Robin Shepherd: Guardian group leads UK charge on reckless Palestinian bid for unilateral statehood

The following passage, in a Sept. 18th pro-UDI editorial, A Palestinian state is a moral right, in The Observer, sister publication of the Guardian, is a true classic:

The case for a Palestinian state is unanswerable and must be supported in the west… [emphasis mine]

Thankfully, Robin Shepherd dares to answer the “unanswerable”.

Shepherd argues, in a recent piece at The Commentator, in response to the Observer editorial and the broader efforts by the Guardian to champion Palestinian UDI: 

“No mainstream media outfit in the Western world has been more hostile to Israel than the Guardian group. On Sunday it ramped up the vitriol yet again. Stupidity or bigotry? Take your pick.”

I would personally choose both stupidity and bigotry, and Shepherd clearly concurs:

Regarding the former:

Anyone but a fool can see that this is a blatant attempt to avoid direct negotiations with Israel so as to obviate the need for the kind of concessions that meaningful negotiations always entail.

And, regarding the latter:

And anyone but a bone-headed imbecile or an implacable anti-Zionist can see that the whole enterprise is fraught with extreme dangers both for Israel itself and for the peace and stability of the entire region.

Read the rest of Shepherd’s superb take-down of the Guardian’s pro-UDI logic, here.

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  1. When the Jews of Valozhyn were taken away to be murdered they were “marched through the Christian quarter, where they were met by dancing young men and women, singing, playing music and mocking the marched”.

    In every time and every place when Jews have been killed there have those who have committed the murders and those who have cheered them on. Let there be no doubt that as Jews are once again readied for the slaughter, the Guardian has taken its rightful place at the head of the cheering section.

    Source: Valozhyn

  2. Adam

    Whether you support the move by Abbas or not, in my opinion, its a smart move. The IP conflict is being fought in the international arena of public opinion. Abbas is simply putting pressure on the US and Israel. With considerable international support, keeping the plight of the Palestinians as well as the settlements in the news has good propaganda value for Abbas.

    Its hard to predict where this will all lead. Its a very complicated issue, however, its doubtful that the reprisals threatened by Israel will be implemented. I don’t see how that will benefit Israel at all. How can punishing the Palestinians help Israel internationally?

  3. It will hurt, Tom, because eventually Israel, which has been phenomenally patient for decades, will decide that they might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb and actually DO some of what they are accused.

    It is my opinion that Israel has been too conciliatory, too patient, too even-handed, but I usually keep it to myself because I don’t live there and don’t run the daily risks that Israelis do, so I am loathe to tell them what to do.

    Whatever they do will be perilous.

    • Irit,

      I’m an Israeli Jew and I can say you exhibit far more understanding of our situation than the gaggle of Israeli Jewish chatterati who still dare to speak of land concessions after the Gaza expulsion debacle. For example, the staff of Haaretz reside in Israel but talk as though they were Norwegian Marxists.