Frimet Roth responds to Guardian story sympathetic to terrorist responsible for her daughter’s murder

The following was written by Frimet Roth.  

The letter is a response to a Guardian report, “Palestine families wait to hear prisoners’ fate“, Oct. 13, by Phoebe Greenwood, about the Palestinian terrorist (Ahlam Tamimim) serving 6 life terms for her major role in carrying out a suicide attack at the Jerusalem Sbarro’s in 2001 which killed the Roth’s 15 year old daughter Malka.

Tamimim is reported to be among those terrorists who will shortly be released by Israel in exchange for Gilad Shalit.

Contrary to what Phoebe Greenwoood writes from Ramallah, Ahlam Tamimi did not drive the Sbarro restaurant suicide bomber to his target.

On the day of the massacre (which killed 15, and injured 130) she personally transported a bomb weighing 10kg from a West Bank town into Jerusalem. The bomb was concealed inside a guitar case. She arranged for a taxi to bring her and an accomplice by the name of Al Masri, a young newly religious fanatic, to an Israeli security checkpoint. To reduce suspicion, they were dressed to look like Israelis. It worked. The bomb was not detected, and Tamimi led her “weapon” – Al Masri – to the target that had been carefully selected by her.

That target was a pizza restaurant, selected because it was located in the heart of Jerusalem and on a hot summer vacation afternoon it would be teeming with women and children. Tamimi instructed Al Masri to wait fifteen minutes before detonating the explosives to give her sufficient time to flee the scene safely. He followed her orders.

Our precious daughter, Malki, who was 15, perished in the ensuing inferno.

The contention, in Greenwood’s report, that Tamimi was pressured into committing this barbaric act that took the lives of seven men and women, and eight children, and left a sixteenth woman in a coma until today, is patently false.

Since being sentenced to 16 life terms, she has been interviewed twice, once for a full-length documentary. She has repeatedly stated that she does not regret her actions. She smiled to the camera when she learned that she had murdered eight children; she had been under the impression it was fewer.

Tamimi was also found guilty of a failed attempt at a terror attack several months before her “success”. On that occasion she planted a bomb in a wastebasket in a large Jerusalem supermarket. Fortunately, the bomb did not explode. 

Now, I ask you, are these the deeds and words of someone who simply “was a perfect target” for Hamas and who hadn’t “fully thought through what she was doing”, as her brother contends in the Guardian story?

Mention of the egregious injustice and betrayal that is now being perpetrated upon the families of Israeli terror victims is the least that the Guardian could do in reporting this news event.

Frimet Roth, Jerusalem

Suicide bombing at Jerusalem Sbarro's, Aug. 9, 2001

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  1. An excellent piece by Shimon Shiffer at Ynet:

    Is Netanyahu a real leader?

    Op-ed: Shalit swap to exact heavy price, PM expected to show different kind of leadership

    “One needs not be a commentator in order to guess what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would have said about any other government – let’s say one led by centrist and leftist parties – that would have secured such deal for abducted soldier Gilad Shalit’s release.

    Netanyahu, who in the past faced the international community and taught it in a loud and clear voice that terrorism should be fought against without compromise, and that Israel is a democratic, life-seeking state that must never capitulate to terrorism, is now capitulating to terror himself.

    With his decision to release 450 terrorists who murdered some 599 Israeli civilians, and by agreeing to free Arab Israelis and east Jerusalem Palestinians, the prime minister crossed all the red lines set by Israeli prime ministers for generations.

    Hamas comes out of this deal as the big winner. The organization’s leaders proved to the Palestinians in the territories and to Arab Israelis as well that they are the exclusive representatives of the Palestinian issue. Arab Israelis, the citizens of this state, will be sure from now on that should they carry out a terror attack, Hamas would secure their release.”

    The rest of the article at the link:,7340,L-4134953,00.html

  2. Caroline Glick writes:

    “The deal that Netanyahu has agreed to is signed with the blood of the past victims and future victims of the terrorists he is letting go. No amount of rationalization by Netanyahu, his cheerleaders in the demented mass media, and by the defeatist, apparently incompetent heads of the Shin Bet, Mossad and IDF can dent the facts.

    IT IS a statistical certainty that the release of 1,027 terrorists for Schalit will lead to the murder of untold numbers of Israelis. It has happened every single time that these blood ransoms have been paid. It will happen now.

    Untold numbers of Israelis who are now sitting in their succas and celebrating Jewish freedom, who are driving in their cars, who are standing on line at the bank, who are sitting in their nursery school classrooms painting pictures of Torah scrolls for Simhat Torah will be killed for being Jewish while in Israel because Netanyahu has made this deal. The unrelenting pain of their families, left to cope with their absence, will be unimaginable.

    This is a simple fact and it is beyond dispute.

    It is also beyond dispute that untold numbers of IDF soldiers and officers will be abducted and held hostage. Soldiers now training for war or scrubbing the floors of their barracks, or sitting at a pub with their friends on holiday leave will one day find themselves in a dungeon in Gaza or Sinai or Lebanon undergoing unspeakable mental and physical torture for years. Their families will suffer inhuman agony.

    The only thing we don’t know about these future victims is their names. But we know what will become of them as surely as we know that night follows day.”

  3. My heart is breaking for the Roths, and for all of the other victims’ families. If I were Gilad’s mother – and to an extent all of us are his mothers and fathers – I would have done anything, agreed to anything, to get him back. The evil which is being released from prison will no doubt be back in the terror business as soon as possible. The Roths are sick about it, and I am sure that the Shalits feel as sick as the rest of us feel about it.

    BUT WE HAVE TO STOP BLAMING EACH OTHER. The Arabs are the only ones to blame – they commit the terror, they do the kidnappings, they murder the children. We are the ones who have to pick up the pieces they make of life.

  4. This is also a suitable opportunity to take a long hard look at all the so-called human rights organisations, both in Israel and abroad and including the UNHRC, which behaved very tepidly (I’m being polite) on the subject of Gilad Shalit over the last 5 years.

    Not only did organisations such as Amnesty International, the International Red Cross and Human Rights Watch fail Gilad according to all international conventions, but they have already failed the other Israelis who will be kidnapped and who will die as a result of this deal.

    All those organisations could have done their bit to put pressure on Hamas, which would have reduced the terrible price Israel now has to pay. They chose not to.

    • I’ve had these same thoughts

      When I’ve read the arguments for and against the deal struck to bring Gilad home, some have rested on Israel’s previous deals of this kind. However, since 9/11 the world has changed for us all. Terrorism – or the attempts at terrorism – are such that few of us haven’t seen deterrent measures in action, be that at an airport, stadium or similar. We’ve seen and heard the Islamist intentions on our TV’s and in our streets and there cannot be many people who have not become familiar with the word ‘jihad’. In short, we know we’ve got a problem, we know the message is being spread and that it is a growing phenomenon.

      In my view, the lack of response to Gilad’s plight continues to add to a kind of inch-by-inch set of precedents that can only provide a psychological boost to those who believe jihad is the way. Surely to goodness Western government should have been alarmed at even the prospect of this deal? Surely they should have come together long before it was considered and put some pressure not only on the human rights organisations involved, but on Hamas itself?

      Shortly after Cast Lead, Tony Blair made a comment along the lines of the West having allowed the situation to fester over a period of years. It could have tried to help resolve the issue and in doing so, perhaps averted a war. I struggle to understand, then, why the West cannot see that Gilad’s plight was similar. Every time we ignore the realities, every time we pressure Israel whilst seeming to demand very little from Hamas and the PA, we seem to paint ourselves just another inch into a very worrying corner.

      It isn’t that Western governments on the whole tend not to do hostage deals, it’s the potential for a psychological boost that this one may have given to a global jihad, that should have encouraged Western government to support Gilad.

    • Yes, yes, and yes!

      And now the IRC has the unmitigated gall to offer to help with logistics. Where the ^%$#@! were they during the last five years???!

      They make me so furious I want to spit.

  5. The Islamic Guardian marching steadfastly down the road of Global Harmonisation and Peace (aka dhimification in all its senses.)

  6. “Not only did organisations such as Amnesty International, the International Red Cross and Human Rights Watch fail Gilad according to all international conventions, but they have already failed the other Israelis who will be kidnapped and who will die as a result of this deal”

    When have those organisations not failed the Jewish people?


    Red Cross Admits Knowing of the Holocaust During the War

    “The International Committee of the Red Cross today released copies of its World War II files, some of which provided verification that it knew of the persecution of Jews in Nazi concentration camps but felt powerless to speak out.”