What the Guardian won’t report: Palestinian terrorists fire missile at Israeli town, injuring an Israeli Bedouin

Over 7,000 deadly rockets have been launched into Israel’s southern civilian communities since Israel’s complete unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005.  (As a point of comparison, there were less than 500 such attacks between 2001 and 2005.). 

On Monday, August 1, Palestinian terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip fired a Kassam rocket into in the Hof Ashkelon Region wounding an Israeli (Bedouin) Arab woman.  The 55-year-old woman, Fatma Saria, was treated for shrapnel wounds, and several others were treated for shock.

The victim, Fatma Saria, being rushed to treatment at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon

The rocket landed near a Bedouin tent site.

Saria described the moment she was hit:

“The explosion caught me as I was going to sleep. My husband came and tried to bandage my foot. He drove me to the kibbutz and there they bandaged me and took me to the hospital.”

The attack on Israeli civilians wasn’t even noted by the Guardian nor, from what I can tell, by the rest of the mainstream media.

Surprising? No.

Unjust? Beyond description.  

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  1. The Bedouins of Hof Ashkelon should send Harriet Sherwood an invitation to come and see what her Hamas friends that she so enthusiastically champions do with their missiles.She went to Gaza,and has yet to go to Ashkelon…………………………
    There is no way that this sanctimonious hypocrite would leave her comfort zone in Jerusalem………To go anywhere where Israelis are getting killed and hurt, this Toava goes to Gaza and the P/A territories instead……………………..

    • I feel you punctuation of anger and amazement, brother.

      Let no Guardian journalist report freely – all must be strictly controlled!

      • Defend Zion there is an oxymoron in your last sentence, “Guardian journalist”.
        The Guardian doesn’t send Journalists to Israel, it sends Hacks with incurable selective myopia.
        By the way have you ever worked for The Guardian? Only your attempt at sarcasm puts you on their level.

        • You are correct. Guardian spreader-of-vile-lies is more appropriate.

          Your vigilance does you credit for it is the will of the Guardian to corrupt our purity, our unity and our complete obedience to our strong and mighty leaders. Accusing each other is a vital part of this process for I accept that I might not be pure enough without such welcome, probing challenges. Never let the Guardian weaken your resolve.

          I could never work for the Guardian because of the oath against Israel they take very morning, right around the world. To utter such words would go against every righteous fibre of my body and my ancestors.

          We cannot lead “human rights” or “freedom of speech” allow these corrupt Guardian spreaders-of-vile-lies to continue. They should be imprisoned as traitors along with those who would betray our just cause in those pitifully small collections of tents.

          Dissent must not be tolerated, even within the True People. We must constantly restrict ourselves so we all become stronger and freer.

          • “Dissent must not be tolerated,…” (sarcastically by this Attacker of Zion)

            Just you post a comment on CiF saying the Arab settler-colonists in Palestine are not a nation in its own right, let alone the Palestinian nation, and you’ll see how tolerant of dissent the admins at the Graun are.

      • “Let no Guardian journalist report freely – all must be strictly controlled!”

        They’re not journalists but anti-Israel propagandists. Neither do they report, but they shill for the jihad against the Jewish States.

        Therefore, they should not be accorded the freedom that true journalists who report on the situation are accorded; but they must be treated as any sane nation-state would do to those who give aid and comfort to the enemy. They must not be allowed to set foot in any part of the Land of Israel.

        • “Jewish States” should be “Jewish State.” A typo. Because the Jewish nation, unlike the Arab nation, doesn’t need more than one state.

  2. The Guardian are waiting for Israel to retaliate, so they can report that Israel is attacking defenceless Gazans.