Among the civilians killed in today’s series of terrorist attacks were two children, aged 4 & 6

The Israeli media is now reporting that, among the 7 Israelis killed in the series of terrorist attacks around Eilat today were four members of the same family, who were traveling near the Egyptian border when an RPG rocket hit their car. Two of those killed were children aged four and six. Overall, of those killed in today’s attacks were six were civilians and one soldier. Forty other Israelis were wounded.

RPG Rocket

Civilian vehicle hit by rocket

IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai said the terror cell responsible for the attacks was “large and divided into several units.” Mordechai added that the terror cell originated in the Gaza Strip and made use of “terror infrastructure in the Sinai Peninsula.”

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    • I expect they sleep very well.

      Don’t mistake them for people that give a shit about the killing of Jewish children.

    • Charlene

      It is just beyond disgraceful the behaviour of these terrrorists and even worse if that be possible the liberal western media such as Guardian and BBC or should I say Al BBC. They empower in their approval, whitewashing and the credence they give to the murderers who are fuelled by hatred and covetous lust for the inheritance given to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The bar of history shall judge them but even greater shall the judgement be against them of the Creator who gave the Promised Land to the Jews. Be strong Israel, Shalom. The IDF has a moral right to go after these terrorists who slaughter innocents in cold blood.

  1. Please avoid flippant Nazi analogies on these threads unless you’re making a truly serious argument that the person or group you’re referring to can arguably be said to embody Nazi values.

    • Yes. Thank you for that statement Adam.

      The Guardian and its attendant CiFAllists are bad people. They weren’t born bad but their extreme life philosophies hostile to the United States of America and capitalism, have led them into rubbing shoulders with religious bigots who would put women into bondage and kill gays.

      But that doesn’t make them Nazis.

      PS. Anti capitalism doesn’t include the part that pays Rusbriger’s very large salary.

      • …their extreme life philosophies hostile to the United States of America and capitalism, have led them into rubbing shoulders with religious bigots who would put women into bondage and kill gays.

        you forgot to add “and kill Jews only because they are Jews.”

        But that doesn’t make them Nazis

        True but it makes them supporters and apologists of religiofascist mass murderers.

        Some well known facts about the Guardian and CIF:

        – they give forum to Hamas (a fascist organisation)
        – they promote anti-semite stuff (Seven jewish Children)
        -they publish openly anti-semite caricatures
        – they are obsessive about ortodox Jews living in the UK (their corrected report about the looting, Jewish religious schools)
        – they publish posts and letters inciting to murder of Israelis (see the relevant CW article)
        – they tolerate posters inciting to murder of Jews (the Babthorpe fiasco)
        – they tolerate anti-semite posters (Berchmans, Moeran-Ruskin etc.)
        – they have on staff Seumas Milne a diehard Stalinist (not better than the Nazis)
        – they are against the existence of Israel (the editorial condemning Fatah’s “craveness”)
        -their Israeli correspondent (H.C. Sherwood) is a professional anti-Israeli activist (her whining about Arrogani) – naturally their reporting on Israel is full of lies and distortions
        -they try to provoke incidents between the IDF and Gazans – endangering Israeli and Palestinian lives (the GPS fiasco)
        -they tried to whitewash Galliano’s anti-semitism (Linda Grant)

        I could continue this list but I think this is enough for a beautiful summer weekend.
        I agree they are not Nazis but made of the SS.
        (before accusing me with Nazi analogies SS here means (Same Shit)

        • Yes. Well. I would agree with calling the Guardian coven Stalinists. Fits them very well.

          Just not Nazis.

        • they tried to whitewash Galliano’s anti-semitism (Linda Grant)

          Grant’s article was ridiculous. But most of the articles at the Guardian unequivocally condemned Galliano.