‘Freedom Flotilla 2’ Publicity Stunt Update

As reported previously, the American contingent of the ‘Freedom Flotilla 2’ – the ‘Audacity of Hope’ – will not be attempting to transport aid of any kind to Gaza. Its cargo consists entirely of activists, members of the media and some letters.

Now Irish activists intending to set sail on the ‘MV Saoirse’ have admitted that they too will not be carrying any kind of humanitarian aid aboard their boat. 

“Mr Murphy is travelling to Turkey today to join the MV Saoirse which is the Irish boat participating in the flotilla. 

He said that they will set sail from Turkey on Saturday and that they are likely to enter the waters around the Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

Unlike the other ships in the flotilla, the Irish one will not be carrying any cargo or humanitarian aid. 

‘Hopefully by going as passengers we are participating as part of the bringing of the cargo as well,’ he said.”

According to their respective websites, the US boat to Gaza cost $370,000 and the Canadian project some $340,000. If the flotilla is to be comprised of around ten boats as advertised, we should probably multiply the total of those two figures by five to get a rough idea of how much this publicity stunt is actually costing.

Just imagine how many genuinely important and life-changing projects could have been set up in Gaza with that money. 

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  1. Ah, but Israelinurse, life-changing projects might begin to make for a happy society and a happy society would be one less inclined towards supporting the goals of Hamas.

    • This is very interesting and may be supported by an odd precedent.

      The US spent a decade chasing Bobby Fisher after he played a chess match against Spassky in Sveti Stefan, a resort off the coast of Montenegro, 110 km from the civil war in Bosnia, 200 km from besieged Sarajevo. Fischer played despite United Nations sanctions against Yugoslavia and a warning from the United States Treasury Department, which threatened him with severe penalties for playing.

  2. Just imagine how many genuinely important and life-changing projects could have been set up in Gaza with that money.

    The very last thing Hamas would want.

    Not to mention their fellow-travelling western retards.
    What would get them out of bed of a morning without their Israel hate?