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What the Guardian won’t report: Notorious anti-Semite, Gilad Atzmon, a featured speaker at flotilla fundraiser

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How anyone in the media can cover the latest Flotilla as a movement which represents progressive politics, in even the broadest sense of that word, is truly one of the mysteries of modern journalism. 

As I pointed out previously, one of the literary celebrities on board the U.S. vessel is Alice Walker – who is on record comparing Israel with Nazi Germany. You’d think that a movement affiliated with someone leveling such an ugly and hateful charge would diminish the progressive luster of the movement, but the Guardian, as with much of the mainstream media, has demonstrated a tremendous capacity at ignoring facts which contradict a preconceived narrative of immutable Palestinian victimhood and Israeli villainy. 

More recently, the U.S. Boat to Gaza, which is about to set sail in order to break Israel’s blockade of lethal weapons flowing into Hamas-controlled Gaza, is proudly advertising a benefit featuring Gilad Atzmon.


How anti-Semitic is this acclaimed jazz saxophonist?  

Here are a couple quotes which would seem rather, let’s say, unprogressive:

“They try to call me an anti-Semite, I’m not an anti-Semite. I’ve got nothing against the Semite people, I don’t have anything against people – I’m anti-Jewish, not anti-Jews.”

“I think Jewish ideology is driving our planet into a catastrophe and we must stop.”

“The Nazis were indeed . . . evil. They did things that were disastrously inhuman and unacceptable. But this doesn’t mean the Jewish ideology is correct, because in fact Jewish ideology and Nazi ideology were very similar.”

And, check out these gems:

“I’m not going to say whether its right or wrong to burn down a synagogue. I can see it as a rational act.”

“Jewish lobbies certainly do not hold back when it comes to pressuring states, world leaders, and even super powers.  AIPAC’s behavior reminded me of the Jewish declaration of war against Nazi Germany in 1933.”

“We must begin to take the accusation that the Jewish people are trying to control the world very seriously…American Jewry makes any debate on whether ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ are an authentic document or rather a forgery irrelevant. American Jews do try to control the world by proxy.”

This is more than mere bigotry against Jews. Its’ rhetorical evil that is simply indistinguishable from Nazi and other classic expressions of historical Jew-hatred. 

Yet, despite such odious associations, the flotilla movement will continue to be covered by the Guardian as a force of liberalism, and characterize its critics as Zionist apologists – further proof of the profound and stunning moral inversion which continually informs coverage of the Middle East by the “world’s leading liberal voice.” 

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  1. “I think Jewish ideology is driving our planet into a catastrophe and we must stop.”

    So he thinks those other Jews really do control the world, eh? But then why do they want to destroy it?

    Are they all masochists like Atzmon?

    • Atzmon is so vehemently anti-semitic and so lacking in logic that his ramblings seem to be the work of someone who is mentally ill. I consider all anti-semitism to be a form of mental illness, but Atzmon seems to go beyond the usual. Not that is an excuse – he’s an evil, violent person who deserves no sympathy or leeway. But if makes me wonder about anyone who would give credence to or promote a (literal) madman.

  2. So the mask has slipped (again). This stinking Flotilla is sailing on a sea of anti-semitism. If they all drowned, the world would be a better place.

  3. Poor misbenighted souls who are sailing on this stupid flottila lark – their moral turpitude has all the attraction of a bad case of leprosy.

  4. OT: An excellent piece at Robin Shepherd’s “The Commentator”:

    Modern Ireland: The perfect liberal state. ‘Progressive’, European, and Jew hating.


    “Forty percent of Irish people wouldn’t allow a Jew into their family.

    All of this is of course shocking, but the most telling statistic is this: within the 18-25 age grouping, the percentage of people who couldn’t handle a Jew being in their family was higher at forty-six percent. These figures surely act as a damning indictment against the indoctrination of students by that unhealthy cocktail of Islamists, leftists and ‘liberals’. The Irish intelligentsia and liberalculturati are the same folks as the Islington social oligarchs who saw Arafat as the new Gandhi and Sharon as the new Hitler. Every corner of Irish culture is poisoned by this vile anti-Semitism.”

  5. Atzmon has the same problem as Helen Thomas: He’s too honest. His fellow Progressivists disavow him, not because they disagree with his views, but because he’s not being helpful putting those views all out in the open in their true form when the Progressivists are anxious to hide the ugliness behind a curtain of attractive language (“Our struggle is for equal rights in Palestine!” etc.).

    • Is it honesty or some sort of failure to censor what he is thinking before he spits it out of his mouth?

      That indicates some sort of cognitive deficit or child like immaturity certainly.

      But I agree that every time he opens his mouth he puts both feet in it. Which can only be a good thing

  6. Isn’t he a mossad agent….
    Maybe he’s just a misunderstood Israeli killer shark trainer.

    • People like him should be confronted and stopped.

      The Muslims have very effective methods against people like this jerk.
      These methods might be extreme,but then they are extremely effective.

      A Fatwa or two also work wonders……Ask Salman Rushdie……