar, not the kind of thing I would say, but it’s great that we should call this guy out on his hate for people who disagree with him!

    What a bunch of hypocrites you lot are.

    • Alright. You have a bag o’ $2000 with you. I demand it from you, even using force to take it away from you. For my actions, you hate me. Therefore, you’re prejudiced, bigoted etc. toward me.