Daniel Levy’s CiF essay on Jewish voters’ concerns with US Israel policy cites influence of Jews’ media megaphone

No, liberals in good standing today simply can not come out and warn explicitly of Jewish control of the media.

But, many of them no longer feel constrained by the moral impulse to avoid such calumnies, and often fashion rhetoric which implicitly warns of Jews’ undue influence on the public debate about Israel.

And, sadly, even many Jews contribute to the chorus of antisemitic narratives concerning Jewish power.

One of the most extreme examples of leftist Jews who advance classic antisemitic tropes is Philip Weiss – creator of Mondoweiss – who literally argued for a limit to the number of Jews in the media allowed to comment on Israeli-related issues, to prevent their corrosive effect on the Israeli-Palestinian debate.

The Guardian’s Jonathan Steele was a bit more subtle, by merely blaming, as the cause of Obama’s failure to stand up to Israel (in a 2010 essay) “the pressure that pro-Israel campaigners put on the mainstream US media.”

Daniel Levy doesn’t go as far as Weiss, but recently went further than Steele in his expression of concern about the effect of Jews on the I-P debate in the U.S.

Levy is the co-founder of left-wing Israel lobbying group, J Street.

Evidence of Levy’s hard left politics can be found in his comments mocking those who “believe” that Hamas is a terrorist group, his characterization of Israel’s creation as a “mistake”, and his view that maybe Israel’s continued existence within any borders may not be desirable.

Specifically, regarding the latter, Levy said:

“Maybe, if this collective Jewish presence [in the Middle East] can only survive by the sword, then Israel really ain’t a good idea.”

Yesterday, Sept. 20, Levy published a piece at CiF, Obama and Israel: Why leading from behind won’t work“, on the degree to which reports about President Obama’s erosion of Jewish support is accurate.

In explaining why reports of American Jews’ defection from Obama (who received 78% of the Jewish vote in 2008), due to his policies towards Israel, are exaggerated, Levy positively cites a recent essay by John Heilemann (which he describes as “excellent”) –  particularly his agreement with Heilemann’s complaint of:

“the outsize attention [Jews] command and the ear-splitting volume of the collective megaphone they (Jews) wield.”

So, Levy and Heilemann evidently believe that the only reason, it seems, that a good percentage of American Jews are concerned about U.S. policy on the I-P Conflict is due to Jews’ disproportionate influence on the media. (See a good take down of Heilemann’s logic, at Pajamas Media)

Can someone please explain to me how such words don’t conjure the political narrative about the “injurious” influence of Jews historically found on the far right?

Is this what the Jewish hard left in the U.S. has resorted to?

It’s as if, in the mind of people such as Levy and Heilemann, merely wearing the liberal uniform should axiomatically render charges of antisemitism against them as absurd.

Sorry, but nothing could be further from the truth. Their political orientation does not grant them such moral impunity.

In fact, while antisemitism of course exists on the right (particularly in some far-right parties in Europe), the central address of antisemitism, and their enablers, in the “respectable” Anglo, Western world – as this blog continually demonstrates – is the media institution which happens to fancy itself the “world’s leading liberal voice.”  

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  1. You’ve also missed this little gem:

    “At most ,for some Wall Street types, concern for Israel might lend a more righteous appearance to a decision made for reasons much closer to home.”


    “The Greedy Rich Jews of Wall Street will vote Republican to get more cash, and then will dress it up as support for Israel”

  2. David. You’re right. I did overlook that when I began focusing on Levy’s comment about Jews’ media influence. Thanks

  3. Additional information on the same issue:

    I cannot imagine why a Jew would seek methods to push his nation over the cliff but, our history is replete with the sick, the aberrant, the suicidal. Perhaps, every so often we are cursed with an erratic gene which produces a twisted small child who becomes a sick twisted small adult. The Jewish people may need a gigantic Freudian couch on which to cure their distorted self esteem which has been engendered by the unremitting hostility and genocide committed by many nations of the world. They hated the people who accepted the Word of the one G-d. Even as Jews are being attacked daily by bullets, bombs and boulders, Israel’s leaders bought another package of deceit from Arafat to cease his violence. How sad to see what could have been a great contributing nation march toward oblivion singing the praises of the man and his people who hate Israel with such a powerful killing passion.
    – Emanuel A. Winston
    Middle East Analyst & Commentator

  4. Obama has neutered America, the EU is a basketcase and Islam laughs all the way to the Sharia bank with a spring in its step.

    And which side is the world’s leading liberal voice on? It is on the side of barbarism and its fellow travellers and carpetbaggers.

  5. “Obama has neutered America,”

    What Churchill believed to be true of America might also be true of Obama. At least I wouldn’t definitely rule it out. After all, even FDR in the end pushed himself to save thousands of Hungarian Jews. Of course, he had to be virtually blackmailed into doing it. Perhaps the recent shock defeat of David Weprin in New York in Congressional District 9 may have had the same effect on Obama.

    “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing…after they have exhausted all other possibilities.” – Winston S. Churchill

  6. So in America, the hard-left accuses Obama of kowtowing to Israel while the right accuses Obama as betraying Israel.

    What this should tell you is to be suspicious of what all commentators are saying, and actually look at the Obama administration’s actual positions and policies.

  7. his characterization of Israel’s creation as a “mistake”

    He did no such thing.

    And Levy believes that “the only reason, it seems, that a good percentage of American Jews are concerned about U.S. policy on the I-P Conflict is due to Jews’ disproportionate influence on the media”??

    You’re making it up!

  8. [Daniel Levy’s] characterization of Israel’s creation as a “mistake.”

    Actually, I recall when the subject first came up on this blog, it became quite apparent after watching the video in which he was alleged to have taken that position, it became quite obvious that Levy had only been summarizing the view point of some Palestinians, and that he was not taking that position himself.