Harriet Sherwood discovers a plane, but hasn’t discovered how to adequately use Google

Harriet Sherwood’s latest blog post, “Israeli plane in isolated West Bank field – any clues” would have been a classic CiF Watch satire if it wasn’t a genuine report.

Here’s the plane the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent “found”.

Writes Sherwood:

“Faded Hebrew letters on the exterior suggested this once may have been part of the national El Al fleet, or that of an Israeli domestic airline. I can’t think of any non-Israeli airline that would have Hebrew insignia.”

Sherwood discovers Google:

A quick search on Google threw up this reference, which identifies the plane as probably a Boeing 707, but gives few further clues.

So, any information, ideas or theories?

Fortunately, a few Guardian readers have evidently taken advanced courses in the use of search engines, and commented thusly.

Click image to see NYT story on plane

And, there was this:

But, the best  comment goes to “SantaMoniker”:

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  1. Really Adam, Harriet is a Guardian journalist why should she be able to use Google?
    Next you’ll expect Guardian journalists to be able to read, write and think.

  2. This is the funniest thing out of the Guardian that I’ve read in a long time. Most of the comments on the article are hysterical!

    Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  3. Of course there were loads of puns of the “plane” variety. I liked this one by “atomize”:

    Der!… It’s obviously one of the planes of Mamre.

    “And The Lord appeared unto Moses in the plains of Mamre …”

    Now you just got to locate the other one. Simples!


    • I’m partial to Coldsaw’s:
      Can’t see where you boeing with this and in any case, who gives a messerschmitt?

  4. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – this woman is lazy in every way it is possible to be lazy. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. You are going too heavy on her. Even if she could use a search engine probably she couldn’t identify the relevant places on a map as it became clear with her GPS aided adventure on the waters of Gaza.
    Ms Sherwood has nothing to do with journalism, she is a propagandist for Fatah/Hamas/BDS/PSC and other liberal democratic and naturally progressive organisations. That her bosses at the Guardian are not feeling any embarrassment after publicizing her “reports” speaks a lot about the paper.

  6. El Al used 707s, so did the Hayl Havir, as command and control planes (and tankers). Peres was flying around in one during ‘Entebbe’ in 76. One used to be the Israeli Air Force One.

  7. What stupid a cow. Israeli kindergartens often use old planes as playgrounds.

    She has no clue, does she?

    Ooo, great mystery. An old plane in somewhere Jews might have lived, or maybe donated to Palestinians for a play ground.

  8. What A stupid cow, obviously.

    Ooo, great puzzle, these Israeli Jews are such alien, exotic creatures.

    Orientalist —-.

  9. Harriet does seem to be of rather limited intelligence. The Comments on the thread are an indication of how many people are simply appalled by what The Guardian/CiF select for publication.

    I came across this:

    Not bad at all.

  10. An absolute dumb cluck…………..The way this dumb cluck is going she will be laying eggs very soon……….

  11. Of all that is happening in the region this twit found nothing better to write about but a plane that was abandoned on an empty field………………………

    It seems that this plane wasn’t the only thing that was Abandoned and Empty……..

  12. I hope that the Guardian doesn’t replace her,and deprive us of the antics of this clown………….

  13. Simply cringeworthy. I almost feel sorry for Harriet.


    But it was worth it for the responses. I especially liked riko27:

    “It was Noah’s first attempt for the ark, but then he realised that the arabs had all the oil, so he built a sailing boat instead.”

  14. As a Grauniad hack she is probably wondering why every time she tries a Gogole search nothing happens.