Anti-Ahava activists accuse Israeli owned store of “playing the Jew card”

H/T Jonathan Hoffman

It looks like anti-Ahava protesters aren’t all that happy about the possibility that the Ahava store in London may be moving to a more Jewish area and will likely be closed on Saturdays, the day of the BDS movement’s weekly protest outside the store.

Per their Facebook Page:

So, it seems like the boycotters aren’t too happy about the possible decision by the Israeli owned store to “play the Jew card”, feel that Jews need to be educated on the atrocities their fellow Jews are committing in the “name of never again“, and that BDS proponents need to counter “100 years of Zionist brainwashing”.

As we’re constantly being reminded, such folks are “progressives” and “peace activists.”  No, no hate here.

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  1. Yeah, it kind of reminds me of how the “peace activists” on the Mavi Marmara radioed the Israeli sailors before the confrontation “to go back to Auschwitz.”

    • Israeli sailors before the confrontation “to go back to Auschwitz.”

      This has now been proven to be a fabrication by the Israelis. Not surprised that you have swallowed the Israeli propaganda hook, line & sinker

      • If you’re going to say something has been proven then elaborate on it. What you said is as good as saying “Palestinians don’t want peace, this has now been proven to be false” – how useless is that?

  2. Then maybe its time to educate the Jews of the crimes that their Brothers and Sisters are committing in the name of ‘never again’

    says the the poster called Ibrahim Muhammad. Certainly he has his ideas about the ways of educate them… These heroic peace activists…

  3. The BDS movement is progressive left’s hobby horse. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of their followers were behind the recent “protests” against opening of new Tesco stores.

    This isn’t about Israel, or about Palestinians, it is about Jews.

    • Seymour Alexander is the man who shoots the videos for the haters then puts them on YouTube. I suspect he was born Jewish. He once shot me speaking then acce;eterated the film so it looks like I am talking gibberish. Ho Ho … Not.

      He’s an ignorant bogoted moron – as you can see from the comment

    • I think I meant “I wouldn’t be surprised if some of their followers were not behind the recent protests against opening of new Tesco stores”.

  4. Ahava makes an economic decision to move the store and close on Shabbat in order to get more business from religious Jews and this is playing the ‘Jew card???’ These are really sick people!

  5. “Progressives” eh? Can one be progressive and wilfully ignorant? I suppose one can and these are living proof of that.

    Truth is that they are hacked off because Ahava will be out of their reach, and therefore are playing their own variation of the Livingstone Manoeuvre, that Ahava, an Israeli firm, is defending itself by moving to a more Jewish area only because it is Jewish and wants sympathy.

    This line of attack points up, of course, the salient points about the alleged anti-Israel nature of the boycott and the boycotters:

    That their animus is not directed solely at Israel the state (like the goons with which they overidentify they conflate support of Israel with Jewishness) and therefore

    In this they display their own antisemitism, and that they are singling out Israel and showing nauseating compassion (if that is not a contradiction in terms) for “poor Palestinians” because they are united with them in terms of hatred of Israel because it is a Jewish state.

    • These people are “progressive” only in their own tiny little minds.
      The kind of people who have precious few friends – and the last kind of individual you would want to get cornered by at a party. That three-storey drop from the balcony – your only exit – suddenly looks inviting …

  6. Poor BDS you’ve chased the Ahava shop away and you’ve lost your prey. Who will you persecute now?

  7. Don’t forget the scumbag shop owners such as Colin George of the Loft, Sam Roddick of Coco de Mer etc who failed to support Ahava.

  8. Moistly, have a link to the proof the exchange with the Israeli navy was a fabrication?

    • The only “fabrication” in the area is “palestine”. When it existed (until 14th May 1948), most of its population was Jewish, a fact people tend to ‘ignore’. Judea/Samaria Arabs are ex-Jordanian, Gaza Arabs are ex-Egyptian. No connection between the 2 (apart from expertise in barbaric acts).

      • I believe you’d find many northern West bankers (aka Shomron) are Syrians.
        Also many of the so called Galilee arabs are either Syrians or Lebanese.

  9. Yes it was shopowners who complained to the landlord, instead of showing solidarity with a fellow shopkeeper who was being harrassed by terrorist sympathisers.

  10. Seymour ” plays the Jewish card” Alexander expresses his concern that picketing the shop in a Jewish area could be construed as anti Semitic
    Well here is some news for you Seymour . Harassing a legally constituted Jewish shop and forcing it to relocate to a Jewish area is reminiscent of the boycott and segregation of Jewish shops in pre war nazi germany and is also antisemitic
    But spare us your concerns . They are less to do with your overt antisemitism which your movement expresses in its overriding imperative to delegitimize and ultimately dismantle israel,and everything to do with how the Bds brigade will be perceived.
    You and your varying degree of fellow reprobates have been outed . Not that we were unaware of your fascist antisemitic leanings in the first place .
    See you on Saturday Seymour . Dont forget the playing cards .

    • Well said, Harvey.

      Ahava, having tried its hand in the West End of London has been forced out by a hateful campaign by protestors who openly chanted for the destruction of the Jewish state. Some of these ugly male protestors gleefully harrassed the young women who work at Ahava, and intimidated shoppers and passers-by.

      Having been forced out of the West End, Ahava is now possibly seeking new premises, in a neighbourhood that should offer more a supportive atmosphere. And the protestors are still unhappy, of course. Even driving a Jewish business into a ‘ghetto’ doesn’t quench the hatred that these protestors’ personal inadequacies have driven them to.

      Sick people. This development reminds me of the Amos Oz quote: ‘When my father was a little boy in Poland, the streets of Europe were covered with graffiti, “Jews, go back to Palestine,” or sometimes worse: “Dirty Yids, piss off to Palestine.” When my father revisited Europe fifty years later, the walls were covered with new graffiti, “Jews, get out of Palestine.”’

      Keep up the Buycott, keep buying from Ahava. Their eye-cream is marvellous!

  11. Somehow I don’t see the protesters having the balls to picket Ahava in a Jewish area. But if they do, I hope the response from the local community is uncompromisingly athletic.

  12. Andy
    There is a very real danger that things will turn athletic to coin your nice turn of phrase
    I sincerely hope that if ahava do relocate to golders , it will be in consultation with Barnet council who would do well to restrict fascist protest to say one goon for one hour once a month .

  13. That little exchange of opinion is preposteous. I’d be extremely embarrassed if I knew either of the two idiots.

  14. I do hope they picket in Golders Green. It’ll be a damn sight more convenient to get to so you’ll see me and a number of my mates Jonathan and we’ll try to be ‘athletic’. Sorry J – can’t be in Covent Garden AGAIN this week. 😦

    mostly pathetic – why not dry up and blow away – you are honestly not wanted here and wrt your insults to Jon H, you have no idea how much more of a mensch he is than you will ever be. Moron.

  15. As usual, these haters of Israel, and if there was any doubt, Jews – the “Jew-card comment proves that – love to dish it out but cannot tolerate it when the tables are turned.

  16. Shaftesbury PLC won’t renew Ahava’s lease for fear of “upsetting” other tenants.

    There’s plenty of shops willing to pay handsomely for prime real estate in Covent Garden if those complaining about the Arab Boycott Squads want to go elsewhere.

    Moving to Golders Green is the the death knell for this shop.

    The protesters have succeeded in their campaign.

  17. Mostly Harmless, you are such a boring one-dimensional Jew-baiter: Anything defending Israel – yes, I know, it’s purely coincidental that your obsession focuses on the only state in the world claiming Jewish sovereignty – is an example of Zionist lies. Anything drawing attention to the bigotry fueling anti-Israeli discourse is an example of Zionist lies. Anything and everything that does not follow your narrative on the evils of Zionism is in itself a confirmation of the evil, pernicious power of Zionist lies. You are really quite pathetic, that you delude yourself into thinking that this dead-end philosophy, steeped in anti-Semitic invective, adds anything to the debate and elevates your status to some sort of heroic intellectual powerhouse who has the ability to – yes we’ve guessed it – see through Zionist lies. You are intellectually shallow and morally redundant.