Scottish Council BDS leader, Jim Bollan: “Hamas are freedom fighters”

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For those concerned over recent press indicating that West Dunbartonshire, one of the 32 local government council areas of Scotland, was banning Israeli books, the council has recently assured us that nothing of the sort is happening.  

The council isn’t banning books by Israeli authors, they’re merely banning ALL Israeli products, including books published in Israel.

Oh, I see.

Evidently, the ban on ALL Israeli goods – including those from within pre-1967 boundaries – was passed 2 1/2 years ago, and included the following language:

“This Council deplores the loss of life in Palestine which now numbers well over 1,000.  This Council also recognises the disproportionate force used by the IDF in Palestine and agrees to boycott all Israeli goods as a consequence.  Officers should immediately cease the purchase of any goods we currently source, which were made or grown in Israel.  Officers should also ensure we procure no new goods or produce from Israel until this boycott is formally lifted by WDC.”

Since the row erupted, council members haven’t been reacting too well to efforts by anti-boycott activists to reverse their ban.  

Typical, is this exchange between council member Jim Bollan, of the Scottish Socialist Party, and Martin Sugarman, Chair of the Hackney Anglo-Israel Twinning Association.

In further correspondences with anti-boycott activist, Stephen Franklin, Bollan characterized Hamas as “Freedom Fighters”:

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European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor summed it up as follows:

“While those behind the boycott will claim that this is not antisemitic, targeting only the Jewish state, a democracy, while ignoring serial human-rights abusing nations tells us that this is indeed antisemitic in intent and in effect,” Kantor said in a statement released last Tuesday. “This demonstrates how far ‘respectable antisemitism’ has come. Clearly it has become acceptable to boycott and discriminate against Jews, as long as there is a thin veneer of anti-Zionism, which purportedly covers the hateful act.”

Beyond the ongoing rhetorical volley, however, there is an evolving campaign going against West Dunbartonshire over their boycott of Israel. We’re trying to get the decision reversed. Ways in which you can help include the following:

1. Twitter

Tweet the council @wdcouncil and Councillor Jonathan McColl @cllrjmccoll. For sample tweets see @cifwatch and @actforisrael on Twitter.

2. Facebook

West Dumbartonshire Council has a Facebook page. Go to their wall here – and flood them with comments.

3. West Dumbartonshire Discussion Forum. 

On the West Dumbartonshire Council web page there is a discussion forum where you can post comments. You will need to register and comments are moderated. Again lets flood them with comments. Here’s the link –

4. Councillor Jonathan McColl’s blog

As chief defender of the boycott, Councillor McColl has uploaded a video log. You can post comments on his blog.

5. Email

Email the councillors and let them know that the boycott is immoral and racist. Do not be abusive and stick to facts.

Emails of the councillors are below:;;;

Relevant background info: [see also comments thread]

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  1. Jim Bollan = Berchmans?

    Naahh, even Berchmans isn’t that inflammatory.

    “We Scots no like Ziocons shoot babies in head behhhhhh”

    • Indeed. I suspect the same is true with e.g. those UCU delegates – not to mention certain posters on CiF.

  2. Bolan’s grammar leaves much to be desired as does his understanding of the complexities of the ME situation.

    And he’s a liar too – if he really believed in equality and justice (I am not tarring all Scots with the same brush as I tar him) then his lunatic council would be boycotting every tyranical regime in the world rather than picking on the one democracy in the Middle East.

  3. I tried to discover what they make in west dumbarton so that I could apply a reverse boycott but it is quite hard to find this out. Seems that the largest employer in the area is the council… kinds of sums the place up doesn’t it?

  4. Thanks for all these contacts, I will be urging activists that I know to support the boycott.

    Just checked the FB page, not a flood of comments yet, not even a trickle. There were two new likes from when this post went up, ah well it’s a start I suppose.

    • Are you lonely? Why do you spend your time deliberately trying to aggravate people with sardonic pointless comments? Do you get a rush from the negative votes? The rest of us try (occasionally) to contribute some kind of opinion or content. You’re a sad person.

    • Well that really settles their haggis. With you on their side they’re doomed, doomed I tell ye!

    • Don’t be shy, mostly charmless –

      In your quest for justice, tell us why you have singled out israel as the world’s pariah.

      • Snore, snore, snore. Don’t tell me, but are you going to play the AS card because I am holding Israel to a higher standard? This is getting tiresome. In reality it is you zeitgoose who is holding Israel to a lower standard. And double standards are a sure sign of AS.

        • No you donkey, you and your kind of challenged intellect infantilise Palestinians by not holding them to the standards you would hold any other people who wanted their own state.

          And you are an antisemite. You own fingers condemn you here again and again

    • Ooh ooh ooh, now over 120 likes on FB page, no comments though, maybe they switched them off, sounds like your dastardly plan has been scuppered. Ah well back to the drawing board.

      • Wow, I’ve never witnessed such a close battle in my life! On one side we have companies like Intel, Oracle and Berkshire Hathaway. On the other, we have people who can barely make their rent every month and seem to spend their lives baiting Jews on the internet.

  5. “Thanks for all these contacts, I will be urging activists that I know to support the boycott.”

    Britain’s economy is in the toilet. Israel’s economy is thriving. It takes a startling degree of naïveté to believe that you and your little Scottish pal and even one hundred thousand more nobodies like you could make any possible difference to Israel. You are like those crackpot students in the 1960s waving their Little Red Books and chanting risible slogans about America.


    “The news on the UK economy just gets worse and worse. Wednesday’s dismal snapshot of manufacturing removes one of the last remaining reasons to be modestly upbeat about Britain’s recovery prospects.”

    Sterling hit as manufacturing slowdown sparks recovery fears


    “As revised, the Bank of Israel expects the Israeli economy to grow 5.2% in 2011, compared with a prior estimate of 4.5% in March. For 2012, the central bank sees gross domestic product rising 4.2%, against its March estimate of 4%.

    By comparison, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development pegs Israel’s growth a bit higher, at rates of 5.4% for 2011 and 4.7% in 2012. Israel’s GDP grew 4.7% in 2010.

    The latest estimates show exports excluding diamonds rising by 6.3% instead of by the March estimate of 4.3%. At the same time, the current-account surplus should shrink “significantly” from the previous forecast because imports are likely to leap 11.5% this year, the Bank of Israel said. It had previously estimated that imports would grow 9.7%.

    The current account measures the net flow of goods, services and transfer payments exported from and imported to a country. The central bank more than halved its forecast for the 2011 current-account surplus to $2.6 billion, down from the previous $5.3 billion. The surplus was $6.7 billion in 2010.

    The Bank of Israel, led by Stanley Fischer, expects the unemployment rate at year’s end to approach 5.8%, compared with its previous estimate of 6.1%. The nation’s jobless rate was 6.7% at the end of 2010.”

  6. There must be something here I don’t understand.

    If Hamas are the freedom fighters, but the only people killed in Cast lead were NOT freedom fighters – where were the freedom fighters while the fighting was going on? Surely not hiding behind the civilians?

    • No, under Shifa Hospital in Gaza, along with their own stash of arms and ammunition, using the wounded and sick as human shields in their own inimitable fashion.

  7. According to this document, the life expectancy in West Dunbartonshire is 72.4 Males, 78.2 Females ~ 75years
    The second worst score in Scotland

    Compared to the West Bank 75 and Gaza 74

    Shouldn’t West Dunbartonshire council be trying to help the poor deprived people of Calton Glasgow where the male life expectancy is 54 years?,_Glasgow

    They should be boycotting the Calton/Glasgow council or the Scottish parliament until they improve this intolerable violation of human rights.

  8. Responding to a Ynetnews inquiry, Bollan confirmed that the statements attributed to him were accurate, and added the following: “One important point I made that strangely was not published along with my comments on the enclosed blog was that Hamas was elected with a bigger majority than the Israeli government.”

    This guy is fantastic.
    Brezhnew, Qadafi and Assad were elected with a 98% majority so they must be the good guys…

    • This sent to Jonathan Mcoll

      Hi Jonathan

      I watched your video blog and frankly, i’m appalled.

      The crux of your decision to boycott israel is because the IDF “shot through human shields and bombed shools, hospitals, men, women and children without discrimination.”

      You say your source was reports in the media. Are you not also aware of reports in the media that the chief author of the Goldstone report retracted the central allegation that the IDF deliberately targeted civilians? or that Col Rich Kemp, a british observer on the ground, reported that the IDF had taken more steps to avoid civilian casualties than any army in a war zone in the hostory of modern warfare?

      The case for war crimes against the IDF has not been made, let alone proved. It is therefore your own fault if some people have lumped you together with all the other activists with an anti-israeli or anti-semeitic agenda.

      Have you boycotted goods from Gaza? or Sudan? or Zimbabwe? or China? or any of the many anti-israeli countries whose human rights abuses put the actions of the israeli govt into the shade? If not, you are either anti-israel per se or your strings are being pulled by those who are. neither is appropriate in a publically elected body in a democratic country.

      You claim to have received threats to yourself and your family because of this. And yet you have not reported them to the police. Again, one smells a rat. A silly, conceited-as-it-is-possible-to-be, kind of rat.

      You have a public duty to report them. Jews are not in the habit of making threats like this. If you don’t report them we will never know if you are telling the truth will we? And the implied slur that they were made by israelis or their friends cannot be challenged, can it?

      I have not visited scotland. I always thought one day I would. Well, take it on notice that until you remove your unjust and discriminatory boycott of israel I will boycott scotland and everything scottish. No more scotch whisky for me!

    • Pathetic! The man is a whiner and a loser.
      You can see why HE GAVE IN to the real sicko Bollan.
      Bollan, who sides with killers who slit a baby’s throat.

      And WDC is so god-awful stupid.
      Israel has NOTHING whatever to do with them.

      Their Rules can say that
      any councillor may raise any motion for consideration,
      but there are at least two factors
      which should be applied:
      a. Has all other council business been completed?
      b. What is the benefit of the proposed motion, to the electorate of WDC?

      This will do NOTHING for that group, NOTHING!
      If WD has a 30% mohammedan electorate
      then there could be a charge of pandering.

      Arguably, this motion is bad for WD mohammedans,
      because it has drawn unfavourable attention to
      followers of said ‘Religion of Peace’ (TM).
      How many of them want to be thought of,
      at the same time as cold-blooded butchers?

      No, this is all the effort of the sick hypocrite Bollan,
      an ultra-left loony, who is in bed with islamists.

      John ‘robust’ McColl is the weak spineless ENABLER.
      But also include all who allowed that sick debate,
      and doubly so, for all who voted in favour of the motion
      trebly for whomever seconded that motion of hate.

      Are full details/minutes of that meeting available?

  9. People like this Jim Bollan want to sit back and hope the Muslims will slaughter the Jews

    They want to appease the Muslims to save themselves

    These Anti-Israel Westerners are the #1 ENEMIES of thew Jews

    More then the Muslims, more then anyone else

  10. I find it funny Bollen mentioning the close to 1000 killed by Israel or the IDF. Gaddafi has killed how many of his citizens for the crime of protesting against his rule? Last time they reported a casualty number it was over 1000, and that was over the course of 1 month, and these were peaceful protesters.

    And then there is Syria. Last I saw, the death toll is somewhere around 1100, and again, this is over the course of 3 months, and the dead are all peaceful protesters.

    So Israel kills approximately 1000 Gazans, during a period of war mind you, and of which, it is now confirmed by Hamas themselves, that a majority were “Freedom Fighters” and Bollen wants to signal out Israel for a boycott.

    I have no problem with a boycott of Israel, but if you are going to do it, you can’t be selective of what you boycott. That being the case, Bollen is boycotting not just products made in the Occupied Territories, but also within Pre-1967 Israel. Good for him, he is not being selective with his boycott, or is he?

    Are they also going to boycott their computers since the processor was most likely developed and produced in Israel? Are they going to boycott their Cellphones since that technology was created in Israel? Are they going to boycott email because that technology was created in Israel?

    When Bollen has a heart attack and is taken to the hospital, is he going to demand that the doctors don’t implant any Stints, since those were created in Israel?

    If you want to boycott Israel, fine, but don’t be selective about it. Boycotting Israel means boycotting everything Israel has ever contributed to the world. Why am I ranting at this point since any true boycotter could never read this comment anyways, because they would have to boycott using a PC and therefore would have no way to access the Internet to read my comment making fun of the idiots proposing a selective boycott of items they don’t rely on every day for work or entertainment.

  11. Why even bother arguing with morons likie Bollan? His absurd vilification of Israel, indeed the Mideast’s only and BY FAR the most tolerant, enlightened, and inclusive regime in a region otherwise characterized by murderous Islamic theocracies is so far removed from reality and fact that the motivation for racist creeps like him can only be painfully obvious antiSemitism.

    What’s so telling about bigots like Bollan who claim to be only interested in “justice” is that amazingly they never seem to at all concerned by minor details in the news, such as the almost daily murder of thousands by the likes of Syria, Iran, Egypt, etc., etc.,, or of course by any of the over 70,000 attempted or completed terrorist acts committed against courageous little Israel by the charming Islamofascists around them since literally the day they declared their independence.

    “When you lie down with dogs, you get fleas”.

    And BTW, I’m a Christian who has lived in the Middle East for over 15 years!

  12. These characters from West Wherever are either stupid, racist antiSemites, or both.

    ‘ Nuf said.