UK Riots: The Guardian Pot Calls the Kettle Black

This is cross posted by Simon Plosker at Backspin, the blog of Honest Reporting.

Someone alerted me to this little gem he heard on Israel’s Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) on its breakfast show this morning.

Discussing the riots in the UK, The Guardian’s Martin Wainwright was interviewed. He said the following (some of which was drowned out by the Israeli presenter’s Hebrew explanation but which I have taken the liberty of translating from the Galei Tzahal website):

“Pictures of any sort of disorder can give a completely false impression and I’m in Birmingham and I can assure you that, you know, if you wanted to come and have a nice meal in the center of Birmingham, you’d have a great evening and the pictures that have gone around the world will be a very damaging influence because through those pictures it appears that this is a war zone.”

Now substitute Birmingham for Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Need I say more?

And coming directly from the mouth of a Guardian reporter? Absolutely priceless.

(The interview can be heard here by clicking on the August 11 show. The relevant section starts 32 mins in.)

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    • I just saw “Sarah’s Key”, a movie on the same topic based closely on the excellent book of the same title. Very well done, with absolutely shocking scenes from the velodrome, that brought the horror of the internment there to life in a way the book was unable to capture.

  1. Many MP’s, shop owners who were there at the time stated several times in the media on live coverage that it feels like a war zone and that they never seen Manchester, London, birmingham etc like this.

    But of course, the Guardian knows better.

    Talk about Propaganda.

    They should have worked for Nasser.

    • Hello and I hope you are all well. It’s Martin Wainwright here, the Northern Editor of the Guardian who had a very enjoyable chat with Galei Tzahal as mentioned in this post.

      I am sorry that the passage picked out should be taken as ‘priceless’ or some sort of evidence of Guardian hypocrisy. The Guardian is not some machine with robots who all think alike. I am 61 and have covered a great deal of violence in my time and I have consistently made the point that media coverage of it almost always gives an exaggerated impression.

      I also make this part of talks I give to schools, WIs etc, using the example of Breughel’s The Fall of Icarus and W H Auden’s poem about it which express this point much more eloquently than I ever could.

      I have no doubt that the phenomenon applies in Israel. I have yet to visit the country but very much hope to; it is a place which means a great deal to me, both from my upbringing and from my following events there during my adult life.

      I hope that your readers will deal more reasonably with the subject than seems to be the case from this brief experience, the first I have had with your website. I am more than happy to ‘chat’ to any of you direct – contact me via Or come and meet me in Leeds, a city whose debt to Jewish people is enormous and has often been mentioned in my journalism and books.

      With every warm wish

      Martin Wainwright

      PS I would post this as a comment if I knew how to, but my sons who used to advise me on such things have flown the nest and my wife is as old and technologically-challenged as I am.

      • Well Martin, I’ll take your word for it as I always like to give the benefit of the doubt.
        Go to Israel, visit far saga , federal and see route 6 that connects them. See how close that route to the med and try to imagine how to defend that corridor from terrorism, civil unrest or invasion.

        Now to this article, all the personal interviews of witnesses, police officers, firemen, medics and MPs that described the cities as war zones; were they all wrong?
        How can you determines someone’s feelings to be wrong?

        • itsik you probably meant Kfar Saba – a city which is very closed to the imaginary line called “Green Line”, i went there many times to look for the line but there wasn’t one and there was never one in history since it’s all been one big Jewish land for thousands of years until the terrorist invented an imaginary people with imaginery tales of “palestinians”, it’s just a ruse to kill all the Jews and throw them into the sea, which is aided and abated by the Europen left that cannot stomach that the Jews survived the holocaust and are doing everything in their power to “finish the job”